The Secret Fatwa

Delnaz Abadi's documentary on 1988 massacre of political prisoners

Delnaz Abadi: In late July 1988, the Islamic Republic of Iran suddenly locked down its prisons, where thousands of political prisoners were serving their sentences, some as long as seven years. Five months later, the prison authorities summoned the prisoner families and gave each one a bag: "Your prisoner was executed." -- no explanation, no last will, no body, no burial location. To this day, no Islamic Republic official has assumed responsibility or explained why. To this day, talking about it is a taboo in Iran. With the help of brave survivors and family members who have come forward to tell their stories, The Secret Fatwa reveals the truth about this crime against humanity, unique in the known history of state crimes.


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You can't have both ways old boy :))

by anglophile on

Arj, You are right I am very slow but I sure nail the pin where it hurts my dear fellow. You can't be an advocate of human rights and fair trial on one hand and labelling alleged suspects with such titles as criminals and murderers on the other. Capiche? Oh, of course there is a caveat here: followers of Mossadeghist system of justice, of which you are one old boy, are exempt from the above rule.  LOL


Re criminality

by Arj on

Anglo, I don't know if you are pretending to be that slow, or you actually are?! For I call Nasiri a criminal, just as I call Saeed Mortazavi a criminal! Neither of these individuals had, or has had their day in a fair court! But that does not keep me from expressing my opinion about  them, for I am not holding any judicial position here. Do you understand? If not, let me elaborate; it means if I were a court official in charge of the trial of these individuals, or a member of the jury, my calling them a criminal would have disqualified me for the job. Whereas, as a layman, I have the right to express my opinion!

And regarding Razmara and Mosadegh; give it a rest, it's rdundant. not to mention irrelevant!


Back tracking so soon Arj?

by anglophile on

To start with it is odd for an apprent supporters of human rights that you claim to be to lable Nasiri as 'criminal! Obvisouly in your 'personal' court of human rights Nasiri has been convicted and the death sentence  has been passed :)) so much for your impartial support for human rights. You see in more ways than one Mossdeghollahis resemble their late Imam.  Long before Rzam Ara was murdered by Mossadegh's then  bedfellows, Fadaeeyan Islam, Mossadegh had passed Razmara's death sentence from the speech box in Majles.  Funny isn't it?   And your selective statistics need a little updating too. In the first year of Islamic republic's joint rule with Mossadeghists in key positions, Amnesty International reported over six hundred executions, including over hundreds of officals from the Shahs' era, the rest being the rebel Kurdish and other tribal and ethno religious groups.   Finally, the criminal records of Mossadeghists covers from early 1950's and extends well into the rest of the IRI's tenure. One can convincingly argue that every victim of the IRI has a share of Mossadeghollai's criminal partneship with the  IRI in it. How about that for a partnership old chap? 


Re breach of HR

by Arj on

Anglo, when I said violation of HRs of all should be condemned unequivocally, that includes those of the Pahlavi regime's officials -- including criminals such as Nasiri, who was the head of Shah's SAVAK! I don't know about "hundreds," but those Pahlavi regime's figures who were tried and a executed in an illegal manner, should've been given a fair trial in an open court for the whole nation to see and learn! That would've started the whole process of healing!

However, history did not end at 1979, and did not start then! When we say violations of HR must be condemned, regardless of time or regime change, that includes those as far back as 1979 and beyond! But unfortunately, for the supporters of IRI, history ends at 1979 and it does not include the crimes committed afterwards by the Islamic regime, and for supporters of the Pahlavi regimes, it's as if it started at 1979, and the crimes committed during the previous regime does not exist!

G. Rahmanian

شكسته نفسي نفرماييد قربان

G. Rahmanian

Dear Anglophile: I came to this site thinking I could not learn much. And you proved me wrong.

I always prided myself on my humility. There too you showed me new domains.

Thank you.



