Bahais in Pahlavi Dynasty

State TV's version of history aimed at justifying persecution of Bahais


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The Usual Suspects

by faryarm on

I see the very credible usual suspect(s) is spreading his love for Baha'is again with poisonous BOGUS links.

Arash Kamangir

same justification as Nazis did with Jews!

by Arash Kamangir on

This sort of justification is exactly the same as what Nazis had against the Jews! During Pahlavis posts and jobs were given to people according to their qualifications and not religeon, race, etc.  Bahais and other minorties had to work harder to get where they did just like you and me are doing it here in West.

nadeem khan

Baha'is are just normal people

by nadeem khan on

But they consider themselves to be somebodys desended from heaven or choosen by Bahau'llah (God's Manifestation) to be the best people on the earth.

They are just normal with all those stuffs happening in their communities like in other communities. On the contrarary some things are more worse in the Baha'i communities throughout the world.

Some of the main problem that the Baha'i faith is facing today are :

High Divorce Rate, Many unmarried individuals Financial Scams, Election Scams, Sexual Scandals (Many Baha'i Mullas - ABMs and Counselors) are involved in this. Although Alchohol is officially banned but many Baha'is are drinking and having illicit relationships.

You can see this blogs for more indepth reading :



I totally agree with Mr. Kadivar where he argues that the Administrative System of the Baha'i faith is similar to that of Welayat-e-Faqih. I will say that BAHA'I Admin System it is more dangerous and totalitarian than WF. There is no democracy and there is no freedom.


Dear Faryarm

by darius on

I am not accusing Bahai community for anything, more power to you but stop denying that Bahais like any  other  group have no goals and no agenda. The amazing thing in all your discussion is  that Your community is a group of saints .( that sounds like  almost like velayate faghih)   I know Bahais come from all kind of background and I am not trying to make  a score here with you and your community  either. You talk like Bahais never  ever lived in ( living invisible and in different) Iran and had no responsiblity toward anything  that was happening around them and it was forbiden for Bahais to rise to highest rank of society and be successful.There was no way a Bahai to falter, make mistake, be greedy. My question is :Are people born with Bahais gene in them? Almost chosen at  birth  from  bushmen of Africa to an american catholic, etc? Where this people come from,do they recieve over night messages? So, Bahais, never attempt to convert and recruit new members? Running Bahais offices and immigrating to new places need no  money and financial planning?( I know you receive offerings) Is Bahai  community a  self-perpetuationg movement? Need no work, participation, money, planning?  No chance of personal or character failure?    Don't Bahais go to ther countries to spread the word? Would you go to a country that population is sensitve to your faith? ( forget Iran, Iran is your homelad, you have all the right and all the previleges to demand equal right and equal treatment)  If you do all these activities then it  makes you accountable toward your  followers and the society in which you are active in.  These are the key to survival and you keep denying it that Bahai has anything  to do with economy and local politics is so far fetched.       ( nothing to do with politics means , despite your claim and  beleif in human right and equal treatment , you keep quiet and continue count on your faith regardless of what that government do to others as long as you are untouched and consider a neutral community , you just talk and protest if you are targeted.).  Cheers,  this is my last comment, I wish all Bahais luck.


Fair Judgement of fact and history..

by faryarm on

Dear Darius,

Thank you for your response, although one expected your response to be a concise reply consistent  to the role of the Iranian Bahai community during The Pahlavi regime and your assertion thet the Bahai community "accept some accountablity".

Unfortunately you provided neither reason or fact as to why the Bahai community should be held accountable for its role during the Pahlavi era.

instead you responed by

1. Asking my age, (FYI you might be young enough to be my son)

going on to further baseless accusation against a whole community by: 

2. Accusing the Bahai community of claiming superiority.

3. Interefering with politics.

4. Proseltysing .. (kindly look up the proper meaning of the word, as Bahais do no such thing) speaking about one's noble beliefs is not prosetysing, when Bahais do not believe or acceot blind acceptance.

You rightly state that there is good and bad in every community, but you choose to accuse a whole community of wrong doing.

