Iran Tightens Internet Censorship

Access to google mail, facebook nearly impossible With the launch of a “national”—more censored—version of the Internet only a few weeks away in Iran, users are already reporting increasingly limited access to certain Web sites and Web security features. A number of Internet users in Iran have for the past few days reported difficulty connecting to Web sites housed on servers outside of that country, as well as blocked access to sites such as Google and Yahoo, and to any encrypted Internet traffic, according to Iran Media Program, a project of the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania >>>


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Great news

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I think the internet is great news and hope it goes into work. Kasteh: IRI is already putting out its garbage on IC via its mouthpieces. Do you think America is worried? Are we suddenly gonna all turn into good Shia.

Yes COP they should and what do you think parent would reply? Because we were total morons and sheep. That is about the only possible response. Well maybe claim stupidity and greed for fee electricity.

Generations in the future will spit at the people who revolted. They will be known as the worst generation in modern history. Spit is too good for their graves. May they get the same rest they gave their innocent children. 


Obama to deploy "shadow" internet for Iran

by kazem0574 on

Thanks to IC member fidelio5, I dug this out.


But I still think sending internet and TV via the existing home TV aerial networks is the best solution. Hope Obama's people are reading ;-)


Question for Young Iranians

by Cost-of-Progress on

As you feel the ever tightening grip of your so called goverment around your very necks, do you ever ask your parents and elders what they were thinking when they supposedly revolted all those years ago? 

    درجامعــه ای که ارزش ها عـــوض میشوند, عوضـــی ها بــــا ارزش میشوند.


Hillary's pet project at the State Department

by fidelio5 on

Hillary Clinton is spearheading a project at the State Department to provide "Suitecase Base Stations" to subvert or offer an alternative to government internet networks. I read about this over the summer in a big piece in the NYtimes during the core of the Arab Spring uprisings.

It's a relatively easy, inexpensive, and effective form of subversion.


Internet by 1) Satellite or 2) TV Aerials

by kazem0574 on


1) Internet via Satellite

What’s needed

A satellite mini-dish (easy to hide) and a cheap set-top-box (modem) can achieve broadband speeds from 6 Mbps to 10 and above.

1)    Foreign governments will have to foot the bill to provide say a cheaper 1-2mb bandwidth service. (not a huge problem)
2)    The mini dish and modems need to reach Iran’s well established black market, or with some added hardware to use current dishes people already have (better)
3)    Signal interference (parazit) by IRI.  (unless there is going to be a retaliatory policy against IRI signal interference, a hard one to crack)

2)    Internet via TV Aerial

This method uses the existing rooftop TV Aerials on every house. The technology exists in Australia. Also huge benefit to IRI opposition groups who could then broadcast TV programmes directly into any home in a far away village in Iran, no need for Satellite technology.

Accurate delivery of TV signals from space, this is a step into new territory, that I am personally hoping that unbeknown to us there must PHd students work on this now in the West. Would love to know if anyone out there knows more. I also don't know if IRI could then also use signal parazit using UHF or whatever???????

see link:




by Khasteh on

I suggest that government of countries where IRI has embassy/consulate/interest section should do the same to those entities and cut off their access to the Internet. Also, they should make it unlawful for phone companies to sell data plan to employees (and their families).