Naimi Family: Prisoners of the day

Bahais arrested

HRANA: Twenty Nine days after the arrest of a Bahai family, including Adel Naimi (the family's father), Shamim Naimi (the son), and Elham Farahani (the family's mother), so far no information has been made available about their conditions. The prisoners have not yet been allowed to contact their families.

Another member of this family, Afif Naimi, was arrested in May 2008 along with five other Bahai leaders and is currently inside Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj. Like the other political prisoners and prisoners of conscience inside Hall 12 of Ward 4 of Rajaee Shahr Prison, Afif Naimi is deprived of the right to make telephone calls and visit with his family in person, and can only have limited access to fresh air.

It should be mentioned that over the recent days, many Bahai citizens have been illegally arrested or summoned to security organizations in the cities of Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz, Semnan, Karaj, Yazd, Kerman, Ghaemshahr, and Arak.


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No amendment can change FA.

by Ruhi on




by Manam_Babak on

It doesn't bother me what does to my comments, they don't count. We all know wher you stand, and with whom you stand. It is obvous it is not with the people of Iran, to me you are more dangrous to Iran , and Iranian than an Israielie. Islamist rapist rejime enjoys your support, and that is all we need to know.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I had nothing to do with the flagging of Manam_Babak's comment........I hope it'll stay..........

Arash Kamangir

First amendment

by Arash Kamangir on

I must let you know that I am very disgusted by your comment against bahais. Perhaps you can explain to everybody why this decent iranian family and many other bahais are harassed by your fanatic mullahs and where this hatred comes from?!! All these people are asking for is to be allowed to have their freedom to practice their religeon. Why is it that make shia mullahs so scared of bahais?


I picked up the link on I.Com

by Rea on

Don't understand the lyrics, but love the music. Profoundly sad and yet full of hope, the hope that good people will prevail one day.

Romantically speaking, Iranian Cathars.


So much for justice

by Rea on

.... and IRI respect of freedom of religion.


caspiantiger, don't sweat it on First Amendment's comment

by Reality-Bites on

He posts the exact same offensive garbage every time there is an article on Bahai prisoners in Iran.


Freedom, Freedom

by caspiantiger on

Baha'is seek freedom for all humankind.  Although their headquarters are located in Haifa, Israel, they do not seek to govern either wihin the Holy Land or elsewhere. They do not interfere in the politics of the state of Israel and neither condone nor condemn Zionism.


They're in our hearts and minds

by Milan on

They and countless other innocent Iranian prisoners are always in our hearts and minds--not withstanding FA's boring, repetetive reference to zionist, Haifa, etc.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

On the corrupt, thieving, murdering Islamist regime for Jailing, torturing and murdering our Bahaii compatriots for no other reason than their faith, which BTW, forbids them from participating in any political activities. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Regime change for Naimi's sake

by Fred on

Time is way past due for regime change. The longer the 34 years of Messianic Islamist Rapists’ rule continues, the more Iranian men, women and children added to the legions of victims of the Messianic Islamist Rapist.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must, as is logistical help to the Iranian people for the purpose of overthrowing the warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapists.

First Amendment

This Bahai family deserves nothing

by First Amendment on

........absolutely nothing shy of freedom and self-governance in their Holy Land, Haifa, which is currently occupied under the bloody boots of filthy Zionists..............Wake up the International House of Justice.......Wake up...