Iran navy rescues sailors from pirates

Somali pirates detained in Arabian Sea

AP — Iran's state TV says the country's navy has rescued 28 crew members of a Chinese ship hijacked by pirates. The Saturday broadcast says the Iranian navy also detained nine Somali pirates in the operation in the Arabian Sea in the north of the Indian Ocean. The pirates attacked the ship Friday but they surrendered after Iranian navy sent warships to rescue the crew and free the ship. The freighter was carrying iron and was heading to a port in southwestern Iran >>>


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by MRX1 on

I Guess now no body is cursing at shah of Iran and previous regime for buying these ships and establishing a foundation for modern navy and commando unit. Once again this proves that the man (roohash shad) was way ahead of his time despite all the rubbish he was accused off.


توصیه های پزشکی


در حین خندیدن از صرف غذا خوداری فرمائید چون اگر به جهد به گلوی مبارک ممکن است خفقان بگیرید. افرادی که فرنگ نشینی مامورین آی وای بای روی دلشان سنگینی میکند ممکن است به درد حناق هم دچار شوند!!

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tehran e Azad

What a joke!

by tehran e Azad on

Engari  mooshak ferestadan merreekh!


درود بر ملوانان هموطن


و یک شعر برای آقا زاده ممولی‌ ناز نازی فرنگ نشین:

شاعر که تویی‌، به بقبقانت خندیدم

از فرق سرت تا به دهان خودت و رهبرت و مموت جونت  خندیدم.


please be positive

by iamfine on

Put IRI aside, they did their job to the best of their ability and I have respect for them


good job

by azadi5 on

now let's see if they have the guts to do the same to the inland pirates who have hijacked Iran for 32 years.

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz Jaan, some reports say that

by Oon Yaroo on

the IRR Navy ship was actually visiting Somali for some joint training (whatever that means) and on its way back they forced these supposedly Somali pirates boarding its vessel at Somali port.

There wasn't any combat and rescue stuff!

Now, the question is how did the IRR thugs entice these koor and kachal Somalis to get on board the ship!

Who knows, maybe the IRR authorities offered them some better life in IRR than that god forsaken arid land of Somalia!

This is all a hoax!



by yolanda on

 According to Reuters:


"The Chinese ambassador to Iran, Yu Hongyang, demanded that Iran made the safety of the hijacked crew members a priority and tried to rescue them, the government news agency Xinhua reported.

The Xianghuamen had departed from Shanghai, stopped to unload goods in Singapore, and was on its way to Imam Khomeini port in southwest Iran, Xinhua said."

Uh, oh, IRI just had to follow "orders"! So Americans rescued Iranian sailors; Iranians rescued Chinese! very altruistic!


چند تا کور و کچل رو گرفتن!




چند تا بد بخت و بیچاره و بچه یتیم سومالی رو گرفتن ببین چه بل بشویی راه انداختن!

برین از اون شاه خدا بیامرز تشکر کنین که چهل سال بیش این کشتی هارو از امریکا و انگلیس خرید.


We either bring love to you or bring you to love Israel!


George W. Bush!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member Bring Love to You Association.


u may be confused

by مآمور on

in Iran, we dont love israel. it is our #1 enemy!!

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Where were these brave soldiers of rish o pashm when Iranian


fishermen were stranded foodless, waterless, and tombanless around the straight of Hormuz just a few months ago who finally got rescued by the great American Navy?

Is this a joke of sort or what? Please enlighten this lover of Israel. Much obliged!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Iran-Israel Love Association.


 دلاوران نام


 دلاوران نام آوران
به نام یزدان به عشق ایران
پر تلاش   پر نشاط   پیروز باشید

I wear an Omega watch

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

Now compare this clean operation with the murderous act of "Flotilla massacre", for which the Zionist perpetrators will soon face justice in the Hague...............