اعلام سرنگونی مصدق 28 مرداد 1332

۲.۵ دقیقه اول مقدمه مسعود بهنود. اعلام سرنگونی دولت مصدق از رادیو ایران در ساعت 2 بعداز ظهر 28مرداد1332 توسط اشرافی نماینده مجلس28 و سپس سخنرانی سرلشکر زاهدی

Announcement of Mossadegh's overthrow in 1953 on Radio Iran.



I agree with Omid Parsi

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its Apethink by ungrateful brats.



I agree with Omid Parsi

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its Apethink by ungrateful brats.



I am tired of offering my condolences

by anglophile on

to my Mossadegholahi friends. Come on boys, sixty years passed and you are stiill licking your wounds?


dear o dear ...:)) 

Darius Kadivar

Massoud Behnoud is No Gore Vidal nor Michel Polac ...

by Darius Kadivar on

He is just grandstanding and infatuated with his own "words" and pays more attention to "form" than "content" in an ever self indulgent narcissism and without ever genuinely seeking the truth of what he advocates nor trying to break the bounderies of political correctness. Grandstanding he is actually the Formatted product of the pseudo ANN TELECTUALS who brought about the calamity of the past 33 years only to run away when his own interests were at stake but has never accepted the slightest intellectual responsibility or accountability nor questioned his own past while keeping close ties with those in Power. In French we call these folks "Journaliste Connivent" ...


In Short he is No Gore Vidal or Michel Polac ... 


CLOSER TO GOD: Iconoclastic author of «Creation», Gore Vidal, dies age 86


DROIT DE REPONSE: In tribute to Journalist, Critic Michel Polac (1930- 2012) 

Omid Parsi

Iranian Apethink,

by Omid Parsi on

always looking to blame "others", never seems to ask how it was that a lone, rogue American secret agent, under the cover of a blanket and armed with a briefcase full of $$ greenbacks, managed to change the course of history of a great nation and the destiny of millions and millions of "simple", "helpless" and "innocent" Iranian people!!!

Anyone buying into the "Imperialist Coup d'Etat" anecdote, will have to accept but certain very unflattering, if not outright embarrassing, facts about the infinite incapacity and manipulability of Iranian people!!

If that kind of intervention really works, I'll soon get busy cutting checks left and right, for even bigger inflation-adjusted $$ amounts, to make the whole stupid world lap dance for me!

How I wish the USA would have put at least 2 boots on the ground on that fateful day so I could convince myself that the Evil America is to blame for all the misery in the world!

Likewise, Iranian apethink never seems to consider the possibility that in the absence of the 28 Mordad, Iran may still not have turned out to be the utopia of Mossadeq ushering us towards eternal greatness ...

But what else could have likely gone wrong?!

A soviet-backed putsch courtesy of our Tudeh Party comrades?! Was that even a remote possibility?! I mean did anything like a soviet coup happen anywhere else?!! I wonder what our lives would have been like in that case... Would Iran have become more like Tajikstan? Chechnia? Anyone been to any of these places?

Or let's consider the remote possibility of an Islamist takeover ... What would it have been like? Could we have ushered in an Islamic Republic in, say, 1954, 25 years earlier than 1979? And what would we be having dodged the horribly impoverished 1960's and 70's under Pahlavi?! Afghanistan? Sudan? Anyone been to any of these places?

Let's give that some apethought ...


Still sore!

by Arj on

Couldn't agree more, Babak K. Indeed, it was the kick start of IRI's inception! Perpetuation of a coup d'etat atmosphere and rise of the super thugs such as Shaban Bimokh, Ramezoon Yakhi, Mashallah Ghassab, and last but not least, the evolution of Teyyeb who bridged the pro-monarchy and Islamist thuggery. Quite a transition!

How pathetic... that's why Shahollahis are still sore about that loss. They were beaten in their own game by a bunch who were even more brutal savages than themselves!

28 Mordad 1332 was the day they opened the floodgate, and 22 Bahman 1357 was when they drowned in it!


P_ J Since Honesty is not something you care for

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF WORKING FOR THE BBC?  It could be very beneficial for you personally.  Of course the catch is Iran might not benefit as a result of your work for the bbc, the way everyone knows, Iran was thriving during the time of the late shah.  You know, when Iranians went from going around tehran on donkeys to having one of the best equipt armies in the world, the largest growth of middle class, supporting the 9th largest GDP in the world. With the BBC You can lie, misrepresent the truth and serve the powerful international elite and hope to create more like minded ignoramuses among iranians.  Sounds good for you. No?


