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Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Please don't pretend to be what you are really not. You do not know crap about me so to say for a fact that you would know where i come from and what kind of a background i have had and how i lived mo y life is nothing but making an absolute fool of yourself and oh the majority who happen to tag along with ya LOL.

Ok sure. I let you be the one and only advocte of the poor and undeprivileged. 

I read EVERYTHING before i responded and since i made a mention of that in my posts to you,i get the feeling that you are theone who never reads before he gheyrati and ghermez in the face. 

My Laptop has been acting up. Oh sire. y ou do forgeev me dont you??Mr. Realist?

I am glad that you have finally run out of ammunition and put your weapons down. 

I never said nor wished for a war either. Just a swift operation to nab these bastards and being done with it. You see. Non of those elaborate , extensive, doom and gloom scenarios you conjure up in your mind. Oh LOL...LOL and the majority you have on your side.

sorry could not help it, but this claim of yours is extremely hilarious.  


Dr. Mohandes

by Rastgoo on

Your analysis is selfish and irresponsible.  It screams as written by someone who has always lived in privilege all his life and has no sympathy or empathy for the common people.  Furthermore, you don't read before retorting.  And for the love of god fix your spellings before posting!  If Iraq and Afghanistan are not enough for you to see a pattern of what may become Iran after an invasion I don't know what to say.  I only hope for the sake of all Iranians and Iran that there is no war.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Oh believe you me. I have got an ear full of your much too scholarly analysis and please watch the tone of your message and keep it nice and quiet. I really don't think you are getting anywhere not are you making any valid points by regurgitating the same things you have copied and pasted time and time again.

Couple of issues here:

1- There is NO huge based of populariity for this regime. You keep mentioning the 10 - 25% figure and in your own mind you think that is a huge number while totally neglecting the rest of them? what happened to the other 75%? did they just vanish? And you would be deadly and gravely mistaken o place so much trust and stock in whatever number of supporters the iri has. Regarless of whoes side they are fighting. we have see and are still seeing what happens to those who fight on God's side. so don't give me that.

2- Trust me. I am using all the logic i have and i could think of, and no matter which way you slice it, that is the best and quickest way to go in order to paralyze these thieves and criminals. there ARE no other ways around this. So i guess it your logic vs mine then.

3- You can not possibly make the bogus claim thalat there is an  majority of iranians who are on ur side. Even if you had the entire population of iranians in diaspora all over the world, you would still be talking about maybe 3 millions, far far below anything even near majority. So there. 

4- The regime has been bound to fall oh gosh...gee.. i dunno, 33 years now? or at least ten years? Yeah right. It is really convenient for you to just wait and wait and wait and wait, for it tohappen while you have youlr cushy jobs and nice, snuggly source of income, a nice home and your kids having gotteen it made. Sure, why the heck not. If not this lifetitme inshalah the next one right? 

Contrary to what you might think, it would be absolutely selfish of you to want things your way and to make the claim thatyou have the majority on your side as well!!!!!!!! that is as selfish as you can get my friend. 

I know people come up with various speculations and predictions as to what would  actually traaspire if and when there is an invasion, but we all know damn well thatthey are nothing but wild speculations and there is really NO WAY anyone can predict the outcome of a war and invasion. 

You may not want to see or try a quick way to see the regime gtone, others do. So just accept it and get used to it and get over all the fanciful ideas of oh yeas this regime will fall on its own. I want to se e that in MY Lifetime. Sorry that you don't feel the same way. 

33 years on and theyare get ting stronger by the day. 


Dr. Mohandes

by Rastgoo on

I've posted about this several times on this blog and I really hope that you read it and digest it before needlessly retorting again.  The thought that the US will help topple the regime is flawed.  The reasons are simple.  The US has only her own national interests in mind.  Any attack on Iran must be accompanied by a total destruction of all retaliatory powers of Iran.  This means that they would destroy:

1.  The Iran Navy like they did in 88 in one day.

2.  The Iran Radar system.

3.  Iran's communications hubs and towers.

4.  All major bridges and roads that can be used by the Iranian armed forces.

5.  Any power station that can deliver power to the armed forces.

6.  Any gas and natural gas lines that can supply the Iranian army.

And the list goes on.  At the end the infrastructure that has taken over 100 years to build will go up in smoke in 2 weeks.  The US will not land troops in Iran because they would lose based on the large support that the regime has.  The supporters are fighting on god's side and Iraq will be a picnic to any invading army compared to Iran.  All you have to do is to think what is logical and you will soon realize that there are no "surgical" attacks that would reach the goals that we all hope for.  For me and the great majority of the Iranian people Iran is more important than a fossilized regime that is bound to fall on its own anyway.  It may not happen in my lifetime unfortunately but I cannot be selfish enough to risk total destruction and the fragmentation of my country so I can reach regime change faster.  


