Azerbaijan: A Den Of Spies

Israel's relationship with Azerbaijan has blossomed in recent years

NPR: The small Central Asian country of Azerbaijan has found itself caught up in the rising international tensions over neighboring Iran and its nuclear program. Despite traditional ties with Iran, the former Soviet republic has increasingly aligned itself with the West, and with Israel >>>


Babak K.

I did not know that my

by Babak K. on

I did not know that my fellow Iranians are all specialists in languistics. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Arash Khan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


May I remind your glorious self that Bazargan; Khamenei and Mousavi are Arazi! Dude it is not like "Fars" are the source of Islamis. You are using the same ethnic racist propaganda as Savalan does.

What is the meaning of a "free" whatever. If you mean separatism: no way. We are not stupid and not going for it.  Anyway how do you free Azarbayjan from its own spawn. Do you plan to deport all the Mollahs to "Fars"!! The idea is indeed a farce :-)


Only Free Azerbaijan

by Aarash4545 on

Can get rid of these pest of Molla's. You Fars' have no balls! A bunch of woos and soosools. If we want to free Iran from this tyrany we need to go step by step. First step is to free Azerbaijan..

Mark my words!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Is it ethnic freedom or is it the almighty $$

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear posters please read this bit:

we're angry, we feel deep pain, and we're entitled to huge reparations for the damage done to us.

Ha! Truth is out so this is all hype to get money. Not language; not freedom but hard cash. Reminds me of the guy who goes to a department store. Then deliberately "spills" his coffee and "slips" on it. Next thing he is holding his "broken" leg and crying for his lawyer :-) Hoping the store manager is scared and will hand over some money to keep him quiet. Well not this time and not with us. Iran is not California and nobody not even USA pays off imaginary "damages". Nice try but no cigar once again.


I know he is angry and gladly suggest anger management classes. It is good and helps the blood pressure.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding language

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The main language of a nation is required for people to prosper. Otherwise they will be marginalized and feel left out. When that happens they become prime target for separatists and other malcontent movements.

It is my opinion that is the goal of "ethnic language" demands of Savalan. They are not meant to help any ethnic group. But to move them further away from the mainstream. If most people in Azarbayjan did not speak Persian they would look to Turkey. Which is just what Savalan wants. Next he wants to demand autonomy and "reunite" with Turkey. He is already demanding money! One minute it is about Ethnic identity next it is the all mighty green back. 

Maryam Hojjat

Dr. Ala& Benyamin, Excellent answers To Savalan

by Maryam Hojjat on

This Brain Washed Guy.  I hope he can get his brain back soon.



by choghok on

It is not strange that Persian has many Arabic words in it, since it is a living an expanding language, You would be surprised if you knew how much of English is taken from other languages. Persian was once used from Arabic countries till India and thanks to that it was changed. Ottoman Turkish was also like that it had many Kurdish Arabic and Persian and would guess greek.

Also no one discussed superiority of Aryan tribes with Turkic. Beside the mother tounge language that  should be thaught to all ethnic groups in Iran there are no discrimination against Azaris. They hold the highest power and are not treated differently. That cannot be said for Kurds, Baluchis and many other ethnicities in Iran


I am part Azari!!!

by Benyamin on

I spit on enyone`s face who wants to take my homeland from me and if you are one Savalan then I would spit on you too!

You are nothing but a slave to the Turks and you have forgotten that the very same Turks that are making fun you and your culture did in fact forced many of our common ancestors out of Turkey and that is why many of us live in Iran.

I have not forgotten and I never will.



استعمال دخانیات ممنوع است!



والله ما از بچه گی ترجمه فارسی این جمله را این چنین شنیده بودیم:

اسماعیل دو خای* هات معلوم است!

Mohammad Ala

Ya abilfaz..

by Mohammad Ala on

One cannot find an Azeri in Tabriz that does not say “Ya abolofalz” by itself or in a sentence at least 5-6 times in a day.   Now Savalan accusing Iranians using Arabic words.  How about Arabs using Persian words?  How about plane full of Azeri’s going to Karbala every day?  Yah… ya abilfaz (Azeri pronunciation) gamar bani hashem.. hahaha

We look Iranians representing various ethnicities in Iran. I have seen Azeri’s to make more fun of other races more than the other way around.  Azeri’s think and act as if they have fallen from damagh fil.  This Persian Azeri is proud of being an Iranian first and Azeri second. ... ajar Iran olmasa, benim janim olmasin

Doost, doshman, ghonah, cha-reh, donya, are the words that we Azeri's use in our daily communications with other Azeri's. 

IRAN first, Azeri's, Lur, Kurds, and others second. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No cigar

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


khahesh mikonam ke cigar nakeshid. 

khasheh daram ke dood nakeshid.

Yes anyone may tie together some Arabic. But using Persian is very simple.


70 percent of Persian vocabulary is Arabic!

by Savalan on

استعمال دخانیات اکبدا" ممنوع!

