IAEA: Iran's increases production of higher-enriched uranium

Report doesn't include Parchin military base

CNN: Iran has stepped up its production of high-grade enriched uranium and has re-landscaped one of its military bases in an apparent effort to hamper a United Nations inquiry into the country's nuclear program, a U.N. report said Thursday. Iran's facilities have produced 189.4 kilograms (417.6 pounds) of the enriched uranium, an increase of 43.8 kilograms (96.6 pounds) since the last U.N. analysis in May, the report said. That enriched uranium is produced at declared facilities in Iran that don't include the military base cited in Thursday's report >>>


Dr. Mohandes

Nuclear Technology

by Dr. Mohandes on

This game of tit for tat needs to stop.

These facilities and the prospect of reaching such advanced goal, of having a nuclear weapon, only lends further strenght and legitimacy to this government.

any outside power who is about to take care of these charlatans and wants to kick them out has ALL moral legitimacy in the world to enforce any provisions of any treaty!

Plain and simple, end of the argumet, And stop wasting your time. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Moment agha ... non of IRI sites were declared, but DISCOVERED

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Those sites were all clandestine instalations, in violation of the IRI signed treaties. Only after discovery (by satelites); IRI confessed and agreed to inspection.

Please do not ... I repeat ... do not white-wash IRI nuclear activites. Those are integral parts and parcel of the IRI rein of terror, and have no benefit to Iran and Iranians!


"That enriched uranium is produced at declared facilities"....

by Bavafa on

As the report clearly indicates, these facilities are under the watchful eye of UN inspectors and they can monitor the activities which conforms to the treaty.

Sadly, such thing cannot be said about the enrichment facilities in Israel, Pakistan or India who are known to have possessed the bomb and yet are enjoying the assistance and cooperation of the West.

Such mockery of the NTP treaty needs to be stopped and reveres if UN and the “sane world” are to have any moral authority in enforcing the provisions in the treaty.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


First Amendment

"Regime change for sake of peace"

by First Amendment on

Now we are going poetic here............asking for war on us for the sake of (presumed) peace for them..........

There's no evidence, not a single atom of it, to identify our nuclear program as militaristic.........it's all Zionistic(?) propaganda.............


Regime change for sake of peace

by Fred on

Weaponized nuke acquiring, warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapists are about to impose another war on all, regime change by Iranians with logistical help from the sane world is the last hope to avoid the dreaded war.