Diplomat in Brazil: Child molestation accusation

"People wanted to kill him"

BBC: Brazil says it will seek an explanation from Iran after an Iranian diplomat was accused of molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Brasilia. The Iranian official was questioned by police following complaints from parents but released after invoking diplomatic immunity. Iran's embassy denied the allegations, and said they were the result of a "cultural misunderstanding". Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota called them "very worrying" >>>



Take it easy guys.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

The diplomat returned to IRI and would officially be prosecuted.  He will be punished by IRI for his stupidity that he didn't learn the Brazilian culture (or out-of-Iran) culture after 2 years.  If he goes to a jail he'll be taken care of well by prisoners for child molestation.

Continued at Azadeh Azad's blog on today's IC front page.



by yolanda on

Hi DM,

    I hope they won't shut down the Internet, we need to know what is going on Inside Iran....It is Iranians inside Iran who posted Neda's video and all the 2009 protest videos on you-tube.....I hope Iran won't become N Korea!

IRI deserves all the rude languages!


He's a child molestor

by NicholasRowe on

No cultural misunderstanding. He is a sexually repressed Iranian man who is sick and feels like his ego is boosted when he takes virginities and does sick stuff to little kids who don't even know what sex means. I can't believe some of you stick up with this pig.

Dr. Mohandes

Next stop

by Dr. Mohandes on

The training camp in Muritania! Oh sorry... Islamic Republic of muritania. they want to test his abilities and how he matches up against african competitors.

God help him if he decides to look at one of those girls the wrong way. we are talking getting boiled alive. there ain't gonna be any of these sisi ass tacticts of being chased and attacked by angry parents.


مراسم استقبال از حکمت الله قربانی، دیپلمات دلاور



A Member of the IR Olympic Swim Team!

by Faramarz on

Go easy on the guy please.

He is a member of the Islamic Republic underwater swim team getting ready for the upcoming Olympics!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Is he Muslim

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Why is a good? Muslim going to a pool with girls in it. I thought they were not Mahram so what is going on.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

That could very well be a possibility.

They have proven to be so untrustworthy and unreliable. In a different context but as an indication of how tricky they can get,  Now the same show is being put on for this god damn hallal internet. First it was announced that it will be phased in within a few months...then when the thing really hit the fan...you know. they came out saying that...oh please. who wants to do that? this is a universal/global network. we have no such plans. Now tonight i saw on the news that the big Hefe:) came out and said that Oh yea. did you i tell you yet? we will be going ahead with our original plan for gov. related organizations and certain other agencies. I mean do you see what is happening here? Yes we will...No we won't...oh we changed our minds yet again.

It is a freakshow put on by a bunch of stupidass, bendejo,  p...tas:)) mari....ons?  with absolutely no dignity and honor, literally screwing with people's lives.

please excuse the rude language...




by yolanda on

Hi! DM,
    Remember Shahram Amiri, the so-called nuclear scientist? IRI said he is a double agent working for IRI and they gave him a hero's welcome, but shortly after he returned to Iran, they jailed him for treason and beat him up.

I have a feeling IRI is trying to save its own face by saying the molestation never happened, but after the dude goes home, they will teach him an indelible and unforgettable lesson.....who knows what is waiting for him in Iranian jail? molestation, maybe?

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

That is right! you'd better believe it.

And i got good news for you. You keep on believeing what you think happened in there, based on what you gather from The great satan's media, rather THAN THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE AND THE VIEWS OF THE IRI OFFICIALS... and you too can get a free membership for two! in that alliance. You know...The one that US And its nasty and ill-intentioned allies have formed.

Yeah...It is promotion they have been running for sometime...So...Looking forward to seeing you there. Bye:))

Darius Kadivar

tweet tweet choghok you broke my heart ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

But happily for me it's made of wood

Elvis - Wooden Heart


But to answer your question: No I believe in Collective RESPONSIBILITY ! 



Or as the French would put it:


"Responsable mais Pas Coupable"  


Something which you Jomhurykhahs often conveniently dismiss for yourselves but demand it from others ... 

So Yes I believe in Collective responsibility 
Even more so when a country is deemed democratic but in the name of Real Politics prefers to endorse what it cynically overlooks in other undemocratic countries by cutting deals with them despite ample evidence of Human Rights violations in those countries. Just as "democratic" Russia is doing in regard to let's say Syria's regime today.


