Mani: Boy recites Koran in three languages

Five-year-old memorized Koran in Arabic, English and Persian


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Arash Kamangir

Koran is only suitable to burn or for loo paper

by Arash Kamangir on

Noone should waste time with koran. It is only suitable to burn for charshanbehsoori or to recycle for Loo paper.



by afshin on



Child abuse!   shouldnt he

by alx1711 on

Child abuse!   shouldnt he be at school learning Biology, Chemistry and Mathmatics. What good is learning a book dated back to STONE AGE.


Diabolical Pitch!

by Demo on

"your mr mo just stole our book . supercharged it and called it quran. however  in my recollection there had been no cases of state sanctioned stoning in israel."

Is that also a quote from the beloved uncle 'Shamu?' Is the Torah yours 'exclusively' or is it the book of GOD? And if there was not a 'Supercharged Book' handy to warn the state of Israel about its ever going sanctioned crimes against other nations how else one could believe in a watchful creator who has created the whole universe in 'just' & in 'balance?' But who is there to recognize or to 'Value ('Arj')' such power? And lastly why does such a power need to care about what a mortal 'Divaneh' think of him or any of his messangers? 



Mr. Mousa67

by erooni on

Israel was not fighting hundred of million of Muslims and the war was army against army with Israel using superior American  and Western technology weapons while Arab countries were using outdated Russian technology weapons and beleive it or not like in Iran, the religious leaders  in Israel love to  see religious laws implemented  like seperating men and women in buses or forceing  students from going to schools on Sabbat by spitting on them and throwing feces at them.


Re the guilt trip!

by Arj on

mousa67, spare me the  guilt trip, please, for it's jaded already! What do you mean by "always thinking of and mentioning jews?" When did I ever mention Jews? Give me an example please! But if you mean the mention of Judaism (as a religion) below, or Israel (as a state) only with regards to its stance towards my country, yes I have!

Religion, IMO, is B.S., period! There's nothing more absurd than holding one religion above another in terms of "morality," for, it's utterly nonsensical. What you're doing here looks like a Jewish version of a 700 Club episode! Both Mohammed and Moses based their religions on a combination of lies (e.g. parting the sea or conjuring up spiders who block enemies by weaving super webs...) and stone age, draconian codes of conduct. 

In all fairness however, in a socio-political context, you have a point there that in most part (internal politics that is) Israel has managed to separate state and religion !

G. Rahmanian

My dear SK:

by G. Rahmanian on

Yours is similar to an argument about the usage of Swastika by the Hitlerites of the

National Socialist German Workers' Party
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

The Nazi's "broken cross" resembles a Buddhist symbol. Should the Buddhists give up the symbol because of the similarity between theirs and the emblem used by the Hitlerites?

Also, shouldn't socialists be ashamed of themselves for allowing the likes of Hitler to join their ranks? Let alone, Stalin, Mao, etc.

P. S. 

I have known this American Jewish friend for three and a half decades and I haven't, even once, heard him either say the word "Israel" or discuss the politics of the Middle East. He is a literary person and writes poetry. For us, whenever we get a chance, there are so many things to talk or write about aside from such issues. 

I have met other Jews over the past three decades and I don't recall any of them discuss Israel or the Middle East. I have never asked them why they don't talk about such "important" issues! My guess is, they have given up on trying to "solve" the world's problems while meeting an Iranian for several minutes, hours or days.


Dear Soosan Khanoom

by divaneh on

Yes, I do agree. Democracy, Communism, Fascism or anything else can be used in the same way as religion. The only problem is that religion combines the violence with sanctity and makes it more difficult to confront its ugliness. Every time that you try to challenge it, it shows you its angelic face. Every time that you drop your guard it changes back to a devil.

Good night.

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Divaneh

by Soosan Khanoom on

One follows her or his own heart.  I know personally I cannot even kill a bug yet alone another human being.   But I see your points and agree that brainwashing forces some to choose violence.   But again they are brainwashed by others who claim they know the religion.  No one by reading Quran gets to become violent. Actually those who do not read are the one who are going to be brainwashed by the hypocrites. 

In general, still, I agree cause many killings throughout the history have been justified.

By the way, there is another religion that lately has been doing a great job in killing and justifying. And that is the religion of Democracy.   Can't you see sometimes the principles are good but then there are hypocrites who abuse those principles. They are too very good at brainwashing the public opinion. 


mr arj: thank you for always thinking of and mentioning jews.

by mousa67 on

but i agree with you on this. your mr mo just stole our book . supercharged it and called it quran. however  in my recollection there had been no cases of state sanctioned stoning in israel.


