Shah's UK Visit: 1948

Visits industrial and military centers


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Are you undermining our glorious (!!) revolution Arj?

by anglophile on

Are you suggesting ALL that revolutionary vigour and spirit were fake? Are you suggesting that it was all made up by the West? Are you suggesting that the BBC had a hand in the that genuine (!!) revolution? Are you suggesting that the great organisation and coordination of our people were all engineered by the Britis and the Yanks? You mean that revolution was stirred up by the west and the good and great people of Iran had no genuine part in it?


oooh I am so disppointed in your analysis - has an eerie resemblance to 1953 - LOL. 


West only disposes of the ones that serve the interests of

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

their people and are patriotic.  Saudi's are safe, Turkey not so.  The big difference between Ghadhaffi/Saddam and the late shah, is that the late shah worked within the law and upheld the law of his people and would do anythng he could to lawfully to prevent crimes on his people by anyone.  He represented the Prnciples that Freedom, Progress & Human Rights rest upon. The USA/UK/France/Israel don't seem to care much for the law and use force to break it all the time.  What we have with the west is, its easier for them to betray pacts and brake laws than it is to drink water, so they have certified themselves as highly untrustworthy.

The USA is openly trying to negotiate for IRI to live by one set of rules and for Israel to live by another set of rules.  The Real Tyrants and Dictators of the world (in addition to the IRI) are the West, because they use absolute power to break the law in their own favor. 

The late shah never broke the law using absolute power, He was however disingenuously labelled a dictator with tons of slander and plenty of people to follow the band wagon of ignorance, drummed up again and again, by the mass controlled media and again and again as if repeating dictator like a parrot, in the late shahs case would make it the truth. 


King makers and their pawns

by Arj on

Yet, they disposed of him like a used hand rag, as they did Mubarak, Ben Ali, Qaddafi, Saddam... and some day, the Saudi king! That's their hustle. When they need them, they treat them as if they are semebody, but not once their expiry date comes up. They even used to set up tent cities for Qaddafi, his concubines and camels! 


Simorgh5555 I wrote an article that went viral on facebook

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I keep getting all these messages from facebook users I don't know, they must be friends of people that liked the link.


It's, aim is to explain why  "we need to
raise our collective conscience."  Its not black and white thinking, but
requires wisdom. Especially for some that still believe the late shah was a dictator, they need to read the article because that is at the heart of why
"we" are viewed as Khars/unwise.

On your comment, i see your point.  However the King is showing sensitivity to reality, which is that peoples perceptions are being created by the mass controlled media and not all of the truth which the controlled propaganda is trying to conceal

Not even sure you know what the above bold really ultimately implies about our reality.  Under these circumstances he is correct to make it 100% clear he will never be King of iran, unless the majority wish it, especially after what the majority of the last generation did in 1979 for the current generation.  The sooner collective conscience is raised, something we need to be doing right now because we can do it, the sooner people realize how, on which issues and why they are being manipulated and what the power elite in the wests aims are for Iranians, the sooner we can leave this manipulation in the past and move forward, stronger than ever... or alternatively devolve more and so be backwards that iran is effectively destroyed.  If our collective conscience is not improved, then when the IRI collapses, we will not be in a better position as a society and our situation will ultimately get much worse with out a good collective conscience, that's guaranteed.  


Anglophile Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Just look at Prince Reza's Twitter Account:

 'Sign up for Twitter to follow Reza Pahlavi (@PahlaviReza). Reza Pahlavi - Advocate of secularism and parliamentary democracy in Iran.

Is that it? Our King, Reza Pahlavi, who in 1980 took an oath as successor to his father as Shah of Iran and defender of the monarchy iis now Reza Pahlavi the advocate for secularism and parliamentary democracy.

The trouble is, we have so many advocates of secularism and parliamentary democracy. He has relegated himself to the status of another Iranian politician.

It is so blatantly obvious that he is embarassed about being Shahzadeh. Its almost like a dirty word. By removing his official title as Imperial Highness and Shah of Iran he is apologising for being a monarch.

The Jeppe Meli and Mosadegholahis do not apologise for being supporters of Mossadegh and teaming up with the Hezbollahis in 1979

The MEK does not apologise for their gross act of betrayal in 1979 or supporting Saddam Hussein during the 1980's.

The Tudeh/Communists/Workers Communist Party of Iran do not apologise for their support of the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union, espeically when they supported the Russian occupation of Gilan and Azarbaijan.

People like Pendare Nik do not apologise or have any regrets about their role in the revolutuion and living in exile. They even boast about their revolution.

It is only Monarchists , who have to be embarassed about their legacy and continue to apologise for spurious lies and accusations by the misguided Left. 

Reza Pahlavi (I'm sorry that's the title he officially calls himself) has forgotten the oath in 1980 and while all Iranians need to put up a united front against the Islamic Republic, he needs to be honest about whether he intends to represent a monarchy or not in a future referendum about how Iran should be governed. 

I hope he knows what he is doing. The alliances he has made with the so called Greens and Reformist will not last forever. Unfortunately, he will come to regret the shallow mistake he is making when the so-called Greens turn their back on him and abandon him. Just look at the way they treat supporters of Shahanshah who hold a shir o khorshid during demonstrations. They swear at him and his father. 


Simorgh jan

by anglophile on

Sadly you maybe right about the heir - not because Prince Reza is not a qualified heir to the Pahlavi throwne but because he is not decisive about his position and also some of his associates are up to no good, 


The greatest dynasty that ruled Iran since Nader.Shah

by Simorgh5555 on

Unfortunately, the Pahlavi Regime has ended. We are without an heir. There is currently no heir to the throne.

Oon Yaroo

God Bless The Shah!

by Oon Yaroo on

If it weren't for him we would all be tombanless!


بابا این فیلمو که ده بار تا حالا نشون دادید



یه خورده دیدار مصدق از آمریکا را نشون بدید (چشمک چشمک)


در ضمن پندار جان انگلیسا روابط عمومی‌ شون بی‌ نظیره.

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

The Brits have always been famous for their impeccable customer service....