زنده باشی‌ پهلوون


Rahmanian jaan,     First of all you are an inspiration to me and as the saying goes I am just a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants.  Secondly, you are absolutely right. Tudeh party and its staunch followers did no less damage to Iran than their so called nationalist brother Jebhe Melli and its zealot cohorts.The only thing is that the Tudehis are a different kettle of fish altogther. Unlike their collaborators in JM they did have an intellectual basis which was the norm in those days and a source of attraction to their party. Many of them woke uo from their rabbit-like sleep and served the nation until the Islamic regime killed them (e.g. Nik-khah, Jafarian, Abbasi and Baheri, etc). But the irony is that both Tudeh party as well as Jebhe Melli were founded and initiated by the historical enemies of the Pahlavis meaning the qajars. There lies the common denominator between these two enemies of Iran and Iranians. Thank you for your reminder. 

G. Rahmanian

Dear Anglophile:

by G. Rahmanian on

I love the way you argue your points. I thought I was the best until you came around. Beh gholeh zoorkhoonei ha: Ma long endakhtim!

However, Your Excellecy Anglophile, I beg of you to never forget the Tudeh Party traitors in your references to traitors in general.

I remember one sentence from one of the books written by the Shah, Mohammd Reza Pahlavi that we read in school. It was something like this: There are those entities who say let the country go down and we will go down with it.

Those who followed Khomeini couldn't care less about the future of our beloved country. For them deposing the Shah seemed to be their only objective. What would come next was of no concern to them.


Ironically I agree with you Arj jan!

by anglophile on

 "Human right are human rights, period! Change of regime does not justify violation of HR!" - Arj Islamic regime's violation of human rights began on the night of 11th February 1979, even before the Islamic republic was publicly and officially legitemised by Jebhe Melli and Mosaddegh followers on 1st April 1979.  These violations which included, but were not limited to, the summary execution of the Shah's top generals on the roof of Alavi school in Tehran and were shortly followed by the summary trials and immediate executions of hundreds of the Pahlavi officials by the orders of Kangaroo courts headed by the likes of Khalkhali and assisted by Mazahabi-Mossadeghists like Ibrahim Yazdi. NONE of these violations were challenged or opposed by the Jebhe Melli followers and Mossadegh worshippers under the pretext that violating the human rights of the alleged former violaters of human rights were JUSTIFIED! Your fellow Mossadeghollahis argued that the a regime change justifies the killing of the formers regime's official as the revolution needed blood!! Not only that, Jebhe Melli and Mossadegh followers like Sanjabi, Shayegan, Foruhar, Haj-Seyd-Javadi, Ardalan, Amini (Nosratollah) and not to forget Bazargan went ahead and cheerlead the nation to vote for the murderous Islamist republic. Jebhe Melli and Mossadeghollahis should hang their heads in shame as the partners in crime with the Islamic regime - that is, if they have any idea what shame is :)) 


Re historical context of violation of HR

by Arj on

Human right are human rights, period! Change of regime does not justify violation of HR! We're not talking about antient history here, but rather violation of HR under IRI that goes bask 33 years, as opposed to the same violations back in 34 years ago and prior to that under the Pahlavi regime!

Condemnation of IRI for such atrocities does not give a free pass to the Pahlavi regime for the same crimes, for it does not mean that in pre-1979 there were no Evin, Ghezel Hesar (and potentially Gohardasht) prisons full of political prisoners!


Good post

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Islamic regime spared the Pahlavis' number
1 enemy meaning Jebhe Melli. and Mossadeghollahis. The reason?  They
were each other's partners in crime as long ago as from the late 1940's.
Not to mention the JM's pivotal role in paving the way for Khomeini to
deceive the nation and gain "legitimacy". from Anglophile

Yes JM actively paved the way for extremism to gain root in Iran, that we all know from their actions not their words.  Lies about the previous regime will be exposed eventually to the satisfaction of most.  All this will have to come to court and peoples stories must be proven or else the other side now supported by most iranians if they could freely choose, will have cause for grievance and defamation.


