Khamenei Intervens in Budget Dispute

Budget approved despite irregularities

Radio Zamaneh: Iranian Parliament has approved Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s budget for the New Year, citing “recommendations of the Supreme Leader” and “the current situation of the country” as the reasons for its speedy passage. Yesterday, reports indicated that Parliament had taken issue with the budget on eight points and, therefore, it would not be approved. Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani was quoted as saying today that rejecting the budget is not in the best interest of the country >>>


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Ari Siletz

The right move

by Ari Siletz on

If a country is going to suffer a dictatroship it may as well use some of its advantages over democracy. The main reason for having a vali faghih in the first place is so that there is an ultimate authority who can stay above politics and settle disputes between infighting interests. This minimizes wasted effort on power struggles that rich democracies can afford but Iran can't. So far Khamenei has failed miserably in this task--notably during and after the 2009 elections-- but seems to be performing his duty in the case of this budget fight. 


What’s new?

by عموجان on

What do expect from bunch of Basiji and Akhoond. They have been running the country like this since day one 1979, 

Don’t worry, Emam Zaman will fix it.


Rock and a hard place!

by Arj on

This is not a sign of Khamenei's strength, but rather his weakness. For Ahmadi knows while he's under pressure from outside, he doesn't have much choice but to opt for defusing the situation! 


تقصیر ها به گردن ولد زنا!



تصمیم هارو رهبر میگیره، دلقک بازی و مقصر اون محمود ولد زنا!


The Head Islamist Rapist

by Fred on

That is how "parliament" works in the
Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), the lifetime Head Rapist Khamenei’s word is the law.

That is why the NIAC Lobby’s lifetime president
asks Obama to make a "Grand Bargain” with the Head Rapist Khamenei and not with the show “president.”