Zahra Safari: Recites Shahnameh

Bakhtiari girl


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Fanoos jaan, that is (was) the problem

by Mehrban on

Khomeini or Democracy, nobody (almost) could tell the difference.  

Anahid Hojjati

she is not reciting Shahnameh in this clip

by Anahid Hojjati on

but as she talks, she notes that she is khordsaltareen Shahnameh khaan. If you listen to what she recites, it is obvious that it is not shahnameh. For instance, she refers to what Khozestan did for Iran which I believe is a reference to Iran Iraq war. However, this seems to be what she recited after winning a competition for Shahnameh Khaani.

Mohammad Ala

VPK and others . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

VPK jan and others, I have been meaning to start an effort in this regard... give me a few days.  I will post a blog soon.  We need to support people who preserve Iran's heritage.


The next question is ....

by Mehrban on

Why is she being taught verses that are not from the Shahnameh to pass off as Shahnameh? 




Just for the record: I AM a "cheap talker"...

by Reality-Bites on that those who are quick to turn any discussion into a character judging exercise, are aware.


Ferdosi or Hossein Kord Shabestari!

by fanoos on

I can't tell the difference! Is LENZIRAN an IRR propaganda outfit? Although the little girl is so adorable and a precious little angel!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Very nice but

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mehrban got a point because I don't recognize the words as Shahnameh. Nevertheless I give her a high mark and praise for having her heart in the right place. 

Anyway it is great to see kids interested in Shahnameh. Much of the credit will go to her parents. Good for them; good for Iran and for the children.

I agree that we should put our money in scholarships. Is there a place to go to make anonymous donations.


Sorry but.....

by Mehrban on

Is she really reciting Shahnameh?

Mohammad Ala

Talk, Talk, Cheap, Cheap . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

As the saying goes… talk is cheap.  If you really want to preserve Iran’s Heritage, you must put money where your mouth is.  How about establishing a scholarship in the name of Ferdosi to give to children (both Iranians and non-Iranians) who recite Shahnameh?  Can you spare $1,000 each for this purpose?  Based on my working among Iranians for over 40 years, I doubt many would contribute financially . . . so the talk is cheap.


Love her accent

by Reality-Bites on

And her smarts.


We are all iranians

by Sialashgar on

Fars Turk Kurd Lor Arab.......The word is Iranian not Persian Iranian.

Arab Baloch Lor Ghashghaee Turk Fars Lak Gilak ....


Anahid Hojjati

Great job, I love the "bo ad"

by Anahid Hojjati on

I love how rather than saying "bovad", she says "boad". I just know enough Lori to know where that comes from :).


Beautiful & Amazing

by karoon1 on

I am proud. There is hope to save this country

Sophie Kia چونکه ما تاریخمان بر باد رفت ،هستی و فرهنگمان بر خاک رفت، کاوه وآرش همانجا خاک شد، پهلوان کشورم عباس شد، جای کوروش را علی آمد گرفت ، کل آن آتشکده آتش گرفت رستم و سهرابها گم می کنیم ،تازی ناموس خود بت می کنیم ، نقش رستم ، تخت جمشید خاک شد.کربلا و کاظمین آباد شد ، رسم زرتشت را اگر دانی که چیست، عید ما جشن غدیر و فطر نیست ، ای عزیزان جملگی همت کنیم ، سنت اعراب خاکستر کنیم


Defending our Culture

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Our best use of our energies is to elevate Iranians collective
conscience so when the Regime is brought down we can face our future
difficulties with grace and Stand for Iranian Patriots and be aware of what it is to be used as a tool to betray patriots.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بسیار زیبا ...به خودم میبالم که فرزندِ این آب و خاک.. ایرانی هستم.

کاش دوستان،اعضای گرامی‌ و محترم به احترام ایران،این دختر خانم و فردوسی.. به پارسی پیامِ خودشان را درینجا می‌‌نگاشتند.

با سپاس .


Isn't this more beautiful

by Simorgh5555 on

....than that kid who was trained to recite the Koran like a parrot? 

Pedar va Madare in bache dokhtar  ra esteghbal mikonam ta pedar madare un pesare ke maghze bachashun ra alude mikonan ba hefz kardane ghoran. 




by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Great Meaning & Importance and well delivered.

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Proud of her.


Proud of her

by عموجان on

Let a Bakhtiari show you what Iranian means.She makes me feel good and hopeful for Iran’s new generation