Babak K. & choghok; Gentlemen...

by P_J on

What we see here, as well as other venues/outlets, is that the Shahollahis/Hezbollah crowd is clearly running out of GAS; not that they ever had any credibility!

One can't be quite sure whether or not; they see the light or the futility of their feeble efforts/attempts on rewriting history; killing the messenger, ignoring the message.

Trouble is that subject changing, better known as diversion, in order to fool the reader/listener would no longer work.

This classic bait and switch style of debate using circular logic is obsoletely OLD.   And no one buys this foolishness crap any longer!

This bunch with an eye popping accumulated grass root support of less than 1% lives of Pahlavi’s massive embezzled loot and do or say anything to please their imbecilic master/boss and do not care of the consequences of their action, while sticking their head(s) in the sand; shamelessly fooling themselves. 

Darius Kadivar

BBC PErsian is a Jomhurykhah Propaganda Machine Period !

by Darius Kadivar on

But they Can Keep on Dreaming !


SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0) 


We have Ours too:


0:30 هرگز نخواب کوروش - ۲۴آذر





From Tehran To Cairo




Hee Hee  

Babak K.

Thank you Mr. Benoud for 

by Babak K. on

Thank you Mr. Benoud for  the clip.  I wish to hear the entire tape.  What a sad day it was!!  I call that day the day the Islamic Regime was founded. 


Everyone Knows BBC Persian does not serve Honest reporting

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

but the interests of those who supported khomeini and profitted at the expense of the Iranian People.  An Honest debate on BBC Persian is like fair treatment in Auschwitz, just not happening.  The difference being that Auschwitz harmed far less people than the bbc's actions through misinforming the public. 

Darius Kadivar

The Fact of the Matter is BBC Persian is AFRAID of Debate

by Darius Kadivar on

Rastee Een Pedar Sookhteh Ha Chera Raftan Engelees Kar Konand va Zendegy Konand ?


DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist'


Bad meeghan Shah Nokareh Engeleese Boodeh ?


The Hypocrites are too afraid to invite educated and equally well informed Iranians who just happen to be Royalists and are perfectly cabable of contardicting their assessments with FACTS not just Emotiional or romantic outbursts :


Khosro Fravahar: Who Betrayed the Constitution in 1953 The Shah or Mossadegh?


Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


Instead the folks at BBC go and choose any dumb and uneducated deemed representative of the Monarchists on their Show Parkar who can't come up with an unemotiional argument and then they tell the audience : "You see we told you ..." 


Why does BBC Persian Refuse to invite folks like Khosro Fravahar or Miferestos or other people who can talk ?

If Not Because they are afraid and are Lackies of the British Government who pays them ! 


Unlike You folks we are Not afraid of the Truth and have no taboos on ANY Subject if the debate is conducted fairly and unbiasedly by BBC or VOA's debate Panalists.

But are they ?

Clearly Not otherwise they would have invited us long time ago instead of dishonestly dismissing us as ignorant 'fascists' ... 




Darius Kadivar

choghok Boro Baba To ham deegeh !

by Darius Kadivar on

Bird of 'Virtue' ...


Bye Bye Birdie HONESTLY SINCERE 1963


Tweet tweet !


Ann-Margret BYE BYE BIRDIE title song



DK showing classical logic again

by choghok on

if you can not beat one with logic use defaming, even if it does not make logic some people might make some logic out of it. Connecting Behnoud with BBC with Mullahs might make logic for some maybe if they do not think that this guy has been in prison of IRI. You are some how trying use the Dayi jan napoleon sentiments against a reporter who is not a royalist.

Ahh I can guess as an answer you will send 100 irrelevant movie clips and links, so dont bother to answer I will not watch any of them.

Darius Kadivar

Oh Make sure BBC mentions Your Harmonica Copyright infringement

by Darius Kadivar on

Fareed Zakaria got suspended for much less ...


Once Upon a Time in the West (7/8) Movie CLIP - Harmonica's ...

Darius Kadivar

Masoud Behnood Narrating for Ayatollah BBC a Coincidence ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on