Martyrs will "destroy arrogant powers and decadent filmmakers"

So says Alireza Panahian



Shahid means Retard

by عموجان on

First kill yourself then they tell you why you were kill.



عجب کارهایی می کنند شهدا


حیف شد که قبل از مرگشان نمی توانستند از این کارها بکنند.


  If the Iranian regime

by vildemose on


If the Iranian regime was wise, it would take the hint & tone down its rhetoric –now that Disdin and Dagan have embarrassed Yaboo's government.


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Akhoond Loser

by jmyt17 on

سلطه گري را گفتند: چه خوري؟
!گفت: گوشت ملت
گفتند: چه نوشي؟
گفت: خون ملت!
گفتند: چه پوشي؟
گفت: پوست ملت!
گفتند: اينها را از چه راهي به دست مي آوري؟
گفت: از جهل ملت
گفتند: از جهل چگونه نگهداري و مراقبت مي كني؟
گفت: در جعبه طلائي تقدس!
گفتند: و چيست محافظ آن جعبه ؟!
گفت: خرافات

Dene ke az hagheghat soohbat nemikond


Just another sore loser

by asadabad on

a typical shiite with an inferiority complex.  It should be called sour grapes syndrome...


Technically Speaking

by Faramarz on

The martyrs are already dead and can't destroy anything.

Somebody should edit his teleprompter!


he means real martyrs. not the "cyber martyrs"

by mousa67 on

like the ones we have on this site who are cute and  cuddly and make us go LOL.