Raoul1955 I remember around that time when word got

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

out about it, many people just disappeared from their families which were told they were gone, breaks my heart when I think of what the USA intentionally supported and what her goals for Iran are.  Today you might find an organization like amnesty has a list compiled for who the alleged prisoners were and from that you can find their families.  SUCH A SICK MANIPULATION BY THE USA ON IRANIANS.  So shocking that the opposition to the Shah don't take responsibility for bringing IRI to power and being used by the USA in its manipulation of iranians in support of the USA goal for Iran . 


دین ناب محمدی


I laugh at the chumps claiming isalm is religion of peace, it's by far the most blood thirsty violent faith in the world, anyone who dares to thinks different gets killed, as did these poor souls.

G. Rahmanian

IR propagandists and apologists

by G. Rahmanian on

In order to divert attention from the crimes committed by IR and all the problems Iranians have to deal with, IR propagandists and apologists bring in the Pahlavis and events of the past ninety years, pretending to have forgotten that Pahlavi dynasty was deposed some thirty-three years ago.

I am amazed at the impertinent amount of interest displayed in the historical events of pre-'79 and the little or no concern for the crimes perpetrated by the current regime and the issues at hand.


"one of the worst single human rights atrocities since WW2"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

UN Judge and leading human rights lawyer, Geoffrey Robertson QC has urged the UN Security Council to set up a special court, along the lines of the International Tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to try the men involved “for one of the worst single human rights atrocities since the Second World War.”


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Does anyone

by Raoul1955 on

Know if there are actual documents in existence supporting the alleged executions?


Arj, you're too late

by hmj2101 on



This is the time to remember the victims of this horrific crime, not to be a smart guy. One has nothing to do with the other. No body talk about Versailles Treaty on the anniversary of Holocaust. 

Please rethink your cheap ways. 

The problem is you didn't say this in 1978-79 when you were too busy cheering your "Imam Khomeini" and his killings of "Taghutis" and "Pahlavi apologists." People like you have blood on their hands for supporting Khomeini. 


H. Michael Jalili is a writer based in the Gulf.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

by Anonymous Observer on

about time for these monsters to be exposed on a mass scale.  

BTW- the ridiculous and disingenuous comparison of the IR with the Pahlavi regime is akin to comparing someone who is convicted of disturbing the peace with Jeffrey Dahmer.   


Wrong again Arj!

by anglophile on

  "The Islamic regime, having used the facilities and mthodology it inherited from its equally criminal precursor pahlavi regime, and ironically killing and torturing the same political groups that Pahlavis deemed as enemies, " - Arj      The Islamic regime spared the Pahlavis' number 1 enemy meaning Jebhe Melli. and Mossadeghollahis. The reason?  They were each other's partners in crime as long ago as from the late 1940's. Not to mention the JM's pivotal role in paving the way for Khomeini to deceive the nation and gain "legitimacy".


Dark spot!

by Arj on

This is one of the darkest periods of state-sanctioned violence in our history! The Islamic regime, having used the facilities and mthodology it inherited from its equally criminal precursor pahlavi regime, and ironically killing and torturing the same political groups that Pahlavis deemed as enemies, managed to eclipse its predecessors in savagery and brutality!

Let's hope this teaches our nation a lesson to come to terms with unequivocal condemnation of the use of violence, torture and murder under any disguise and/or justification! Let their voices drown out the petty apologists and justifiers of state-snactioned violence against political oppopsition, whether under the criminal Islamic regime, or its predecessors and partners in crime, the Pahlavis!


FATWA, only effective invention of Islam

by عموجان on

And how so many Muslim welling to be part of it, that’s their key to haven, sick religion.


With the hopes of one day soon and with the will of Iranians....

by Bavafa on

Accountability can take roots in Iran and to bring those responsible for not only the past crimes but the present crimes to justice.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory