US says no sanctions on Iran quake aid

Americans can donate humanitarian assistance -- State Department

NIAC has received a flurry of emails over the weekend with questions about how Iranian Americans can help in assisting with relief efforts of the earthquake aftermath in northern Iran. To help you stay informed and to ensure that we are doing everything possible to assist with relief efforts in Iran, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions below >>>


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Yeap, keep your focus on NAIC instead of the victims of EQ.....

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Manam_Babak on

I bet none of the aids are going to reach the real victimes. Rapist mullas are going to make sure of that. They are going to use the money to support terorists in Syria, and lebanon. US knows that very well, that is why US government has not offer any help, 



by jmyt17 on


This is our country and I do not think I need your  permition, to send a AID to my homeland people.

Just shut your mouth.


چوپان دروغ گو!




The boy who cried wolf!

What a tangled web we weave when we try every excuse to lift the sanctions and do business with the Regime.

By the way, the State Department Spokeswoman said, "Americans wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to Iranians ..." Please note that the statement covers Americans and not the Green Card holders of other countries pretending to represent Iranian-Americans. 


Shame on the opportunists

by Fred on

Despite what the Messianic Islamist Rapist friends and lobbies try to milk any tragedy for their goal of lifting sanctions and insuring the longevity of the Rapist Islamists, there have never been any sanctions on food, medicine and humanitarian items, never.

The Islamist Rapists buy wheat from America; they can buy all the medicines they want. If they can buy 200 super luxury Mercedes Benzes for their guests, they can buy the medicine Iranian people need.