Ahmad Reza Hashempour: Prisoner of the day

Sentenced to death for "hosting anti-religion and blasphemous websites"

JARAS: Ahmad Reza Hashempour, a 40-year-old Ph.D., was arrested in 2007. A lower court had sentenced him to death, and the Supreme Court this week upheld Hashempour's death sentence on charges of "membership in anti-religion and blasphemous websites."

During his four-year detention, Ahmad Reza Hashemour spent a long time inside IRGC's solitary cells, where he was physically and psychologically tortured to make television confessions against himself. IRGC's Gordab.com website, published an article in April 2009, referring to Ahmad Reza Hashempour as "a sixth suspect in the case of 'Mozelleen 3.'"

Many of the suspects in this case, who were arrested by the IRGC and its Gordab.com website, were forced to make television confessions against themselves and to accept the charges leveled against them.

Several individuals implicated in this case released open letters several months after their arrests, speaking up about unbearable torture during their detention period. Another suspect in this case, Vahid Asghari, was also sentenced to death this week, after four years in prison.


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Dear ghormeh sabzi: Thank

by vildemose on

Dear ghormeh sabzi: Thank you for posting this very important section everyday. Your hard work is appreciated. can you please include a list of previous "iranian prisoner of the day" with every new one you post?? Maybe the admin can help you???

 Thank for your tirless contribution to this site.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Dumb or "unlettered" (Goyim)?

by Joubin on

In Islam the dumber you are, the higher position they get 

The "Goyim" Prophet (SAW) was clearly not "dumb".  He kicked ass and took numbers.  He was quite sharp; very very intelligent as a matter of fact.  Those who underestimated him paid the price, in full.

Nor was he "illiterate" given that he was a merchant that had to deal with contracts and bill of goods as a merchant when he was a young man.  

Please do not mistake the errors, folly, and sadism of the satanic Qom Inc. regime for authentic Islam.  It would be entirely "dumb" of you to actually give credence to the satanic Qom Inc. regimes' claim that they are "Muslims".

Thank you. 


Iranian.com, please keep this page on

by عموجان on

This shows how stupid we Iranian are. 


Islam doesn’t like people with Ph.Ds

by عموجان on

In Islam the dumber you are, the higher position they get 

Look at Mohammad he was illiterate and he is the prophet 

My thoughs with him and his family 

Maryam Hojjat

Shame, & Shame on IRR who

by Maryam Hojjat on

has been destroying our Best Young, educated compatriots.  These men & women who have been fighting for 33 year against the barbaric, anti- IRANIAN IRR must be recognized in Future FREE IRAN .


Doorood bar tamame Iranian e mobarez...

by Bavafa on

Religious freedom is one of the basic rights of every citizen and punishing one for exercising this right is a crime by itself


I salute all those who are fighting this tyranny for their freedom and their rights

 A sustain campaign for their immediate and unconditional freedom is a duty for all Iranian freedom seeking/cherishing folks

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory