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My name is Roya I am a member of the Iran - loves - Israel campaign... I used my german passport and visited friends from the Israel - loves - Iran campaign... my friend Lee took me to Jerusalem... it was an amazing trip and here are the pictures for my iranian compatriots who are not allowed to visit Israel with their persian passport >>


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Immortal Guard, History is very complex

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Jews and Persians are historical allies, from values and beliefs to culturally similar way of life and priorities.  Demonizing people for bad qualities is a weak argument, jews did not invent betrayal or competition, iranians do it too. 

The issue is that so long as Israel and the USA are so close, dependent on one another and the USA is not being a Force for Human Rights, Peace or Progress, so Israel will only have as good a relation with Iran as its actions warrant by serving one another, creating peace and prosperity in our spheres, this won't happen while the USA is the sole power in the world.

Iran is likely not going to be participating in mending its alliance with the USA, The USA is too weak and untrustworthy in honoring its alliances to be suitable for Irans needs.  Its not democratic enough for the Iran we Envision and its journalism and politics are too dishonest.  The shift of power in the world could mean the USA will soon being brought down to its Knees for generations, so it being a former super power also doesn't pose well for US/Iran relations.  The USA entered a major mental decline from 1980 to 2000, its showing up as a decline in real terms from 2001 to 2020, lets see if they can get ot of the ditch they are in in the next 5 to 10 years.

over 60 million on food stamps means real unemployment is not 8% but closer to 20% and not being honestly reported, but covered up due to redefining words, no way to run a country, lies work but are not a long term solution.


Divest from War

by Reality-Bites on

Just curious, are you supporting any campaign to stop the Islamic Republic continually calling for the destruction of Israel and arming/funding/supporting Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah in their conflicts with Israel?

Point being, is this confrontation and potential bombing of Iran all Israel's fault and should we take deterrence action only against Israel? Is this really a more "effective" way of preventing conflict?

Divest from War pledge campaign

Well meaning campaign

by Divest from War pledge ca... on

This is a well-meaning campaign by sincerely peace-loving people. The problem is that (assuming their goal is to stop Israel from starting another large-scale war in the region by bombing Iran), their tactic is not effective.

If you are actually hoping that Israel would bomb Iran, because your hatred of the Islamic Republic is more than your love for your people, then you can skip the rest of my post.

But if you really want to do your bit to deter such an attack, the only way is to increase the cost to Israel of such an attack. One way to do that (nonviolently) is to pledge to BOYCOTT ISRAEL IF IT ATTACKS IRAN:


as about 1000 people from around the world have.

The Israeli government does take boycott and divestment campaigns very seriously. See this link, for example:


So please sign the boycott pledge, and please spread the word.



Persian passport?

by مآمور on

where can i get one??

I wear an Omega watch

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Antom danger!

you are dangerous

peace is what's needed in there.


Immortal Guard

Jews are nobody's friends!

by Immortal Guard on

Jews betrayed the late Shah of Iran in order to make peace with Egypt and have been sucking up to their "Arab brothers" ever since. They have been financing the building of pyramid-like buildings all over the world. Now their efforts are no longer paying off and the Arabs are slowly turning the tables on them.

The Jews have been leading a covert psychological and economic war against the Iranian nation. They have attacked Iran's nuclear power plant and oil facilities with computer viruses and have imposed harsh economic sanctions against the Iranian nation and have also carried out covert military attacks inside Iran.

Here by watching this clip you can see what they wish to Iranians:


Even the Germans are cheering Iran on: (Nice German song)


All Goyim unite!



Food for Thought

by jirandoust on

The day Iranians realize how Isreal since 1950's has constantly nutralized Arabs ill will and venom towards Iran (by default or otherwise), then existence of Isreal in Middle East will not be a question in our minds anymore.

