Hyundai Auto Ends Iran Operations

Peugeot and Nissan stay away too

New York Times: The Hyundai Motor Company, the automaking subsidiary of Hyundai, the South Korean conglomerate, has quietly ended its business dealings with Iran, where it had extensive operations, including a joint venture to make cars. United Against Nuclear Iran, an American group that has advocated economic sanctions to pressure Iran over its disputed nuclear program, has reclassified Hyundai Motor, putting it in the “withdrawn” category on a list the group has compiled of foreign businesses that deal with Iran. Hyundai Motor officials did not respond to requests for comment >>>


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 شما بی خود


 شما بی خود نیست اسم فردوسی را انتخاب کردید. تشکر برای نکته

I wear an Omega watch


یا ایران را انتخاب کنند یا بازارهای آمریکا را از دست بدهند؟


Did I understand this guy correctly, or he has no clue what the heck he is talking about? The last sentence he uttered sounds contradictory to me 

یا ایران را انتخاب کنند یا بازار های آمریکا را از دست بدهند

He should have said something like

یا ایران را رد کنند یا بازارهای امریکا را از دست بدهند





yes stop import of

by alx1711 on

yes stop import of international car so that national car manufactures can use people as their crash dummies to imporove their doggy looking cars...

IRI cant even enforce safe driving laws yet alone to car manufacturing!


United Against Nuclear Iran, biggest enemy after IRI


They are unwittingly helping the regime turn Iran into North Korea/ Pakistan.


Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei!


I assume and hope that you do love Israel! Given the choice between old and CO-emitting cars and shotor/ghater, I would pick the latter. At least, you can express your love to these animals and they would reciprocate!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Iranian-American Love Association.


Now only Porsche would cease its operation...

by Bavafa on

As we read in Ari's report, appreantly Porsche is one of the highest selling luxury cars in Iran.

What type of Iranians [in Iran] can offord buying Porsches?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

In the business of mating, Cubans could learn a lot from the Mullahs!

Seyyed, we know you're busy, but we do need more of your wise advice on this site. Thanks!


واقعا که نمک نشناس هستید


اینقدر که نظام مقدّس برای ترویج سفر و رفت و آمد بیشتر با چهار پایان تلاش کرده است.  این‌همه زحمت در ترویج جفتگیری‌های شتر و الاغ و قاطر که ارابه‌های شما را به مقصد برسانند.  جوابتان چیست؟  مضحکه و مسخره نظام مقدّس.


شما‌ها لیاقت الاغ را هم ندارید.  از این به بعد فتوا صادر می‌کنم که پیاده راه بروید.   


The World's 2nd Worst Car!

by Demo on

Hyuandai (any relation with 'Ali Dai?') is the world's 2nd worst car after KIA of the (in)sane world. Better not have dealing with them at all!

PS: Cuba has been surviving 50 years of these so called "Airtight Sanctions' & no logistical support of any kind has helped the freed Cubans to get rid of the independence acquiring Pipeist (Pipe Smokers) Fidelists. Let's have the '(in)sane world's' bloody hands cut to the shoulders to ever reach our homeland. Ever!  

G. Rahmanian

With the extensive countrywide transportation system

by G. Rahmanian on

With the extensive countrywide system of transportation already in place, who needs cars?

You should go to Iran and see for yourselves the efficient bus, subway and train systems which have been built since the Mullahs came to power.


Bring Back Peykan!

by Faramarz on

Oldies but Goodies is the order of the day!


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

For the sake of Iranians and world peace, the warmongering Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has to be overthrown.

Time is at hand for the sane world to help the enslaved Iranian people with the needed logistical support to get rid of the messianic nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists.