Iran: Peres vs. Netanyahu

Did Israeli president overstep by commenting on prime minister's war plans?

Jerusalem Post: It’s a sad state of affairs when it takes an 89-year-old to provide the clearest perspective on Israel’s present-day reality. Admittedly, President Shimon Peres is no ordinary almost-nonagenarian, but he is to be applauded for both his courage in publicly demolishing the prime minister and defense minister’s arguments in favor of an Israeli strike on Iran and for his cogent analysis of the limits of Israel’s strength >>>


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by MRX on

wait till October. If the community organizer see his pols dropping and loosing the election, he will give  a green light to some kind of a milterary  strike which most likely will be done by U.S not isreal (Well May be with some covert info from isreal). The rest is bunch of hyped out mumbo jumbo..


"Great!!" I can not write comments again. Does anybody know why?

by ahosseini on

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


Great, chapeau to Peres !

by Rea on

But when are we going to hear about the IRI president, ie. AN, standing up to, er, hm, is there prime minister in IRI ?

Or is it Khamenei that AN should stand up to ? 


Nothing to add to bavafa

by Rastgoo on

Well said. 


Courageous Man

by jirandoust on

I applaud Shimon Peres for his courage to stand up to hawkish Natanyahu and his gang and speak up against a war with disasterous consequences for both countries and the whole Middle East.

Cool heads like Mr. Peres' must prevail to avoid war.


Is it the wild wild West or the rule of jungle ….

by Bavafa on

A nation armed with most sophisticated/most deadly (WMD), a history of occupation of three other nations for nearly 50 years, in violation of many UN security resolutions, numerous massacres of civilians, collective punishment, indefinite imprisonment without trails, Ghettoization of whole population openly treat of military attack yet on another nation!!!  

Incidentally, wasn’t the Nazi regime lead by Hitler the last regime who practiced just about these acts?

  Shame on the world to stay silent for such warmongering.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory