"Persian Bling"

Luxury cars in Iran

UANI CEO Ambassador Mark Wallace appeared on Fox Files' "Persian Bling" episode. The episode discussed the dichotomy between Iran's corrupt regime driving luxury cars and the Iranian people suffering from sky-rocketing prices and a plummeting economy.


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by Latina on

It is so wrong what they are doing. People are starving and living on the streets.

Others are just barely holding on to what little they have. 

How disgusting.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

You are comparing Iran to US?!?

U must be joking !  


This is no news! this has

by alx1711 on

This is no news! this has been going on since parasit islamics came to power!


Where is Mr Alavi to watch

by Khebedin on

Where is Mr Alavi to watch this video?


They all are in the same

by iamfine on

50 million Americans are making not more than $11,000/year. 1% rich folks in the US have the wealth as much as the remaining 99%.BTW - Evangelists in US are as corrupted as Mullahs in Iran. They all are in the same boat.



by caspiantiger on

All the BMW's shown in this clip are made by Bonyad Motor Works (BMW) which is an Iranian state-owned charity automotive manufacturer. All the proceeds from the sales of their vehicles go directly toward finding a cure for the following maladies found among overweight mullahs and their cronies:

  • Disappearing Penis Syndrome
  • Mullah Erectile Dysfunction
  • Porn Addiction
  • Sodomy-induced Constipation

The other luxury vehicles are exclusively driven by the scientists who are working hard to save the mullahs from these horrible diseases. So, it's all legit!!!


ha haa

by Fesenjoon2 on

ببین چقدر گند زدن اینها به مملکت که فاکس نیوز هم داره گزارشش را میده!




It is an embarrassment

by عموجان on

Taking Emam Zaman around town in a Pride (kia)

May be Luxury is the key for him to show up not, Wars?