Bobak Ferdowsi: NASA Mars Flight Director

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission

The Guardian: Usain Bolt may have rocketed to victory in the Men's 100 final on Sunday, but thousands of miles away, another man was rising to prominence with great speed. The Mars Curiosity Landing, which made a safe touch down on the red planet at 06.14 BST today, wasn't just a further leap for mankind but the scene of one man's unexpected triumph over obscurity.

Bobak Ferdowsi, who is flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission, attracted a good deal of attention for his haircut, a shaven, stars and red dye combo which has earned him the moniker Mohawk Guy. According to AP, Ferdowsi cuts his hair differently for every mission, and the latest style seems to have turned him into something of a heart-throb. "Cute, stylish AND brilliant!" tweeted one woman, while a man blogging about the landing mission on tumblr wrote: "Bobak Ferdowsi is the new standard of attractiveness. Good looking and smart. Us male-folk are screwed."

The Mohawk, which us Brits tend to call a Mohican, needs a specific context to be rebellious. Once the signature look of punk culture, the very outrageousness of spiky hair made it instantly recognisable as the style of a bygone era. But there's something sweet about Ferdowsi's own version, with its playful dabs of colour and the "I love my job!" message sent out by the sprinkling of stars. Plus, it hardly seems like the kind of thing you often see at NASA >>>


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Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

From Mars to "Strongest Olympian" - London 2012: that Persian heritage doing its thing... Well done, all around.


Clear indication

by Cost-of-Progress on

that religion shits your brain. Just read (or not, actually) the incoherent  babling of this DEMO character.....any questions why Iran is the way it is?

But really? This is exactly the mentality that has ruined our ancestral land for 33 years (and many centuries before that) and counting.


Don't be surprised

by Fesenjoon2 on

Bache Shirazi

Kaku, what do you expect from the Demos of the world? Of course he will deny the Moon landing! This is the same Moon that their beloved prophet supposedly split in half to show his followers what a bad-ass prophet he is. And now Americans are walking all over it? Blasphemy! Of course it has to be a fraud!

Religion brainwashes these people so that they criticize science and progress, and instead do azaadaari half the year, separate the sexes in universities, and talk of planting bombs in their asses to wage Jihad on the Kuffar:




DM jaan, don't sweat it on Demo

by Reality-Bites on

I'm sure Demo is so principled and true to her/his convictions that she/he would never choose to live in a country like the US - that engages in such "misery" making, "hunger" inducing and "bullshit" endeavors like trying to expand the frontiers of science, increase the learning and knowledge of humankind and our place in the universe, by undertaking this useless, waste of money Mars mission - .......oh wait!

Dr. Mohandes

Demo Needs a Shot of Cervesa

by Dr. Mohandes on

Demo joonom

I am sorry, i did not realize the depth of your sensitivity on these issues my friend. But i am glad that i was able to manage to give you a nice and decent work-out because by god and by the looks of it , u could not be possibly doing anything else but Jumping up and down while writing your sermon.

Forgive me here, but i am so intrigued and actually puzzeled by the stance you are taking. You see, You sound like a confused dude when you at first stomp ur feet and stubbornly demand that we need to find the creating power and the source behind all that is there in the galaxies and how they have come about, but then again, you take that bottle of tequile , pour yourself another round and while holding your glass , like a detective, You ever so boldly denounce this whole mission which has incidetally been to explore the same exact thing?

I mean which one are we to believe? do you still get help tying your shoelaces every morning, or have you outgrown that phase in your life and are a big boy now? which one? which one?! 


Faramarz jan

There is a big debate about those questions in the martian on senate, but the house of self-declated god's main men on the earth, it is a done deal. he he... the lastest resoultion , Res 222, reads: let there be babes, and beers and b...s. I should mention that there is a special committee from iran, heading there right now to reconcile the matter once and for all...of course after a few tagari shots .


Iranian's contributions

by iamfine on

I am proud to see more and more Iranians are contributing to the field of science, in particular aerospace. I am anxious to see more Iranians, lik Baback, will be in the International news



by BacheShirazi on

Alan Watts? A great American thinker? The man was insane, probably from all the drugs he did.

Explain how  space exploration brings people misery.It brings you misery that we are expanding our knowledge? 

And you didn't answer my question. Do you also condemn Iran's space program? 


And it's great to see you doubt the moon landing.Good for you, Demo.


The Devil's Mission

by Demo on

Alan Watts, a great American thinker, had many times ridiculed the NASA's traveling plans to other planets missions in 60's & 70's. He was 100% right. Such stupid missions like travelling to the moon (if it really happened!) never did & will never bring us out of the dark ages as long as we do not understand what the human existence is all about & what type of creating power is behind the outer space existence. Once again & for the 'BacheShiraz' information below, such ultra costly missions are not going to bring human nothing & nothing but misery as he is digging deeper & deeper into his self destruction.



The difference between being in America/Israel versus in IRR!


An Iranian can become educated, successful, and prominent like this young gentleman, Bobak Ferdowsi. The same person in IRR would be chanting death to this and death to that on Fridays and spending the rest of his time and energy searching for one leg and one breast of morgh during the rest of the week. Now, that's called a big difference!

May lord Moses bless BF and the rest of the Mars mission staff.

Shlomo would love to travel to Mars.



by BacheShirazi on

One of the most ridiculous things I have ever ever read on the internet, congratulations. That's a big achievement considering some of the stuff I have read over the years. 

 Before you go frothing at the mouth like some rabid dog yelling about fasting and Jews, remember that innovations in all fields will have a dramatic effect on the lives of every single person on this earth. Research that you consider 'BS' can and will have a significant impact in improving the lives of future generations. If everyone thought like you do then we would still be living in the dark ages.

And I must say, I also completely support Iran's space program and think it is a huge step in the right direction. Do you? Or maybe that also has something to do with contempt for god.


Well done to Ferdowsi and all who made this success possible. 


what would they do to him in Iran?! lol...

by Fesenjoon2 on

I wonder what they would do to him if he were to walk in Iranian streets and university campuses.

Something like this maybe? Like burning his hair?:


Babak jan: serve America well. Iranians are scum of the earth in this day and age. They dont deserve your talents.  


Ramadan on Mars!

by Faramarz on



Since Mars has two moons, which crack of moon does signify the beginning of Ramadan?

Also, as a daily concern, does your "Ghebleh Namaa" work on the surface of Mars?

And, are female Martians "Mahram"?

First Amendment

Of religion, not only in space but on the edge of our planet

by First Amendment on




**Sorry stay cool and focused.......we'll explain it to you later :)


 Like his last

by Parsy on

 Like his last name...Reminds you of someone with a Mission & Ideology that did not want his Race to be Forgotten….


We Shall Never Forget….


The BS Mission & Fasting

by Demo on

While billions of the Earth's population are suffering from daily hunger & have no means of ending their daily fastings, the question (making mockery instead) of fasting only are major concerns of NASA with spending billions of $$$ for its BS missions, the Jewish Rabbi with his 'Fat-Was!,' & the Jacks in Boxes with their contempt of GOD!

Wish one day all these NASA's missionaris are taken to Mars & left there only for a few days without any food & water to learn what fasting & hunger really means.


First Amendment

Of religion in space...

by First Amendment on

Dr. Mohandes

Is Fasting allowed on Mars?

by Dr. Mohandes on

The big question they need to take a crack at is whether it would be feasible to fast on mars or not. Forget the rest!


Best wishes to the team...

by Bavafa on

Job well done and hope for great discoveries.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


First Amendment


by First Amendment on



by yolanda on