Common roots of Islam and Judaism

by Arj on

Some of the most reactionary, violent and misogynous traditions of Islam stem from Judaism. Want a good example? Stoning!

Soosan Khanoom

Dear GR

by Soosan Khanoom on

Zionism is not Judaism... please have some Jewish friend of yours explain that to you. I mean those who are honest. Otherwise it is going to be the same as asking an IRI supports to explain Islam.

I agree with you about Islamic Republic of Iran and the fact that the Islamic word has ruined it for everyone. That is the main reason that I am against them cause they have rubbed many from the truth.  I have been in Iran and I have seen kids who are born after revolution and hate Islam.  They get the idea from IRI ...

I am fighting with IRI because they are wrongfully using my religion. They are hypocrites and hell is where they are going to reside. They are worse than Shah cause he never tortured people in Evin using the name of God.  If there is a God out there for sure he won't let these hypocrites get away with justifying their killings in his name. And that is true for Zionists.... Thou shalt not kill seems too far to reach by these Fanatics.    

The word " Islamists"  is a new term being used mostly after 9/11 by the western media and I cannot comprehend the educated ones among us who are using the same word over and over. When you say the IRI supporters you are actually pointing to the specific group of people. Somehow the word Islamist has a general meanings and it applies to all muslims in general.  

There is also a huge difference between saying Zionists than to say Jewish people.  Zionists are specific group of people. When someone mentions them he or she is not talking about the Jewish people in general.  


Dear Soosan Khanoom

by divaneh on

I am completely with you on the separation of church and state. I also agree that religion is abused by people who used it as a tool to gain wealth, influence and power. I however have to make a small distinction between the believer and non-believer. The problem is that once you are thought to accept all sorts of metaphysical occurrences without even questioning them because God have said so, you have been primed to accept many other things that God has ordered, such as killing of those who change their mind about such beliefs or refuse to accept existence of the god.


back in 1967 i asked my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) this:

by mousa67 on

why is it that just a few millions of us can kick the butts of hundreds of millions of islamists in just six days so decisively?

His answer:

" because we teach our kids to to think for themselves and develop the general theory of relativity as adults. islamists teach their kids to memorize these satanic verses in a language most of them have not a clue about and go LOL as adults" 

Soosan Khanoom

Divaneh jan listen

by Soosan Khanoom on

First of all I am a muslim and I read Quran ... ok ...  But It never even slightly encourages me to kill.   Killing is forbidden.  Those who imprison and kill they read their own egos and they follow their own egos. 

This religion can be abused like any other religion. There is no difference. That is why there should be a separation between church and state regarding all the religions.

Now in regards with the story that it is written in Quran. One may believe in it or not. It's entirely another thing to discuss. We should not expect everyone to believe in things that we believe cause that is impossible. Besides being a believer does not help with anything as long as our actions are not honest.  WHat I am trying to say is this; as long as you have an honest heart you should be fine regardless of your religion and even if you choose to be atheist.  Why? Because it is what you do that counts not what you say or memorize or read.  SO if there is a heaven it is going to be filled with those of us who have nothing but hoenstheart.    

: ) 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Do you know what self-respect means?

Anyhow, "Eslami" can be translated into both "Islamic" or "Islamist."

If you have any problem with the term "Islamist," you need to contact your friends in the Islamist Republic and tell them to drop the adjective "Eslami. Otherwise, live with it!

P. S.
Since you mentioned the Jews, can you tell me how many times you yourself have used the term, "Zionists" or " Zionism?"


The difference between Quran and Tennis

by divaneh on

Tennis does not ask you to kill your opponent. 

That is not a valid comparison Soosan Khanoom. You cannot compare a physical activity with a doctrine faith. Tennis does not brainwash you. If you do not like Tennis, you just don't play it and forget about it. With a doctrine faith you get brainwashed especially if your mind is poisoned with that sort of nonsense at a tender age by the people that you trust most in the world.

If you want to know how devastating is the effect of such education you don't need to go further than Demo who is now a grown up and still believes in the Jens. He still believes in Yajoj and Majoj, wooden stick turning into snakes, people sleeping for 700 years, and a lot more of this sort of comical stuff.


Soosan Khanoom

Another thing is the word " Islamists "

by Soosan Khanoom on

Where has it come from? Do you consider all muslims to be Islamists?  Do we have any equivalent term for the jews and christians?  

Who has invented this word?    Why  are you guys using it? You are Iranians. Why do you talk like FOX news?  Seriously !!  May be reading Fred's blogs twice daily has changed your vocabulary ? 

Why not using the word extremists ... in general.  

99 percent of the political prisoners in Iran are Muslims or at least their parents are. Can't we come up with something better to describe the ones who have put them in the jail?  


