Khamenei: Current Crisis No Worse Than 8-Year Iraq War

Iranians have resisted strongest international pressures, he says



Now way pal

by darius on

Mr.Rahmanian Well, mullahs being mullah and deceitful is one thing but winning a war with no army,no air force and no navy is something else you are using the same tactic of exaggeration, fabrication and lies if possible to fool ,convince and excite people if possible. That is why Khomeni s....face ended up  on the moon,right? Please enlighten us with you  your military expertise and explain the processon clearly. Mr.Moussa Israelis  selling  arms to mullah had nothing to do with the israelis love for Iran and Iranian.It was for money and also strategic reason. Iran and Iraq made it easier for Israel to reduce and eliminate the two future potential enemy with no little effort and all done by the Iraqis and Iranian money and man power. 


You will not drink poison this time

by RostamZ on

This time you are going to eat shit and die from it you old jerk.


No No, it is much worse.

by mousa67 on

During Iran Iraq war, our planes came to Iran;s rescue by shipping in munitions of all sort. we blew up Iraq's nuclear reactor before Saddam could make a bomb and use it against Iran. this time we might be less helpful.


Dead man talking... again

by alx1711 on

Dead man talking... again they are refering to stone age and living in the past.

oh and what did ever happen to chairs in IRI? 


"Secular Democracy?"

by Demo on

is as meaningless & as nonsense as the invented "VF" itself! Our country is suffering severely from the lack of 'Leadership' & from the lack of 'Meritocracy.' And the sanctions will not bring the regime collapse even after 50 years! Need to more creative than using such 'proven ineffective' technique!

Good luck with such 'darkened' dreams anyway!  



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G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

In wars it's the average people who make the most sacrifices. The painful memories of the last war are still fresh in the minds of Iranians.

G. Rahmanian

Thanks, Faramarz!

by G. Rahmanian on

The Turks are playing their cards well. The dumb Mullahs don't get it, though. And even if they do get it, they are stuck with the world of their own creation. So, whatever they do, they'll be the losers.


اردوغان: رفتار ایران صادقانه نیست


Even Turkey is getting fed up with the Regime.

Negotiations, Compromise, Grand Bargain and Another Roll of the Dice, I don't think so!

Every time you roll the dice, the snake eyes comes up. That should tell us something!




GR, Their Children NOW Residing in FREE world with

by Azarbanoo on

embezzeled IRANIANS Money.

G. Rahmanian

Defensive War?

by G. Rahmanian on

For 8 long years the criminal Mullahs and their foot soldiers continued the war with Iraq and sacrificed a million Iranian lives only to consolidate their murderous grip on power. A war that could have ended in its first few months.

And now, they want another war. Their own children or grandchildren are not the ones who'll get killed, are they?

Anonymous Observer

hate to be the guy

by Anonymous Observer on

who has to read this bullshit on air.  What a miserable job.


جام زهر نوش!


خدایگان یادش رفته که هشت سال ایرانیان را با ندانمکاری و سیاستهای ابلهانه به کشتن دادن چیزی جز نوشیدن جام زهر نبود و آخرش هم یه پاپاسی غرامت گیر ایران نیامد.

گروهبان گارسیا هم هر روز که داره گنده تر میشه که.



by Azarbanoo on

Through hardships because of their incompetence and their stupidity.  Shame on you Rahbar & all your thugs.

Dawn with IRI.