Iranian Cockroaches Launch Nuclear Attack on West



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“This is what you get when you shout Death to America for 30+ ye

by Bavafa on

This is what you get when you shout Death to America for 30+ years 

Similar type notion was also presented after the event of 9/11 or when the Nazis started rounding up Jewish communities in Germany and elsewhere.  Trying to justify for one offending act based on another is only to pass on the buck!  It’s wrong and it needs to be condemned.


Mind you Iranians had been shouting those slogans for the crimes that were committed at the hand of America towards Iranian people (i.e. installing & backing a puppet regime with an iron fist  at the Iranian people's face).  What Iranians have failed to recognize though, is their own role and responsibility for those years and even greater failure of post era.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Fesenjoon u r totaly right, valy koo gooshe shenava!

by Yana on

shad zee



JJ damet garm!

by Yana on

shad zee


G. Rahmanian

This is about IR, not Iranians!

by G. Rahmanian on

Look at IR's trademark and Ahmadinejad's photos on the missiles. Also green is the color of Islam. This has nothing to do with average Iranians.

Yes, Iranians have been humiliated for the past 33 years. Nothing can be more humiliating than our country being ruled by a bunch of backward Mullahs with the help of Basij and IRGC thugs.


Oooo offended are we?

by Fesenjoon2 on

This is what you get when you shout Death to America for 30+ years. This is what you get when you climb up embassy walls like an animal. This is what you get when you say Israel must be wiped off the map! This is what you get when you cannibalize your own people, and do it for Allah! This is what you get when you threaten to kill Salman Rushdie and cartoonists and journalists!

What did you expect? Respect and dignity?

Deal with it! 

Ps : The Pet Shop Boys music was funny.


What's the point...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Of this trash propoganda, and on an Iranian site of all places !!!  JJ, by posting this here, you have become the mouthpiece of those very Neo-Con rednecks you're talking about.  Shame on you and on this site for having double standards by letting you post this, but editing others for much less.  You are a hateful little man with no pride or integrity.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Thanks for sharing JJ

by divaneh on

Thanks for letting us know what propaganda is circulating against Iran. To be fair, this is what Iran gets when idiot Khamenei declares Iran will help anyone who intends to harm Israel. We know the difference between IRI and Iran, but others don’t.

This cartoon is so cheap that could be the work of one person with little knowledge of an animation software. It is however very clever and while dehumanise the Iranian to make their lives worthless (or even lives that must be taken away) but it also implies that Iranian would embark on an atomic war without any worry for their own survival.


It'a distasteful nonsense

by Reality-Bites on

Probably uploaded by some bigot. But these kinds of things are dime a dozen on the net, and all kinds of people and nations get targeted.

So an idiot suggests we are cockroaches; on the other hand our "President" calls Israel a "stinking corpse". What's the difference and why get so worked up about it?


Of course they’re Iranian Cockroaches

by عموجان on

What do you call Akhoond with their unique cloth. just picture them with antenna, you got human size Cockroache. where do you think they got the idea?

Thanks JJ I am working on the picture right now. 


Cockroaches do well with radiation

by Sid Sarshar on

I was told by a Japanese friend that after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, cockroaches actually became larger in size.


This is Israel hard at work

by Sialashgar on

They are so stupid that they only help Iran.Oil prices should be at 60 $ instate is at 112 $ . Thank you for the extra money stupid !


Of course this cartoon needs to be condemned...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As much as the islamist regime, whose reckless nuclear and foreign  policies has given excuse and justification to every warmongering, disturbed Tom, Dick and Harry to call for an attack on our beloved country and it's wonderfull people.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


It is unclear to me ….

by Bavafa on

As who or what group is behind this cheap and stupid propaganda, but it is obvious to demonize Iranians and portray them as barbaric destroyers.