If this is hard for you to believe, then talk to those Iranians who fought against Iraqis in 1980-88 war. Ask them about the percentage of Jordanians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Lebanese and other Arabs among the "Iraqi" POWs. The billions of dollars poured into Saddam's war machine by Saudis, Kwaities and Persian Gulf kingdoms are no secret to anyone either. When Saddam said he wanted to repeat Ghadesiah he meant it and all Arabs supported him. They'd love to see Iran's demise as much as Isreal's.

It is sad that Iran and Isreal, two contries which need to be friend and allies, now have their guns pointing at each other. It is sad indeed!


Somewhat wrongly worded

by Rea on

"Iranians love Israelis" (and vice versa) would be better, imho.


Love begets love!

by caspiantiger on

Love begets love and hatred begets hatred.  "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".

Immortal Guard

Why should Iran love Israel?

by Immortal Guard on

A Jew cries out in pain while he stabs you in the back!


Long Live Peace

by Rebecca on

I agree with Fred. We Iranians are peace loving people and have had a good relationship with the Jewish people since 700 BCE. I am hoping to see peace and friendship between Iran and Israel after the brual government of mollahs ends (hopefully soon).


If people lead, the leaders will follow...

by Bavafa on

Criminals of the likes of Netanyahu and AN/Khmenie are hell bent to stay in power, even at the expense of many people's lives.They ought to be confronted and pacified.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



If an "Iranian with German passport" can do it.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I dont know much about this campaign, apart from it's somehow OTT Title, so my comment is less about Roya, and more general.

I do ,  strongly, believe, that the way to peace and prosperity for entire people of ME,  is through  Grass root movements, when people come out and clearly articulate their opposition to warmongering of the "elected" (Israel) or "selected" (Iran) leaders . This has already started in Israel. In Iran, under  regime and their cronies with their old tired "anti zionist" (read pro Islamic-regime) slogans  have got the upper hand, given the Fascistic dictatorial nature of Iran's government. But, this is changing, per "No to Gaza, No to Lbanon..." slogan of the opposition demonstrators back in 2009...

Thank you very much Dear Roya for sharing.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Forget jews and Palestinians. We have our own problems

by Shirzadegan on

Forget both jews and arabs. We have our own problem and it is ruling Islamic thugs in Iran. Once crown Reza Pahlavi takes the office, we won't have problem with any country. The same as during shah's days.  We didn't have any problem with any country. Support Reza Pahlavi to take the office. Everything will go back to normal and we will gain our respect back once again.

    As far as mullahs, international court for all their crimes.

Sardar Kolleh Ghoochan


by Sardar Kolleh Ghoochan on

We the Iranian people will have nothing to do with baby-murdering jewish terrorists and their illegal occupation of palestinian lands. I will promise you the next regime in Iran will not be as easy going with the jewish traitors as IRI. 

سردار کل قوچان


2nd amendment

by Shirzadegan on

There's no doubt that ruling stinky mullahs are the source of our current problem..... if it was not for the crime committed by the filthy mullahs such as over 20,000 massacre of our brothers and sisters in summer of 1988, and sponsoring terrorism around the world, since they took power in Iran in 1979, we would have been living together so peacefully.... so lovely, indeed..... the same as we living peacefully during shah's days. In those days,  We never had any problem with any country including state of Israel. We were well respected around the world. 

Iranians has to get rid of this filthy mullahs ruling class.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

There's no doubt that Zionism is the source of our common problem......If it was not for the crime committed by the filthy Zionists against Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the whole of humanity, we would have been living together so lovingly, indeed....... 

Israel has to get rid of its filthy Zionist ruling class.


Great Project for

by Azarbanoo on

enhancing relationship between two nations.  Thanks


Just a matter of time

by Fred on

It is only a matter of time, and short time at that, when Iran and Israel will once again be the historical friend and ally that they are.

The ruinous rule of the Messianic Islamist Rapists and their cheerleading by the triumvirate of Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their like minded lap poodles of lefty allies are ending.