Iran makes nuclear fuel rod

Offers to resume talks

Bloomberg -- Iran produced its first nuclear fuel rod, state-run news agencies reported, as the country offered to restart international talks over its atomic program. The domestically made rod was inserted into the core of Tehran’s atomic research reactor after performance tests, the Iranian Students News Agency reported, citing the country’s atomic energy agency. The Tehran reactor produces radioisotopes for cancer treatment, according to Mehr news agency. Nuclear fuel rods contain pellets of enriched uranium that provide fuel for nuclear power plants >>>


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We Iranian had inventors who added pleasure to life.

by عموجان on

like music, architecture, medicine, carpet, food, cloth, movies… 

Now if those idiots who call coping, a mass killing machine is a paride for Iran, count me out. 

Waht's the use of destroying? what you created? 

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Maybe Dr. Ahmadinejad is proposing to move Iran from the decimal numeral system to the Babylonian base 60 number system where any figure under 60 is a single digit. Though even Babylonian gods can't help him with the hyper inflation heading our way. Hopefully Emam Zaman can do better.



by choghok on

what are you saying dr ahmadinejad just said on tv that inflation is going to be kept one digit and unemployment problem solved by end of year inshallah, you must be mistaking.


Wind turbines or

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Wind turbans?

Ari Siletz

Yes, barekallah!

by Ari Siletz on

Iran has shown she can take care of her own nuclear medicine needs. Now can we stop enriching uranium and move on to enriching other the economy?

20% uranium at the price 20%+ unemployment and 20%+ inflation doesn't look like a good bargain. As a sage divaneh once said, "Well done but at what cost?"  Taghseer e inglisi haast, who for centuries have held back Iran with their wind turbines.


Well done but at what cost?

by divaneh on

Well done on mastering the enrichment cycle, but as a means of Energy the nuclear is not a good option. If this amount of investment had gone into solar and wind power in that sunny and windy country, Iran could have been the 1st producer of such technologies worldwide. That is after discounting gas power stations due to the pollution. UK generates more electricity from wind turbines than its national grid can absorb and it has to switch them off. Of course wanting a bomb is something totally different.