G. Rahmanian

در باب دلسوزي اسلاميون

G. Rahmanian

Regarding the Islamists thieves in power, in the future history books Iranians will read: The Islamists came and devastated Iran. They tortured, raped and killed Iranians at the rate of one victim for every few hours. They destroyed Iran's economy. They pillaged the state's coffers. The top Islamists got away with billions of dolllars. The bottom ones were happy with hundreds of thousands of dollars. When time came to leave, they travelled light. They only carried handbags. The top Islamists lived in their palaces and the bottom ones lived in their homes in far-away lands happily ever after!

Soosan Khanoom

Some comments here are unbelievable !!

by Soosan Khanoom on

First of all this child is talented and he could have memorized anything... But his parents have chosen for him to memorize Quran. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. There are many kids like him around the world and they do as their parents wish. This child will grow up like other kids.  He may like it or may not.  I have a friend whose parents pushed him to become a tennis player. He happens to not like tennis much. On the other hand, there are many who have been pushed to learn Tennis and they love it.. so what?  That is life !!!

For God's sake some of you need to get over the hate that you have towards Islam.  Your comments have no logic in it.  



child abuse

by Simorgh5555 on

To teach the child to memorize this book is polluting his mind. The child is oabviously talented and has a great capacity to retain information. Why not use his remarkable skill to memorise the Shahnameh, the periodic table in chemistry or a book on theoretical physics? 

What a waste of talent, skill and childhood.  

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اینکه در حرمسرای بزرگان چه میگذشته و به چه خرافات پرداخته می‌شده-حکایت و حکمتیست که حتما طرف به چشم خود دیده و به خود آزموده !


دودی از کُنده دوباره برخاست!


«این خرافی گری و این بدبختی شایسته مردمِ ایران نیست.»
البته که نه! شایسته مردم ایران پادشاهان قاجارند که خاک ایران را به روسها هدیه دهند در حالیکه خود حرمسرای ٨٣ زنی براه می اندازند و پادشاهان سوادکوهیند که ثروت مملکت را به غارت برند و تازه این بخشی از روشنفکری! این دو خاندان شریف و دلسوز بوده است و بدبختانه از برای بازماندگانشان هم هنوز هست!


Another Hafez!

by Faramarz on

He could be the next Hafez!

Where is Hafez for Beginners when we need her?


 Another suicide bomber

by vildemose on

 Another suicide bomber savage basiji in the making...tragic.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Very impressive

by Rastin on

I wish him all the best in the future. But I can't help wondering what it could come to if he had spent all that diligence learning to play a musical instrument, study math, etc..

Unlike passion and hard work, learning to recite a book is not a necessary requirement for achieving success.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)


Brain wash!

by Arj on

Back in mediaval times, Koran -- pretty much the only book sanctioned by the (Islamic) ruling establishments -- worked as a gateway to literacy and a stepping stone towards acquiring general knowlege. Moreover, an absolute majority of these thinkers turned away from the Islamic tenets (hence the refrences to wine and concubines in the most prominant literary works of the era), and in many instances were persecuted for being unIslamic, as did the likes of Khayyam, Hafez and Rumi, not to mention Hallaj, who was hanged for heresy!

Forcing a 5 year old child to memorize a text of which he/she has no comprehensive concept, is sheer brain wash and borders on child abuse, whether it's Koran or Shahnameh!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این قِسم تجارت نیز چند سالیست که بابِ میلِ عده‌ای از ألسَّحالی ریا کار شده است.فقط لازم است که در اینترنت بگردید و خواهید دید که به اینجور افراد چه جایزه‌ها نیز اِهدا می‌‌گردد و حتّی مسافرت به کانادا و زیارتِ انواع و اقسامِ پشم الدین و اَصلَع الدین در عتبات عالیات و کرور پولِ بیت المال و گاری ساختِ ایران خودرو (از همان که ۵ دقیقه بِران و سپس به درّه سقوط کن) و چند شبِ زفاف در کاروانسرای عالی قاپو به اضافه ساقدوش و حجله و دستمالِ خونین نیز تضمینِ کار شده و هدیه میشود.

این خرافی گری و این بدبختی شایسته مردمِ ایران نیست.


Poor kid

by عموجان on

They already sucking intelligence out of him, 

Learning Shahname would have gives him more self respect.  


What a talent!

by Demo on

"Ironically, as soon they grow up and find out the meanings of what they recite, they make a u-turn and end up in prisons or dead!"

Absolutely not! They will rather become the great men like Saadee, Hafez, Rumi, Halaj, Kharazmi, & alike who had all learnt/memorized the same exact book at their young ages!

Please review our own history before making such a prejudicial remark! Thanks.