Khamenei: Colonial powers afraid of Iranians

Speech at army base

Almanar: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei met with a group of army commanders during a visit he made to an army base. “The superpowers' intimidations and threats of sanctions against the Islamic Iran stem from the very political reality,” Khamenei said, adding “the colonial powers are afraid of Islamic Iran's faithful and firm youths as well as the people's political foresight and high national sentiments.” >>>




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what makes you think he is not already dead????????? In politics every possibility must be considered and I am amazed a lot of you have not considered he already gone to hell.


Khamenei's comedy skit

by maghshoosh on

The glaring self-contradiction in many of this kind of gatherings in the IRI is comical.  Around min. 10:25 of the video Khamenei says that almost all of the world armies are and have been at the personal service of power-hungry and corrupt leaders, such as the Shah's army, which was dedicated to preserving him.  However, he adds, the only army in the world dedicated to serving its nation, and not just select individuals, is this army of the Islamic Repulic, to which the army men immediately chant, "God is great, Khamenei is the leader, death to the opponents of the Guardianship of the Jurist [Velayat-e Faqih], ..."  In other words, the army immediately negates Khamenei's statements by declaring that, like all the other armies Khamenei just finishied denouncing, they are also dedicated to serving the leader and preserving his rule!  None of their slogans say anything about serving the people.

Without much editing, and by just adding a laugh track, you have a hilarious comedy skit here.


where is ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

A Tomahawk Cruz Missile with a 4000 lb payload when you need one?

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland 


یک رهبرخوب


What any  society needs befor anything else  is order and unity. Not and

easy task for any regime in a third world country which has 20 different nationolities

And languages That all want to Have it their way ! You have to feel

Sorry for any sob who wants to govern Iran. Any of you sobs want to do

it raise your hand. 


Poor unfortunate s.o.b.'s had to sit through that 30 mins

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

for real or else they wouldn't get their paycheck.

Gheda and his co-criminals in more trouble than they know,

soon they will know and have to answer to all iranians, not for allegations but

for over 30 years of crimes as they have caused Iran to Decline.

Mullahs have caused Iranians to search for the heart and soul of Iran, those that reach for the soul of Iran will find the good and true spirit of Iran and know exactly what Iran is about and what it's alternative is.

Javid Shah




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Oon Yaroo

Yek mosht shirehi & taryaki chorting around while the big olagh

by Oon Yaroo on

is arrarring around!

That's IRR!


Without Colonialism there wouldn’t be any Akhoond

by عموجان on

For 27 minuets you want me to listen to what I haven’t heard in past 32 years about Colonialism. 

Lucky those who knew how to use it to benefited for their future and except life as is. 

We are in good hands, we all have Emam Zaman Insurance, and yes it is free.



سید علی گرخیده!




These are the words of a scared and cornered animal who is raising his voice out of fear and not out of confidence in its ability to defend himself.

The fall of Assad will be a watershed moment for this Regime and will energize the Iranians to get up, get out and put an end to this nightmare.

Dr. Mohandes

Doroogh s Are us! Unlimited.

by Dr. Mohandes on

You guys should watch some of the TV programs that shower us with pure shit, day in and day out.

dees eeez noteeeng. he has told a beeg zekki to the ghazvin-manufactured stone foot.


Ali Geda is frightened &

by Azarbanoo on

trying hard to assure supports of his thugs in this critical times. 

Dawn with IRR/IRI


Head Islamist Rapist

by Fred on

Yeah right, all the Head Rapist needs to do to prove his point is without raping, maiming and murdering Iranians, allow them to demonstrate and voice their wishes freely.