Are U.S. and Iran Veering Toward War?

Interview with Vali Nasr and Dennis Ross

PBS: Riding on more sanctions and rhetoric, tensions between the U.S. and Iran continue to escalate. Margaret Warner discusses whether the U.S. and Iran appear to be sliding into war with Tufts University's Vali Nasr and Dennis Ross, who served in the National Security Council and State Department in four administrations >>>


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Sadegh Bozorgmehr

I'm now convinced Vali Nasr is a IRI Agent

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

I'm now convinced Vali Nasr is a IRI Agent. I grant that I have no proof, but given that he didn't hysterically promote war and sanctions, I think it's a pretty safe guess where he's getting his money from.

Dr. Mohandes

Amir 1973

by Dr. Mohandes on


INdeed. i really wonder sometimes. how many times they stand in front of their posh living room mirror and look themselves in there and after saying" Hey there handsome, looking good, looking sharp there, ready to go out there and rock the world? yeah tiger...grrr" repear after themselves: Iran needs to be changed from within and when and if (LOL a big if that is) iranian want that change.  

So for now, let the sanctions do their thing, let the massively uncontrolled inflation ravage the economy and make that big hole in iranians' pocket even bigger. 

the sad thing in all of this is that iranians within iran, with the big exception those who are in the realm of real activists, have grown extremely and pathetically complacent and would not even care anymore. I see this every madre feereeking day that i live in this country.

Prices going up! SOOO??? Pollution!! SOOO??? Roads and streets the the worst possible shape!!! Again!! Perhaps you did not hear me. SOOOOOO??? Kari mage!!!???  Hey!! Let's go home and watch the freaking 9 o'clock news!! Which "shabake" was it on i forgot!!


The "Khastan = Tavanestan" School of Thinking

by AMIR1973 on

If the "Iranians inside Iran" want change, they will do it. Just like that: it's that easy. In the meantime, no sanctions and no pressure on the regime, "because they only hurt the poor, ordinary Iranians". Instead, let's listen to the various regime lobbies, propagandists, and those always trying to change the conversation to the Great Satan or Israel (a CONSTANT topic of diversion by certain elements whenever discussing Iran and Iranians). Lift the sanctions. Remove the pressure from the regime -- and freedom and democracy will be brought by "iranians inside Iran". After all, Khastan =Tavanestan. Yeah, right!


Long live Iran: Well said....

by Bavafa on

The Iranian future must be decided by Iranians, specially those who live in Iran, and any outside attack on Iran should be condemned in the harshest way.

MassoudA:   As it happens, there are far more Republicans in trying to get MKO in bed with them than Democrats but that does not mean democrats are any better.

  Right now, it seems Israel schmoozing is the name of the game and they are all willing to send their loved ones to bed with the Zionist if that will secure them some vote.

 'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Dear iamfine

by masoudA on

The Republicans may be fools in your eyes....but unlike the Democrats, they don't get into bed with (or better said take orders from) the enemies of Iran and the United States !!!   Go figure


Watch the republican debate this afternoon

by iamfine on

Bunch of ideates, ignorant, uneducated individuals. Senator Rick Santorum already said "I am happy to see the Iranian scientist was assassinated." However, I must say Ron Paul is the main man

long live Iran

Dear vildemose

by long live Iran on

You asked a good question and I think this is what most of us are trying to do. To show to the world that there is a difference between people of Iran and their leaders. Their forigne policy does not represent Iranian idea. Is not it what you are also saying?

And I am sure that most of us as Iranian love the country and the peaceful and friendly people of Iran and trying to stop any war against Iran but we are also interested in develoing democracy in Iran by Iranian themselves. It is a difficult task to do but it is not illogical and not impossible.

Long Live IRAN for EVER

Darius Kadivar

Mr. Nasr has a very nice tie ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Now please pass on the popcorn ... 


Dennis Ross allegiance with Israel or US?

by Disenchanted on


         A card carrying member of AIPAC! With peace negotiators like him no wonder there would be no peace!


Vali Nasr: ignored by two administrations

by anglophile on

  The trouble with these nouveau analysts is that they have NOTHING new to offer! and the reason is very clear. One cannot come up with a rational defence/assault theory by sitting behind that desk. Daddy to the rescue!


Iran as a Model for Hostage Rescue

by Faramarz on


The situation in Iran is a classic hostage situation where a gang has taken millions of people hostage and demands a ransom (buy oil or else).

There are many people inside and outside of Iran that are actually rooting for the hostage takers. The phenomenon is called the Stockholm Syndrome and if you are a movie fan it is “Dog Day Afternoon.”

The hostage takers are saying if you don’t pay, we will hurt the hostages and we even hurt others (closing the Strait of Hormuz). And if you do pay, they will not release the hostages and go to Cuba, they will stay and help others take hostages (as in Syria).

Unfortunately, this is not a movie and in real life the way to deal with a hostage situation is to cutoff power and communication to the building which creates hardship, place the sharp-shooters on the rooftops, try to help the hostages overtake the bad guys, and as the last resort, storm the building and free the hostages.


Thank God

by masoudA on

Nasr is a FORMER States Department wonder Both USA and Iran are so far apart......

