Internet again disrupted in Iran ahead of election

Internet cutoff as IRI nears launch of closed national network

Reuters - Iranians faced a second and more extensive disruption of Internet access Monday, just a week after email and social networking sites were blocked, raising concerns about state censorship ahead of parliamentary elections. The latest Internet blockade affected the most common form of secure connections, including all encrypted international websites outside of Iran that depend on the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, which display addresses beginning with "https." "Email, proxies and all the secure channels that start with 'https' are not available," said a Tehran-based technology expert who declined to be identified >>>


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by sam jade on



American OWN  the Internet ,,,,

 THANK'S TO ex PRESIDENT GOEORGE H. BUSH (the father ) ,, whom signe and made it accesable to all world,,



COP: I am with you all the way...

by Bavafa on

about the audacity of this regime.

There is no limit!!!!

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Had an email from a friend

by Cost-of-Progress on

about the internet issues. He said that "reports" are that it is the west that is interrupting the internet!

The audacity of this regime coupled with lack of external links and information are the only hopes for this regime to remain in power. So far, they have been doing a great job at it, but at $25 per kilo for meat and rampant inflation, how long can the ordinary Iranians endure?

My guess is there's no limit!

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

" if the government shuts down the internet then shut down the government " 


Another nail in the coffin of education & commerce

by kazem0574 on

IRI is turning Iran into a “closed system for online information”.


A country where on-line student can only see heavily sensored and therefore misrepresented facts and figures. All because certain information does not seem suitable to a bunch of donkey riding mullahs who are now riding our nation.

This is nothing less than a catastrophe for our people. How can businesses operate this way, trying to do commerce in today’s world but from 1400 years ago.

I sincerely hope a replacement technology is quickly introduced to bypass this madness or Iran will fall back behind republic of Congo in access to world information.

Shame on all those who are making this happen.