Former IRGC Navy Chief compares Khamenei to Shah

Repression could put "Iran on an irreversible path towards revolution"

GVF — A former Revolutionary Guards commander has compared Iran’s Supreme Leader with the late Shah who was ousted from power following the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. In a piece that appeared in the newspaper Ettelaat on Monday, former IRGC Navy chief Hossein Alaei recounted the events of January 1978 in Qom city which would eventually lead to widespread demonstrations against the Shah’s regime and place Iran on an irreversible path towards revolution >>>



An Architecture for Triggering Civil War

by Joubin on

The military is key in any effort to topple the Islamic Republic.

Qom Inc.'s favorite strategy in dealing with internal and external threats is identical: the "islamic" variant of the Samson Option. They had been well instructed by their comrades ... (c.f. "Brother" Karl Marx and his citizen army and the origins of the Red Army.)

The strong subtext of IRGC is the sword of civil war hanging over the Iranian nation.  The entire system is designed around this terrorist approach to governance. IMO, the Iraq-Iran war was motivated, in part, to affect the synthesis of the remnants of the Imperial armed forces and the Guards, but they failed to achieve this.

In a similar vein, their threat to destroy all Oil production facilities in reach -- including Iran's -- in response to external efforts to dislodge them from power, also presents an equally unpalatable choice to the international actors. (Closing of Hormuz is a red herring.  And no, they clearly do not care if Iran is nuked to hell, God forbid.)

We are dealing with a criminal gang that has indicated from day 1 that they will take down everyone with them.   

We are dealing with a Red regime with a Red mindset.  The "dissenter" in the video is likely motivated by the hope for a Chinese future (ala PLA Inc.) for his fellow travelers of the ideological army of Qom Inc.

Read this and wonder at the deja vu: 

Options for the Iranian nation are:

- Form your own People's Army of Iran and fight that civil war

- Wait for Qom Inc. Gorbachev and Bankster Oligarchs and subsequently a joker like Putin to play the role of a "nationalist".  (Any one really think Russia is not hooked into the Bankster Order aka NWO?)

- Wait for the Chairman/Rahbar to give up the daemon and then the return form the "cold" of our own cuddly little reformer Panda Bear (one of the "green" shepesh) and for the establishment of a strategic understanding with the Bankster Order and Qom Inc. ala China and CCP (e.g. Sweatshop Iran.)

The gang obtained power through violence.  And regrettably only an authentic national force capable of meeting violence with violence (option 1) will result in a true liberation of Iran Zameen.  Rather depressing thought, but that is what computes for me.


This is not a sign of division in regime leadership Ranks

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This man is not holding any executive position within IRI leadership. He is at best a "reformer". He is however a realist. He can see the rise of the Revolutionary sentiments against the islamic republic, on the people side. he is worried for his beloved Islamic republic and rightly so he should be, very worried.......  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


2 Parts to the military.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Military from the late Shahs time, Majority of whom live in Iran and 99% are still alive.  They have no love for this Regime or Its leadership and are deeply respected by Iranians, within Iran.  They happen to be far better educated and more accomplished than the IRGC. 

Due to the Animosity/hatred felt by the mass of Iranian society towards IRGC, whom they no longer hold respect for on the one hand, and at same time the high level of respect held for the Iranian military officials preRevolution that served the Shah, there is a serious pressure building. The Mass of people in these positions are not working to get rich, they are serving and how they are treated is of great importance to them.  That is the reason for the direct lies/manipulation and smear of the Shahs time in comparison with the present by this Guy.  It was to ease pressure on the IRGC members.  But it won't work as they expect, people are used to listening to the media and being very distrustful of it in the Islamic Republic.  They know the Shah never gave permission or allowed military officers weapons to be armed with live bullets, they know the mullahs had militia's trained in Libya with thousands of armed weapons and live rounds, they know who ordered cinema Rex and they know the character of Irans Mullahs.  The Lies once so successful in the past for some reason have lost all their magic to everyones surprise.  Both the USA & the IRI they will have to follow far more ignorant actions & committ even greater crimes, if they are to keep the IRI in power and a lid on their current businesss model.  As has always been the case since 1979, the USA in its filthy approach to all Iranians is always eager to continue this path, the question becomes how much longer will they be able to find a partner in Iran to carry out the aims of the USA and still function among the people of Iran.  


Does anyone know

by fidelio5 on

If the regular army has been completely subsumed by the IRGC or does it have some degree of independence??

Ive always wondered if there was an opportunity in the officer corp of the regular army. Some ambitious nationalist officers who would not put up with the Savage IRGC and their trained Basij monkeys mowing down their own poeple.

JJ you are 100% correct there is no way a popular uprising will succeed if those in control (Military Elites) don't want it.

The common denominator in all the successful movements of the Arab Spring has been the Military:

1. Ben Ali left when he realized the army would NOT crack down.

2. Mubarak was effectively removed by Tantawi and the Sam Anan and the rest of the Military Council

3.Ghaddafi lost parts of his "army" to tribal loyalties which came to be the core of the NATO backed rebels.

4. Assad. The Free Syria Army and future defectors will be critical here.


Comparing Shah with an illiterate Akhoond , Please?

by عموجان on

Shah left Iran intact, militarily and economically now after these illiterate Muslims Arabs took it apart they want to leave on the eve of a war.  

“we told you so” does have any meaning to this idiot revolutionary guard commander

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think NATO is also wieghing on that possibility as well .

they're working to create the RIGHT moment to srtike.


Jahanshah Javid

Military key

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's been known all along that many members of the military, including elite senior officers -- past and present -- are deeply at odds with the course Khamenei has chosen. Not deep enough to take action against the regime. Not yet at least.

The military is key in any effort to topple the Islamic Republic. The regime is a monopolistic theocracy has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the general public and relies chiefly on military and para-military forces. Demonstrations and mass protests alone will not bring it down. The military too has to crack and act in favor of the masses.