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Significant movements always start from "insignificant" issues

by Zendanian on

Not to mention there's nothing "insignificant" or "mundane" about feeding your family, and how increasingly difficult even this simple daily task has become.

Are we about to witness waves of food riots in Iran? Only very near future will tell.

Meantime as RG correctly remindes our resident arm-chair "revolutionaries," there's nothing to make light of or ridicule about people not being able to secure even their daily bread and food.

"Bread, Housing Freedom" has been one of the central slogans of many protests in the past three decades.

At least these people in Nishabor took it to the streets and made some noise about their concern. What have we done, outside of Iran with access to internet, and everything else needed to help our people, other than making obtuse jokes?


Poosteh Pesteh


by Poosteh Pesteh on

this is nothing wait and see they have to go to a long long way to get azadi and they warrying about chicken


درود بر مردم غیور نیشابور


We can crack  jokes, from the comfort of our western homes, about our brave compatriots back home in neishaboor who came out in great nnumbers demonstrating against lack of food, in a country awash with astronomical petro wealth, all concentrated in the hands of a few thousands or so filthy, thieving, murdering, corrupt islamo fasicsts.

But that is precisely how revolutions come about and are all about: Food, Job,  a place to live.

One of these days, there will be a spark, somewhere in iran, which will ignite such fire, which shall burn this islamic palace of murdering, thieving, corrupt islamo fascists to ashes....



کارشناسان: در سایه اوضاع کنونی ایران بیش از ۶ ماه دوام نخواهد آو


کارشناسان: در سایه اوضاع کنونی ایران بیش از ۶ ماه دوام نخواهد آورد

العربیه:‌ کارشناسان نفت و انرژی تاکید کرده اند که کشورهای جهان می توانند در کوتاه مدت به طور کامل از نفت ایران چشم پوشی کنند اما نمی توانند برای دراز مدات دست به چنین اقدامی بزنند.

کارشناسان در مصاحبه با "العربیه.نت" تصریح کردند که تحریم ها در پی چشم پوشی نهایی از نفت ایران نیست اما در عین حال، سیاست رساندن امور به پرتگاه را پیش می گیرد؛ البته با کنترل پیامدهای چنین سیاستی به گونه ای که امور از کنترل خارج نشده و به سقوط کامل نرسد. با این وجود باید تاثیراتی که تحریم ها بر ایران دارد حفظ شود چرا که معتقدند این کشور در سایه اوضاع کنونی تا 6 ماه بیشتر دوام نخواهد آورد.


Forget democracy, we need

by alx1711 on

Forget democracy, we need Chicken revolution...

Shifteh Ansari

Another video clip

by Shifteh Ansari on


Morgh vs lion

by onlyinamrica on

Lion and sword shall be replaced with Morgh!!


پول دارترین خانواده حال حاضر ایران


The Wealthiest Iranian family




Jonbeshe Morgh

by shaya007 on

Jonbeshe Morgh


Now there'll be a real Revolution! lol





Divaneh LOL

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Brilliant Creativity.  "No to cheese, No to egg, We want to eat chicken's leg"  

"Leng-eh Morg, Sineh-yeh Morg, Jomhourhiyeh Morg"




by zolfali1 on

"می‌کشم، می‌کشم، اونکه جوجه‌ام رو برد!"

"با خون خود نوشتیم، یآا مرگ یا جوجه کباب."


their undeniable right :)

by zolfali1 on

well, Iranian people seem to prefer Roast Chicken to ahmadinejad's tokhmi atomi bomb.

as i said before, Syria today, iran tomorrow.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Nothing beats the taste of nukie kebabs.........



by yolanda on

Time to make some slogans like: "We want kebab, we don't want nukes!"


Chicken Revolution

by divaneh on

Now we just need the lambs to join the chicken and help to get the pigs out.


No to cheese, No to egg, We want to eat chicken's leg 

Dr. Mohandes

SK jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Mohandes here...hi.Remember me?