فراخوان برای اعتراضات سراسری پس از سقوط بشار اسد


فراخوان برای اعتراضات سراسری پس از سقوط بشار اسد



با شنیدن خبر سقوط بشار اسد به خیابانها می ریزیم: زنده باد انقلاب


با شنیدن خبر سقوط بشار اسد به خیابانها می ریزیم زنده باد انقلاب

دوستان عزیز فقط اشتراک بگزارید و اطلاع رسانی کنید
لطفا همکاری کنید این حرکت در حال شکل گیری است باید با تمام توان اطلاع رسانی کنیم
من اگر برخیزم تو اگر برخیزی همه بر می خیزند !



More Abbassi nuggets of wisdom

by maghshoosh on

Dr. Abbassi has given other insightful geopolitical analyses, as in this clip where he relates Western attempts at domination to bisexuals & homosexuals in Hollywood productions and (pre-nudity) Golshifteh's role in 'em:


Dr. Mohandes

win The poor and destitutes' hearts to topple them???

by Dr. Mohandes on

Is this fellow insane or what?


In case you have not noticed, there can not be any RISING UP of our own peoplhe , because of the harshed tactics and measures taken by the cronise and bastards who are employed and paid by iri to ruthlessly suppress them and you know going down that road will result in disproportionate number of casualties, yet you and others inhsist on it like that option and that is just beyond me.

Never has it occured to you guys that maybe, just maybe to soften the blow and avoid shedding so much needless blood, it would just be wise and pertinent to consider getting help regardless of what the intention of those powers from outside maybe. 

This must be the good old iranian Lajbazi Trait in action, that no matter what happens, I have to do go about doing things myu own way even though i know what awaits me at the end. 

And i am sorry pal. but there is no way in hell you would be able to convince the whatever small or large percentage of supporters that there are out there for these  guys, so much , so as to win over them and get their agreement to get rid of this thing. Why should they? and why would they?

So since there is only maybe a tiny 25% support there , that just naturally means that the overwhelming majority are not, so they are in a position to make a stronger case, so basically it is the 25% who needs to convince the other part and not the other way around. Get your math right boy:)



We shouldn't get too excited

by ahosseini on

 We all hate the  Iranian regime. But should excited about regime change by US & Europe. We have seen Afghanistan and we have seen Iraq. Wherever we are we should take control of the situations. We want leaders like Nelson Mandella, and not lackies of Western goverments. If we allow Chalabies take control we are going to be in big trouble. We need international support but we don't need Ben Ali's, Sadats type of dictators. There is huge diffence between western democracy and western popets. We must stop west installing their dictatorial regime. In all these conferences we should we should have the upper hand. We should not support any of these conferences unless everyone is allowed to attend on a fist come first serve basis.

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


The sad part in all of this is…..

by Bavafa on

With all the unjust and rather imperialistic policies of the West towards ME nations, regimes such as IRI and Assad have caused more alienation among their population by outright criminal and murderous policies and treatment of their citizens that people by far prefer West over their current rulers. 

 Of course it need not to be said that many of these rulers are well supported by the West such as  in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait as it cements their grip over their destiny.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



This regime has a solid

by vildemose on

This regime has a solid 10-25% support who are willing to give their life for their fanatical beliefs where as the green movement and all opposition in general is composed of middle class people who have too much to lose by risking it all and going into the streets.

Most revolutions occur because of the middle class. The rich are usually satisfied or content with their lives and therefore their government as is, and the poor are usually too powerless to do anything about their situations. The middle class (also the largest class in most societies) has the power of numbers behind them as well as financing to make a change.

 They are also compelled to change their governments because they feel they are being cheated and not allowed upward mobility.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


 dear choghok: How could

by vildemose on

 dear choghok: How could Assad  win the support of the Syrian people ever again?

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Just another loser

by asadabad on

The cowardly shiite regime in Iran would've been eliminated years ago if only the beautiful/educated Iranian people were more organized and steadfast like the Syrians.

In reality the clerics in Qum will probably issue an edict declaring it "moostahab" to bend over/spread their legs for the West/opposition once the political tide turns against them (completely).