  Regardless of who is behind it, it ought to be condemned by all who have any value and dignity for truth and fairness.  Brushing it aside is only to put our head in the sand and pretend it’s not there.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Retarded, cheap war propaganda!

by Arj on

Dehumanization of a target nation before embarking on a genocidal campaign is the modus operandi of warmongering powers (see Hitler's similar propaganda about Jews and commies before and during the invasion of Poland!). Similarly here, all Iranians are equated to IRI and IRI is equated to cocroaches. Hence, that makes Iranians cocroaches, rendering collateral damages irrelevant!

This however, is a silly propaganda piece that would hardly even effect the most retarded of pro-war entities in the U.S., let alone the European public. Nonetheless, it's sad to see IC scrape the bottom of the barrel of YouTube for such worthless waste. Must be a slow day!!!


Hold On.....

by Demo on

First of all, these insects are very delicate creatures & they are absolutely positively not 'cocky' at all. But we as Iranians & Israelis are not only both very much 'cockies' but also are mutually 'cokas*' in behaviours/natures!

The video also does not identify the cockroaches as Iranians. They are rather simply shown as the high-tech operatives of the atomic missiles. They therefore could as well be any of the 5+1 nations or the Israelis themselves who own such deadly killers!

Now please take some 'cookies' my dear 'cokas/cokoos*' & sweeten yourself that 'Norooz' is around the corner. 

Happy Norooz to All.

*Cockas: Brothers, Cokoos: Sisters


There won't be a war. PERIOD.

by Cost-of-Progress on

we've been hearing about war for the past nature knows how many years. You folks are playing right into the hands of warmongers and pschyOp experts.

Focus on the people who have brought you this misery for the past 33 years - and wake up and smell stinking feet and golab!


No Negotiations with Cockroaches!

by Faramarz on

It is a well-known scientific fact that the cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion while humans can't.

This clip is most likely a propaganda message by the Regime that wants to show that they can wipe out the world and yet survive the retaliation, and use scientific means to prove its point!



by UnitedIran on

"DUMBER THAN A DOOR NAIL" the saying goes. Take it off here Mr. Jahansha. It is neither intellegent nor enlightening!!!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thanks jj

hope you don't have to FLAG yourself !

So we (Iranian) are reduced to cockarachas  Gracias

And NO it wasn't CUTE.



Some have excuses

by Abarmard on

But Iranians who demonize Iran and put stuff on their sites that shows how bad Iran is, are part of the problem.


Mohammad Alireza

To JJ:

by Mohammad Alireza on

So JJ you have posted this on but what are you going to do about it?

The fact is that you have created a site that has thousands of visitors every day – I don't know the numbers – and thereby have a platform from which to take some sort of action.

When I submit an article "Nuking Iran" that raises the specter of radioactive contamination if Iran is bombed with "bunker busters" you make the editorial decision to shunt it aside and stick it in the blog section and then through an email exchange you display such a level of "bikhial" that I am surprised you are objecting to this animation.

The fact is those that are planning to use "bunker busters" on Iranian nuclear sites have already calculated how much radioactive contamination will be created and how many will die of cancer and how many children will be deformed. And for them to give the greenlight for such an attack they have to look at us as cockroaches because if they saw us as talented humans that can create Oscar winning films they would not drop bombs on us.


i just wasted 1:23 of my

by alx1711 on

i just wasted 1:23 of my life!


Iranian Cockroaches

by jmyt17 on


What is point?

Have a respect for Iranian people.

Hope some day we learn how to treat our nation.


Jahanshah Javid

Base propaganda

by Jahanshah Javid on

They say it's much easier to kill/eradicate your enemy if your reduce them to animals and insects.

This is what the pro-war faction is doing.


Not appropriate

by kazem0574 on

I find this totally inappropriate, a pro war animation depicting certainty in IR’s intention for attacking the world.

Iranians are compared to war mongering cockroaches.  What do Westerners usually see cockroaches as?  A filthy creature you squash under your feet.

We may see IRI agents as cockroaches but this animation is not there to distinguish between IRI and Iranian people, and insults all Iranians period.