You are wrong there Professor.It isnot just this damn regime, it is everything. Belive it or not food prices have gone upso as to make the unaffordable, yes that is right, with a U! 

People did not just simply stand tall, granted there was some honor left back then, but what basically happened that we , endured and suffered and just put up with any kind of sh...they threw our way. ageh Lie mikonam begoo Lie mikoni:)

 It will get much worse and that is why we need help from outside to change things and make it happen baby. Otherwise this will continue as a trend and we will make another North Korea out of iran.

Now do you wanna see that happen???????????????????????? 



could this shotrage be

by MRX on

a work of PETA (People for ethical treatment of animal) or the usuall susppects (joos, newcons,zionists).


شعار های جدید جنبش انحرافی مرغ!




"جوجه کباب من کو؟"

"نه غزه، نه لبنان، کباب میخوام بی استخوان!"

"بسیجی حیا کن، رون مرغ را رها کن!"


جنبش مرغ


زنده باد مرغ.....زنده باد جنبش مرغ.....بیخیال دموکراسی.....به جنبش مرغ بپیوندیم


Another Foreign Plot against the Regime!

by Faramarz on



Today, the members of the Chicken Movement were apprehended by the IR security forces. They were identified as Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Piccata, Chicken Gordon Bleu, Chicken Tikka Masala, and their leader, Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Firoozabadi will be in charge of the interrogation of the detainees.

Soosan Khanoom

Yolanda you have no idea what Iranian people

by Soosan Khanoom on

went through during 8 years war and still stood tall ....same with all the shortage that they had experienced earlier through the revolution. Iranian people are strong and very honest. If these days they are acting upon it,  it is not because of the shortage or price of the food but the fact that they are fed up with the mullas in Iran ...  Otherwise Iranian people are much more patient that you can ever imagine.  They certainly deserve better rulers than IRI...

My heart is with them during these difficult times which, sadly, I am sure is going to get much worse.   


First Amendment

[we will erect a statue of a "morgh"]

by First Amendment on



تنها دغدغه‌ام اینست که مبادا پیش از برافراشتن تندیس مرغ خودمان به تخم کردن افتاده باشیم..



by yolanda on

Nishapur is Omar Khayyam's birthplace!

AN said IRI can last for 2 years without oil revenue! I doubt it!

Kebab is national food of Iran, now people are deprived of chickens. What a shame!



by ghalam-doon on

So we better mark this day and remember, thanks to our brave and hungry brethren and sistren, the great "Green Chicken Revolution" started in Ney-Shabur! One day we will erect a statue of a "morgh" in this grand city to immortalize this day and sacrifices made!




جیک جیک جوجه نداریم!




یاد اون دورانی که جوجه داشتیم!

جیک جیک جوجه لاریم




"Morgh" can be great excuse for Uprising

by Azarbanoo on

Look if everyone in IRAN at same time pour intto streets and shouts" Marg bar IRI",  Marg Bar Rahbar, Marg Bar Islamist thugs.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

It might be the first chapter of what to be known as " The Green Chicken Revolution" in our history...........

Dr. Mohandes

Ghalamdoon jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

please make that Morgh and meevejat and WE will be more than just plain ol' content to go on with our god deamn lives. I mean things are so damn peachy in here, and all we need is some more food to really make the best of everything.

We are the chmapions....my friends....we will keep on fighting (eating) to the end...

Oh and what they were chanting was...Natarseen...natarseen...Ma hameh Gooshtkhor hasseem:))) 


Give Them Cake!

by ghalam-doon on

Forget about the Green movement. This one could even bring down the regime! So they better do something. Perhaps throw some "morgh"s from choppers on this hungry crowd.

I heard them saying "marg bar ..." but I did not hear the ending. Perhaps they were saying "marg bar morgh foroosh!"

As long as the regime gives this crowd "morgh" they're content and go one with their lives. And we wonder why we are in this mess?