I hate to convict anyone because of his/her father.....but this guy has one hell of father to be ashamed of!!   

As for his comments fred said....this boy continously fails to separate Iran and IR.......what IR is up to and does is totally against Iran and Iranians.... It's like failing to understand KKK and USA are two separate entities with two separate set of interests and agenda.  


Israeli Dennis Ross

by آشنا on

Israeli Fred (فرفره)



 dear long live Iran: How

by vildemose on

 dear long live Iran: How could you not care about what will happen to Iranians if the IRI does not change its foreign policy? Do you understand how illogical you sound???

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Who is funding NIAC? IRI? CIA? or both?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This discredited, Lobby organisation has done the greatest damage to the anti War movement by Hijacking it then viciously attacking real anti war activists as "warmongers"

NIAC and alike's black propaganda and duplicity  needs to be robustly countered by those of us who are in real anti war camp. We need to expose and counter all the warmongers on both side. That certainly would include the fascist islamic regime which faced with massive public discontent increasingly led by strong, raising, militant working class protests and actions, is seeking it's only chance of survival in some form of "limited military action" with west.

Shame on these warmongeres and profiteers of human blood and misery, shame and disgrace on them all...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

long live Iran

I do not understand why some tries to connect Dr. Nasr to IRI

by long live Iran on

I heard during commonism, if you did not like someone. You just needed to say that he was supporting capitalism and it was end of the life of that poor guy. It seems this manner is still following. 

We should learn to talk based on proof not assumption and imagination. Lets learn to respect and stand other`s opinion without these childish behaviour.

Long Live IRAN for EVER.

And to Rajavi`s slaves: this country will stay forever nomatter what your warmonsters leaders are doing. 

long live Iran

Dear Vildemose

by long live Iran on

I am trying to support Iran and Iranian people who are really suffering from this stupid sunction. IRI and its wrong forigne pollicy are not of my interest. If you like to judge the people, it is up to you and your maner. 

Rajavi`s slaves are free to call themselves whatever they like. But hope one day they can also taste the freedom.

Long Live IRAN for EVER 



by oktaby on

can only say what he says given limited avenues to defend the criminal mollas. No war, no sanctions, no acrimony, no embargo, nothing will work so Just accept and work with the rapist system. So what if Iran gets raped in the process. It'll buy him and daddy another 10-20 years. Pearl, Wolfowitz, Cheney et al at the other extremeare two sides of the same coin. Rape and plunder but different methodologies.

For him and daddy Hossein living in U.S. via previous regime's generosity while helping bring about rapist republic and now defending it has been lucrative and highly profitable. Personally and professionally. Why change now?

Vilde, good point with options. Iran is already a failed state even if not in Zimbabwe sense; but can recover to NK-like with a nuclear explosion in place and petro dollars.



long live Iran

by iamfine on

You are correct. Here, Iranians are the victim and must suffer as the result of two opposing evil forces (IRI and the west). People like Fred and others like him are in a different world and for some reason can't have the ability to analyze and comprehend the problem.


 Long live Iran: It's

by vildemose on

 Long live Iran: It's either an internal uprising via sanctions or a devestating/losing war on Iran. Take your pick??

This has nothing to do with democracy....It has to do with IRI's foreign policies in the region...Either change those foreign policies or expect the consequences.

When you play with big does, expect to be bitten.

No body is Rajavi's slave. They are more brutal than your beloved IRI. I don't buy for a minute that you don't support IRI. 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

long live Iran

Dr. Vali Nasr has point

by long live Iran on

That is a shame to see some Iranian who are living outside Iran insisting on war and sanction on their fellowmen inside Iran. It is well known that the sanction always damages the nation not leaders. They have experienced it in Irag and other countries. Everybody knows that they aim Iranian people in a way force them aginst their polititions. I do not support IRI. But this is not they way to democratize a country. They all know. We all know. I entirly agree with Dr. Vali Nasr regardless what Rajav and Maryam`s slaves commented here.

Long Live Iran for Ever. 


Faramarz: That is what is

by vildemose on

Faramarz: That is what is happening right now. IRI is going to look more like NK.

I wouldn't be surpirsed if the regime start rationing food and gas  or declare a martial law by next year. The regime has never been weaker. Sanctions work.


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Vali Nasr is off

by Faramarz on

There won't be a war because the Regime will not confront the US head on. They still remember the 80's.

The Regime will try to survive by selling the oil at half the price through Iraq or selling the gas through Turkey. Eventually, it will become another failed state like N. Korea, until the Iranians rise up again.


anals of chutzpah, fred style


you say: "guaranteeing the survival of the regime, and the hell with the enslaved Iranians.  "

Arent you the one who is cutting a deal with the devil? supporting sanctions will do exactly that. keep regime in power and make hell for the enslaved Iranians.


Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

Islamist Rapists who Seyed Vali-ollah Nasr refers to as “Iranians” have been doing exactly what he says they will do, namely, international terrorism, murdering Americans and  blowing up places in Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan just to name a few.

The bottom line of all these NIAC Lobby “Iran experts” type is to cut a deal with the Islamist Rapists, guranteeing the survival of the regime, and the hell with the enslaved Iranians.