Mohsen Sadeghi Nour: Prisoner of the day

Mohsen Sadeghi Nour, Zoroastrian Convert and founder of Anjoman-e Ashoey-e Iran

RAHANA: Mohsen Sadeghi Nour was first arrested on 7 February 2010 for his participation in the Ashura Day protests of 27 December 2009, along with his wife, Negar Shahpari and his brothers-in-law Abolfazl Shahpari and Mohammad Javad Shahpari. He was arrested again on 30 July 2011 and transferred to Evin Prison in order to start serving his prison term.

Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court, under Judge Pirabbasi, tried Mohsen Sadeghi Nour on charges of "assembly and collusion," "insulting Islamic sanctities," "insulting the Supreme Leader," and "propagating activities against the Islamic Republic regime through propagation of Zoroastrianism and holding Iranian celebrations such as Mehregan and Norooz next to Cyrus tomb," and "disrupting the country's public order," and was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison and 74 lashes and cash fines. Branch 54 of Tehran Appeals Court upheld the sentence in its entirety.

Sadeghi Nour's brothers-in-law, Abolfazl and Mohammad Javad Shahpari were each sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 74 lashes by Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court, and their sentences are under appeal at this time. Mojtaba Ahmadi, Sadeghi Nour's cousin was also sentenced to six years in prison, which he has been serving since May 2010 without visitation or furlough.


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Regime's Paranoya

by Milan on

Wishing for the day when all young Iranians pull the trigger on Islam and return to their ancestors' Zartoshti beliefs.


Doorood bar tamame Iranian e mobarez...

by Bavafa on

Religious freedom is part of basic human rights and many under IRI have lost their freedom just for exercising this freedom. 

A sustain campaign by all Iranians who believe and cherish democracy and human rights for their mother land is a must for the immediate and unconditional freedom of all these young and brave souls.

  My hats off to every one of them for putting and fighting for freedom in Iran and ahead of themselves



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



This page gives me a perspective as

by عموجان on

What I am and who we are. Keep it up. As long as Islam is ruling Iran we will never run out name who been in jail.


My thoughts with him and his family. 


Shame on all west residing, traitors....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

who support and lobby for those who put this brave young Iranian man in jail for demanding basic human rights for himself and iranian nation. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."