Mojahedin de-listing TV ad

Shown on at least one American channel (MSNBC)

"MEK is Iran's democratic opposition working for a nuclear free Iran founded by human rights. Unjustly listed a terrorist group, MEK is the victim of violence by the radical regime in Iran and their Iraqi allies."



One can hardly shove more lies in 30 seconds video! :-)

by Disenchanted on

"Maryam Rajavi:I am an Israeli agent and I approve this message."............

Loved it! :-) 


Democratic MKO?

by MM on

Funny, MEK learned the word democratic when Bolton uttered it about MEK doctrine.

Ari Siletz

And I was thinking of buying a Toyota!

by Ari Siletz on

They just lost my business.

And they should take another look at Houston's untimely death; it suddenly appears suspicious.


Thank God I'm a Country Boy!

by Faramarz on

NIAC is fighting the repression of the Regime by advocating negotiating with it.

Yeah, that's the way to do it!

Camp NIAC; Another camp is being born while Camp Ashraf is being closed.

Ramin J

Thank god for NIAC!

by Ramin J on

The regime in Iran is horrible. And the MEK is horrible. Thank God NIAC has had the courage to stand up for the Iranian-American community and the people of Iran and fight back against both the repression of teh IRI and the terror of the MEK!




"MEK is Iran's democratic opposition" ...

by Bavafa on


-  Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman

- GWB is a smart and peace loving guy

- Fred & co. are independent and have the best interest of Iranians at heart

- Iran is a free and democratic nation

- IRI never rapes prisoners... why because they don't have any prisoners

- AN, "we don't have gays in Iran"

- AN won fair and square



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Ha ha ha

by Cost-of-Progress on

Democratic Opposition?

Since when religious nutcase marxists pass as democratic?

And, how come everybody who does not bow to the islamist bullschit antipublic is an Israeli agent?


What a Total Waste of Money

by Faramarz on

If the target audience is the average Americans, this ad will not do it. A woman in headscarf talking about terrorism and human rights will only confuse the audience.

What the ad also signifies is that Hilary is not in favor of de-listing.

Stay tuned for NIAC ad on Nickelodeon channel!


Maryam Rajavi:I am an Israeli agent and I approve this message.


As soon as delisted you can be sure that gabling billionair and Netanyahu pal Sheldon Adelson's will fill in the coffers of MEK terrorists. 

long live Iran

They deprived their poor members to pay to American senators

by long live Iran on

They deprived their poor members to pay to American senators to buy some legitimacy!! Stupid Rajavi`s slaves.

Long Live IRAN 

long live Iran

This is still a terrorist group!

by long live Iran on

I agree Khebedin, But instead of delisting them. These Rajavi`s slaves must be freed from the hand of their blood-thirsty leaders.

I am sick of what they are doing from all disgusting brain washing of their members up to spying and allying with Sadaam and Israel! 

Long Live IRAN for ever. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who pays for

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


a pile of *** like this and why target the American people. The MEK are known and hated by almost all Iranians. Now going and fooling some naive Americans. It is not going to make them popular in Iran.

Without popularity not even the might of America will save them. Just remember Chalebi who is much less hated and still made no progress. DeList my foot no mattr what MEK is not getting popularity with Iranians.


Have we not seen enough of

by Khebedin on

Have we not seen enough of these idiots on this website?. I am sick of hearing their names. Do I need to stop reading if I don't want to see any more of these pack.

Esfand Aashena

Here you go! 100% USDA grade A choice human rights activism!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


Oh, Sh.T

by Azarbanoo on

Again MEK & Its democratic BS (Marxist, Islamic).