 تماما" یک جمله عربی است. ها ها ها

بابا دیگه حرفشو نزنید دیگه. این همه که از عرب ها نفرت دارید، همه چیزتونو از اونا گرفتید. اافباتونو، حرفاتونو. شما نژاد برتر آریایی ها عجب رویی دارید . ها ها ها

Mohammad Ala

The Turks using Persian words but

by Mohammad Ala on


Another pimp in the hood!

by Disenchanted on

          Saudi is the other one! 



by Benyamin on

Obviously you have no answer and you refer me to something that has nothing to do with you!

I am all for keeping the identity alive what i don`t like is people like you who lie to forward their own evil purpose!


Long live South Azerbaijani identity

by Savalan on

Answers of thousands of Azerbaijanis to your arguments.

chanting: Long live Azerbaijan, Curse those who oppose us



To Savalan

by Benyamin on

Although the name Sabalan is clearly a "Persian" one but Savalan is just the way the Azari accented people souldn`t say it right!!!

You are full of Cr** when you say a "lie" about your grand mother because mine is from the same area and she never, and never spoke of any thing even remotley close to it!! YOU ARE A DEVISIONIST and you get paid to LIE about everything and fabricate things to the new generation things that are just simply not true!!!

Go read more "S" Up to the end of 18th centure the official language and corresponding language in "Ottoman" Empire was "Persian" Did any persian twisted their arms to speak or write it?

The people that ran Iran since 500 years ago with the exception of the Pahlavies and Zands were alll "Turkic in Iran and in fact it was the Turkic one that declared Persian as the only national language! how is it that the persians were under the Turkic rulers and that is not Colonial but "anything" the other way is?!!!

Why do cry faul when if you open your mouth you only condemn yourself becaus thank god Turkey has shown the world what kind of Fascist state it has been and it still is! we know what they did to the Armenians and we know what they do to the Kurds and we also know what they did to the Shiiate turks and forced then to exile which guess where it was! yes IRAN. Now most of those kids are saying ok we have forgotten that we came from Turkey and no than you for your hospitality we want the land!

In Azarbayjan there are many Minorities, like the Armenians which have taken their control of their own region! and then there is Taleshis which don`t speak Turkish and they speak a dialect of persian and they are not allowed to write oe read in their own language. Please don`t fabricate things maybe your lies will be bought in illetirate areas of Iran but not here that information flows freely.

In todays Iranian Azarbayjan which my family is from people are very dicriminating against one another, like my family is not of Islam and the ordinary Azaris do discriminate because they are muslim and so on and so forth and I know that do try to deny it.

Azarbayjan is the name of an area for thaousands of years and most of it is in Iran and a very little of it is ijn The republic of Azarbayjan but the Russians named the entire area as Azarbayjan and unfortunately the Iranian goivernments never undertood how dangerous that is. The biggest area in the republic of Azarbayjan is "ARAN" and the other parts have their own names and identity like the Lezgis and Gorjies and Armenians and Taleshis but because the biggest city was in Azarbayjan part the Russians smartedly called the entire place Azarbayjan hoping "imbicles" like you(Savalan) would follow suits and there you are.

Spread your lies Savalan but we all faught with the Russians it wasn`t just one ethnicity even though the rulers at the time were Turkic and god know what you would have said now if they were of persian or Lor or Kurd or some other than Turkic rulers. You are just a loser that is all you are.


one wonders, "situation will go back to its normal state".....

by Bavafa on

And exactly what is the "normal state"?


Is that the state of occupation, theft and rape of their neighbors?  I submit to you if Israel looking for strategic ally in committing those type of crimes, none other than IRI can be as good and effective, so these two evil regime have been ally in committing their crimes, rape and theft.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Mohammad Ala

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim janim olmasin ( cho Iran nabashad, tan-.

by Mohammad Ala on

People wouldn’t know that Savalan is NOT telling the truth unless they are Azeri’s.  Azeri’s cannot communicate with other Iranians if they do not learn Persian (aka Farsi).  Most neighboring countries languages have 1/3 Persian words in their languages.  Just to use an example, 1/3 of Urdu has Persian words and I have not heard from them to get rid of Persian words.  Also, Turkic spoken in Turkey tried to get rid of Persian words but they failed miserably. 

There are many Azeri’s, one in my family who died several years ago who could not speak Persian.  This person was 91 years age when passed away in Tabriz, but was brought to be buried in Qom.  Why?  Why not be buried in Tabriz?  Azeri’s have no problem regurgitate Arabic words and there is ONE full plane going from Tabriz to Karbala/Najaf every day.  Persian is NOT your identity but Arabic is, you sa-fek?

According to 100 year agreement, Russia must return all the lands taken from Iran including Azerbaijan. There is ONE Azerbaijan which is part of Iran.  If you want to take it, you must fight with Iranian Azeri’s including my family members who are Persian first, and second Azeri. 

Savalan sounds like Pishvari gang.  If someone had said this much non-sense about another race or religion, he or she would be kicked out of  There are examples of people who were kicked out because several idiots accused them of being anti-Semitic.

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim vojodum olmasin (Cho Iran nabashad, tan-e man mabad).

