Abdolrahim Mousavi: Chief of the Joint Staff of the Iranian armed forces

Brigadier General speaking on military capabilities


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Some one should inform these idiots

by Siavash300 on

This is the same mistake and miscalculation that Saddam Hossain did during his time. These idiots are so much wrapped in their grandiose delusions that they are not aware of what is going on in outside world. Some one should inform them about western technology and western power and their capabilities. Some one should explain it for them before it is too late, otherwise they will learn it in a very hard way and after so many of innocent Iranians are being killed.


Lets hope this technology doesn't come to a test

by Disenchanted on





Iran’s economy must be a real bust now,

by عموجان on

Because of all that projects he was talking about. U.S. Military Machine must be very jealous; and Chinas and Russian are busy buying Dollars with the money from all that military sales.


Yes, Islam is very good for you. it turn you to an idiot, if that is where you wanan be. 

Ali P.

I am Westernized!

by Ali P. on

Seeing an army General with an unshaved face, is like seeing a surgeon with blue colored hair.

It robs you of any confidence you may try to develop in him.

Oon Yaroo

"...how much opium one has to take...." One lool!

by Oon Yaroo on

After the half a kilo of shireh he smoked!


How much

by MRX1 on

I wonder how much opium one has to take to come up with all these mumbo jumbo  chert o pert.


OMG Iran is so screwed!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Could this soft spoken guy even get admitted into the military in the USA. He's the Head of IRI Military!!!!!  I think the IRI is using psychological warfare on us.  It is doing everything it can so that we under estimate the IRI and make the natural conclusion that even their weapons don't work at all.  Then they think they can surprise the world, since the weapons they use are actually not badly made or designed because they were created by russian and chinese military designers.



by BacheShirazi on

While it is true and is a very good thing that Iran does produce some of its own military equipment, Iran's armed forces are severly out classed by the U.S armed forces. Our navy is rubish, our air force might as well not exist. Our only decent branch is our ground forces, and even they are nothing compared to the U.S army.


These types of interviews are just designed to appeal to the ego of the regime supporters , nothing more. They should not be taken seriously.