The truth

by Rastgoo on

Irrespective of our hatred of the IRI, the truth of the matter is the west, especially the US, is acting in accordance with her own interests and that is to cater to the Israeli lobby in the US and protect Israel at all costs and to make oil as cheap and it supply as safe as possible.  Don't be naive thinking that the west and the US have the slightest sympathy for Iran as a nation.  If anything they would love to pay us back for 33 years of the adventurous and irresponsible policies of the IRI.  By the way I know that the common belief is that the IRI will fall after Asad, but I guarantee you that this is not going to happen unless the Iranian people rise against these ruthless bastards.  So don't hold your breath that the regime will fall that easily a la after the war ended and khomeini died.  This regime has a solid 10-25% support who are willing to give their life for their fanatical beliefs where as the green movement  and all opposition in general is composed of middle class people who have too much to lose by risking it all and going into the streets.  You want to topple the regime win the poor and the destitute that make up the regime's fanatical base.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Don't blame the West - blame your own fascist ideological ways

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Shiite ideology has now brutally ruled over Iran for full 33 years. What does it have to show, for all the pain and suffering it has created? How much appeal, love and respect has it generated among the poeple of Iran and the rest of the world?

Bad Stories for Bad Kids


No mention off people of Syria

by choghok on

The Guy mentioned everybody and thing but the most important thing. The will of Syrian people. A majority lead by an unelected minority. They were tortured and killed  when held peaceful gathering. One thing is certain, IRI position in middle east has got much weaker thanks to nuclear talks poor result and support of Assad. Even if Assad wins over Syrian People The popular support of IRI between people in ME beside maybe Lebanon is lost.


Good riddance

by divaneh on

IRI has failed well and truly. All the Iranian money spent on Syria and Hezbollah was poured down the drain. IRI is fully exposed and the rats have felt it.

And, why this moron thinks Egypt position in relation to Israel has changed? If anything, Egypt has only been more hostile to Iran.

Immortal Guard

Israel's concern!

by Immortal Guard on

Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview to Fox TV that his "principle
concern" is the political chaos that might ensue if Assad falls and the
Syrian- and Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah gains
access to Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons, rockets and missiles.

Now I guess that would end up being completely and absolutely Iran's fault again???

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

...Still a matter of if?.............it'd take a miracle, a secular miracle......


Immobile Guard!

by Faramarz on



Resistance is Futile!

The coalition forces are converging on Damascus and Aleppo and Assad and family are on Travelocity site looking for the next flight out!

Dr. Mohandes

IG joon

by Dr. Mohandes on

And the whole IC enjoy yours, particularly the "knee jerk" kinds.


Immortal Guard

One of your own posted the following blog

by Immortal Guard on



But Dr. Mohandes Jaan I really enjoy your reactions!


i extrapolate...

by zolfali1 on

that islamist regime cronies are very angry, updating their resumes :) 

Dr. Mohandes

IG joon

by Dr. Mohandes on

baz chi shod...TV buisness got you down again or you are just bloowing off some steam here? 

Koja amadin? Khab didi kheyre mashti. GOZASHTAND KE BERIN as in THEY GAVE YOUR PERMISSION to go in there.

Dovomandesh: It is Karbalaye Moala, KM. Not karbobala or even karbala. Get the name right at least you devoted follower of nezam, for the love of jesus and moses:))

Ghodis khanoom ham is on vacations. Trust me hon. for as long as Israeil is around You won't be touching the stuff. so don't even sweat it. So go to the bank of your dreams and deposit yet another super wet dream in your account. Oh and don't forget to get the receipt for your own records.

hamin dige...Have a nice kheekend, or weekend. 

Immortal Guard

One of his slogans is:

by Immortal Guard on

Khorramshahr Aamadim, Karbala MiAayim, Ghods Khaahim Aamad!

So guys how do you see things developing. It is a matter of extrapolating!

Nader Vanaki

Haj Hassan Nostradamus

by Nader Vanaki on

توی هر آرایشگاه که متخصص از بین بردن موهای زائد هستن بشینی همینجور حاج خانم ها نیشستن و همینطور تجزیه و تحلیل سیاسی و جغرافییایی می کنن.


اشهدت رو بخون!




که وقت ذبح اسلامیه!


hala be "chiz-khori" oftadeh!

by Benyamin on

martike avazi

Oon Yaroo

this bacheh akhoond knows his fate!

by Oon Yaroo on

che naan bal'lai be saretan beyrand bacheh akhoondha....!


Haji Doctrinal

by Fred on

Haji, it is not if, it is when Assad falls and Syrians are liberated, then Messianic Islamist Rapists just like you will have to face the reality of packing up and leaving on their own  or being kicked out by the Iranian people.

Start packing Haji Doctrinial, start packing!