Dear Darius, I dont wish to argue, or win points here,  as i think it is fruitless, I only ask that you be fair in your judgement and base your judgement on facts and accurate portrayal of history.

Iranian Bahais are from all diffrent religious backgrounds , from Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, to Moslem and see all as the progression and renewal of the same truth, with each having been revealed for its own age and time; Bahais do not claim any kind of superiorty, economic, political or religious;  theu work for unity and understanding, even in face of hardship, persecution and death, as in current Islamic Republic.

warm regards to you and your family

Bahai and other wise.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you, if you would like to send me a private message



me new here

by مآمور on

Agah Pendar, who is Roger_Rabbit? is he a runner?or he is bahai too, if yes then he must be from African origine!!!

I wear an Omega watch


Can I cordially invite........

by پندارنیک on

.........our learned friend, Roger_Rabbit?.........


Very hateful !

by Shemirani on

What a shame !! it's so much like watching a nazi propaganda advertize against jews in War world II !

And based on BIG LIES.

Posthaye Kilidi mamlekat dade shod be IRANI no matter the religion !!!! its excacly how it should be !

(Parviz Khosravani is not bahai (never was) he is from a shie family from Arak !)

 cheghadr charand mighan dar seda o sima, ki hastand in karmandan seda o sima ke hazerand baraye sanar pool enghadr lajanparakani konand (about all sort of topic) ? shame on each of them !



Wait a minute! Houshang Tozie is Bahahii?!He lived in our house

by Ferdowsi on

for 5 years when he was a teenager along with his family. I was friend with his younger brother Amir who was my age. Houshang was a good friend with my older brother. I am shocked to hear that they accuse him of being bahai! They are moslems. I wish all moslems were as nice as them. Wonderful people!

I am tired of this government going after all the bahaiis. I slept in my bahaii friends many times. Who cares about their religion. If Eslam is like what these criminals practice, they have no right to go after bahaii! Shame on this shameless regime that SHASHID TOO ESLAAM and always tries to diver people's attention from their own criminal activities. Leave bahaii alone! Talk about the moslem atrocities by the regime!



Dear Faryarm

by darius on

First of all Faryarm how old are you?What makes you assume that I do not know know about Bahais or part of my family are not Bahai?


Bahai community needs to stop pretending that do not make mistake, do not have any ambition to prosthelytize or interfere with politic or gain economical superiority to spread and continue to grow.(At the time of Shah , the Bahai community had all chances to

disassociate itself with all thos suspicious characters that were erroding community reputations between Iranian muslim and other political group)

At this point of time Bahai community may be growing in places but this may not be in future without being challenged by Chritian ,Jews, Hindu ,etc as the community grow stronger and more threatening to other religious group.

Bahai community itself does not tolerate those who have different opinion with the main stream Bahi and exclude and discriminate them in every possible way.

Bahais are not exception to the rules ,there are good and Bad,

fanatic, opportunist and corrupt between them and that make them accountable to admit the truth and deal with it accordingly.


Why & what should the Bahai community be accountable for ?

by faryarm on

Dear Darius:

You are right, I don not speak on behalf of Bahai's , but i do speak as a well informed Bahai, who is  also familiar with many of the people accused of being Bahai's.

All I ask of you, who might have been unknowmgly influenced by the IR propoganda of the last 30 years, is to look at some of the more recent scholarly history of Iran by well known writers and film makers, such as Professor Milani, and director Reza Allamehzadeh's Film about the Bahais, the Iranian Taboo, //, as well as numerous blogs and articles that daily expose the true face of IR propoganda.

Simply put most of the people mentioned in this IR hate clip are not Baha'is, except the Shah's Physician Dr Ayadi, who for a man in such high position like  many in his position  who left Iran with millions of Dollars , should have died a very wealthy man.

I would also respectfully ask you to point out exactly what the Bahai community of Iran should be accountable for in your opinion. It would be appreciated if you can actually be precise in your reference as to why you think, as you said:  "would be fair that your community also accept some accountablity"

with thanks 

I look forward to your response.