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well no kidding of course nobody said you were Iranian! Regarding "colonial" Azarbayjan has been populated by Iranian people for 3000+ years. It is not my fault that your Soviet inspired made up stuff is wrong.

we're entitled to huge reparations for the damage done to us. 

You are trying to be funny? How about you put down the first installment to Armenia. Then for the next 2000 years pay them off. Rest assured with your attitude all Iranians reject you. That includes real people of Azarbayjan. 

What language did Babak Khorramdin speak? It was nto turkish it was Persian. If you don't like history too bad. You may argue with fact but you will lose. 


Persian culture and language is not my national identity.

by Savalan on

Persian culture and language is not my national identity. It's colonial and foreign language ​​for me as a Azeri Turks in Iran. Here in our own homeland we're not allow to have education in our language, and our grandmothers have told us how they were punished for speaking it. So of course we're angry, we feel deep pain, and we're entitled to huge reparations for the damage done to us.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Another load of

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


*** added to the blog with the usual whipping of ethnic divisions. Don't you get tired of sowing hatred? Go build an ethnic school in USA and invite people or is that too much work.


"[N]ame one, just one school in Iran"

by پندارنیک on

There's none............but that doesn't give anyone a licence to take the country apart.................Your grievance is most valid, and has to be settled within our national one's ethnicity should submerge our national identity..........likewise, our national identity should not be used as a vehicle to overrun our different cultures................and I'm using the word "culture" in its general form............


All ethnic minorities learn their language in North Azerbaijan

by Savalan on

All ethnic minorities learn their mother tongue as a school subject in North Azerbaijan but name one, just one school in Iran where your Azeri Turks can learn to read, write and study in their own language!



by Benyamin on

I wonder If everything in Azernayjan named in Persian/Kurdish/Arminian and if most of those names have been there for thousands of years then how is it that the land belongs to the Turks?!!!

Why the minorities in Azerbayjan and Turkey are not allowed to speak, write and learn their own languages?

I remember visiting Chicago a few years back I went to a pizzaria nearby my hotel which had amazing none treditional Chicago style pizza which I don`t like. The owner was a very well traveled man and when we talked he realized I was from Iran and he told me "You know I found Azerbayjan a very strange country! as much as you go further away from the streets and get closer to the perymid of power the looks of people change and they become more and more look like Russian and less and less like the regular Azaris"

I wonder what that means? That was a observation by an American. I myself have never been there but have no reason not to believe his observation!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Just tell me exactly what is it  that Israel is reacting to.

You are remarkably uninformed if you really don't know. But for the benefit of other I repeat the obvious facts. 

  • The IRI support and arming Hamas; Hizbollah and Palestinian terrorism.
  • The antisemitic Holocaust revision conference by Ahmadinejad
  • Non stop rants by IRI officials against Israel. 

The first one is a direct attack on Israel and its people. Do you really think any nation will do nothing when somebody arms its enemies? The others are less but what do Muslims do when "insulted". They go on riots and burn down the place. Then murder whoever insulted them. How about taking some of what you dish out? If you don't like it then try being a bit less radical.

why are you dragging the Palestinian and Hamas thing into our national affair

It is people like you and IRI that brought then in our national debate. Now deal with your own doing.

I'll will not post a comment to your next reply, if any.

Yes I know you don't want to lose two arguments in one day. Just very typical of IRI to go out there; taunt the big guys. Then hide behind "nationalism" when it is about to get its a** whopped. I tell you want thing. I hope all the mullahs even the ones APFSM praises so much are put on trial. Real enemies of Iran are those who pick the fight with the bigger guy. I will never fight to defend the filth of Mollahs.

By the way get a different logo since you don't see to be thinking much.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Can the media and the west remind all that

turkman &gulestan-chais treaties expired.

Or ...........

that's another border we've to worry about ?



Reasoning of a mullah

by choghok on

The azari mullah is afraid of what would happen to holy sites in Iran instead of loss of life, since that is not so holy. Dont worry there are more emamzadeh in Iran than American and Israeli missiles combined.



by پندارنیک on

No, I don't know very well...........Just tell me exactly what is it  that Israel is reacting to.......Israelites have been doomed to be "reacting" ever since their Golden Calf ...................and why are you dragging the Palestinian and Hamas thing into our national affair?....................Defence of one's homeland supercedes all ideological issues within, regardless of the regime. Period..............and no, I will not exchange twenty-five comments to explain , or debate the obvious.......

I'll will not post a comment to your next reply, if any.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Pendar you know very well Israel is reacting to IRI. You are trying the nationalist card. Islamic Republic has never respected Iranian nationalism. Oh wait, they remember it when in danger then they want us all to help!

Tough luck because this is not working anymore. IRI must go because it is the reason Iran is endangered. We need a regime that does not pick fights with others. *** Palestinians and Hamas. Worry about Iran. *** Islam and fighting for it.

However Azarbayjan is making a big mistake getting involved. We will remember who tried to fish out of the mud. I for one am really sick of the duplicity of their government.