Rivalries: Soraya Esfandiari and Farah Diba

Mohammad Reza Shah's 2nd and 3rd wives

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Dec 01, 2012
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Sep 17, 2012
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Much ado about nothing!

by Arj on

What a sad story about reactionary, arbitrary rules that ruined the lives of some fine human beings who could otherwise have had less tragic lives! Young, educated women who could have happy lives, were instead forced to become baby-producing machines, and an ambitious young man who was denied of his first love and eventually turned into a cold-harted megalomaniac! And all for something that didn't even matter at the end of the day!

How ironic! Perhaps if these people weren't born into such situations, they would not have suffered such fates! Perhaps Shah would not have to go through so many marriages if he were a president for a limited time! But that's the way destiny works! As our Shahollahi friends put it: "khalayegh har cheh layegh!!!"

P.S. Apparently, Shaban Bimokh is a staple symbol of the Pahlavi rule! For even in a love story, he has to be there (@13:50)!!! 


Mohammad Reza Shah's 2nd and 3rd wives

by jmyt17 on


Good Video, time showed us the reality after 50 years.


Nader Vanaki

یک گوینده درست و حسابی

Nader Vanaki

بازهم این آقاهه گوینده شده که مثل اینکه از پای منقل و بساط داره صحبت می کنه.  نمیشه یکنفر مثل نورالدین ثابت ایمانی گوینده این برنامه باشه یا یکنفر که کارش اینه؟  آخه اگر بلد نیستی یه کار دیگه بکن به جز گویندگی.  حالا اصلاً صدای اصلی رو بزارین بهتره تا این مشدی مُفنگی.  خلاصه من که قید این برنامه رو زدم چون اصلاً صدای این بابا رو نمی تونم  تحمل کنم.


Of the fleeing monarch

by پندارنیک on




ثریا و فرح بهانه هستش........."شاه بیت" این ویدئو عبارت هستش از
"تلاش مصدق برای نگهداشتن ثروت در مملکت" و "فرار شاه".........حالا،
دوستان اگه فرمایشی، چیزی دارن، یکی‌ یکی‌ به نوبت....