 پس اینکه بهایها در سیاست دخالت نمی کنند مال بعد از انقلاب است؟ قبل از انقلاب اشکال نداشت؟اسرائیل رفتن هم که سیاسی نیست؟

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We all should be blamed..

by darius on

The truth is that we are all responsible for this mess,  period.

We all failed to do the right thing ,singling out Bahais is a big mistake and injustice , also Bahais are not  "AZ MA BEHTARAN" as you continiously try portray them..

Faryarm, you cannot speak on behalf of all Bahiis because you do not know them all and you do not know if they took bribe or not or had any political or domintaion agenda.

But as I said, we are all responsible, we failed to do our serivce to our country and our conutrymen.We deserve to be punished and continued to be punished because we are doing and repeating the same mistake as 1979 .

I emphasize again, no Bahai should be blamed or discriminated for any rerason but may be it would be fair that your community also accept some accountablity and stop considering themselves infallible and " az ma behtaran" 


A sure sign of any Fascist dictatorship ....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

is to single out a minority group within the society, and blame it for all the ills of the society, as a means of gaining support from the vastly ignorant population with deep seated religious/ Racial hatred. What follows then is persecution at various levels. In Nazi Germany it was the jews, in Islamic Iran it is Bahaais.. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Baha'is and The Pahlavi Regime

by faryarm on

Please see this 




go to 3:25 for Pahlavi  


همان حقۀ قدیمی


توی این مملکت هر وقت کار دولت به مشکل می خورد و نارضایتی عمومی ایجاد میشود، بهایی ها را قربانی می کنند تا هم حواس مردم پرت شود و هم مفری برای خالی نمودن خشم جامعه ایجاد شود و آن را از سوی دولت به سوی بهایی ها منحرف سازند. زمان شاه هم همین بود و بهایی ها به عنوان بی دفاع ترین اعضای جامعه قربانی سیاستهای دولت می شدند. حالا هم اصلاَ تعجبی ندارد که با این اوضاع فلاکت بار اقتصادی و کمبود هایی که هر روز محسوس تر می شود و جامعه را دچار خشم و نگرانی می کند، دوباره بهایی ها را علم کنند تا حواس مردم را معطوف بدانها نموده و کاسه کوزه ها را سر آنها بشکنند. در روزهای آینده منتظر باشید که آخوندها بر سر منابر لعن و نفرین بهایی ها را افزایش دهند و حملاتی نیز بر علیه آنها صورت گیرد. متاسفانه این بازی کهنه گویا باز هم در حال شکل گیری است.  


what goes around comes around

by asadabad on

Their intolerance is leading to their own destruction.  They refused to share power with their MEK allies, now who's blowing them up in Tehran? 

 I'd like to see a full scale civil war between Mousavi and his "reformist" allies vs. Khamenei and his terrorist supporters. 

Bahram G

What it means

by Bahram G on

Is that every oppressive regime needs enemies to rally the masses and survive. And the Shia are masters of DOSHMAN TARAASHI. There is the big Satan and the little Satan. There are Sunnis, sofis, Jews and a host of even ethnicities who are used from time to time to rally the fanatical sheep and to blame for everything. Fabricating stories and baseless accusations play well with the chronically exploited masses. Baha'is make excellent scapegoat since they are dispersed throughout the land and have served in various government posts because they had the needed qualifications and not because the shah was favoring them. One example was his own personal physician who was a Baha'i. Why did the shah choose him? One line of thinking suggests that the shah could trust the Baha'i not to poison him or kill him under the pretext of treating him. I don't know the facts. And hovayda was a son of a Baha'i, I understand. But he, himself was not a Baha'i and he so said repeatedly. As I understand it, you can not be born a Baha'i. Once a person reaches the age of 15 and older, he or she may decide to become a Baha'i. In contrast to Islam, being born to Baha'i parents doesn't make you a Baha'i and even if you voluntarily become a Baha'i, you can leave the faith without any repercussions.

The time of the mullahs and their AVAAM FARIBI is almost up. Playing the scapegoating card and blaming others for their own dastardly parasitic way of life are running out of steam. And before very long they will be held to account by the people.


Is that means Muslim are next to be Persecute.

by عموجان on

They are controlling every thing now.