For what goes around comes around ...   



But As always I admire your ability to sit in the comfort zone of intellectual discourse by sharing with me your oustanding "political correct",  "bankrupt" and "unimaginative" observations as usual  ...


Take Care "Citizen of the World" ...


Ann-Margret BYE BYE BIRDIE title song 








Dk are you for collective punishment?

by choghok on

It is very Regretable the way you act. By your saying it would be correct to violates someones rights because her friends or relatives did somethibg. Even in IRI that is not ok, this must be a buttom low for you.



by yolanda on

Here is Fars News Agency's spin:


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast rejected the allegations leveled by certain media against a member of Iran's Embassy in Brazil, describing them as unfounded. Mehman-Parast told the Islamic republic news agency that examinations revealed that the news disseminated by the media is untrue and unrealistic. The strong and rapidly growing ties between Iran and Latin America have raised eyebrows in the US and its western allies since Tehran and Latin nations have forged an alliance against the imperialist and colonialist powers and are striving hard to reinvigorate their relations with the other independent countries which pursue a line of policy independent from the US. The western countries and their media often try to damage the ties between Iran and Latin America through different methods and allegations.  


So according to Fars' extrapolation, those 9-15 year old girls joined the Western countries to sabotage the thriving ties between Brazil and IRI by screaming in horror and accusing an innocent Iranian diplomat of child molestation!

It is just mind-buggling that an Iranian diplomat molested young girls; the perpetrator is scot-free while US and Western countries got the blame!



by Kooshan on

What you portray looks something just out of a drama movie!

I would do the same if I was there and I tell you if the parents were angered by this man's act, he probably did something wrong. I trust parents instinct when it comes to their kids.


But I still think we need more facts to serve justice. 


Maziar 58

by Kooshan on

I'm just against politicizing a criminal (or innocent) act.


I agree with Kaaveh Nouraee: Let the law come up with the verdict after facts are known.





by yolanda on

Here is the detail from WSJ:

Witnesses said the diplomat had been pretending to swim around the pool in a "duck-diving" manner, police said. While underwater, however, the diplomat surreptitiously fondled four girls between the ages of nine and 15 years, police said. Some of the girls began screaming and their parents confronted the man.

"It is really surprising that a diplomat would act in such a way," said Johnson Monteiro, a civil police detective who handled the case.


Club officials said they have suspended the membership of the Iranian official who they said is named Hekmatollah Ghorbani. The suspension has taken immediate effect pending the result of the investigation as per club rules, club officials said.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


booroo een daam dar jaye degar neh ke brazil jaye dokkani nist.

please don't mix a fatherly misunderstood case with another bacheh baz from khani abad.



My Way of Dealing with This

by Faramarz on



I wish that the Brazilian parents that were present at the pool would've first beaten the crap out of this guy and then would've held his ugly head under the water until he almost drowned, and then have turned him over to the police.

At the police station, they should've beaten the daylight out of him and then they should've thrown him in front of the IR embassy bloodied and naked.

Finally, they should haul his ass in front of a judge and throw him in jail where he can meet some nice fellows. 

Even the criminals and prisoners have a code of conduct. Child molesters are the lowest scums that even the rest of the prisoners don't tolerate.

Kaveh Nouraee

There should be no debate on this!

by Kaveh Nouraee on

1) Collect all of the facts

2) On the basis of those facts, determine if this guy is

A) Innocent   or  B) Guilty

If A: Let him go.

If B: Cut his balls off with the dulled blade of a rusted knife that has been dipped in a pile of dog shit, then feed those very gonads to him.

Orang Gholikhani

check this one

by Orang Gholikhani on


Politics is dirty!

by Kooshan on

I remember that about 12 years ago a Bosnian Muslim was charged by court (based on some reports) that he was touching his daughters privates in bad way in the stadium openly during a game they were attending as spactators.


The court ruled against him and took the daughter away from the family (had mom and other siblings) and a Christian family adopted her.


This was then deemed to be highly driven case by some politics against Muslims around 9/11 era.


This case also looks suspicious to me. 





by yolanda on

Wow! Crime scene re-enactment by using computer simulation! It was a "Day of Infamy"! The dude needs to check into rehab and have some basic morality crash course like "keep your hands to yourself".... etc!

This under-water sneak attack incident is way worse than the Iranian soccer player fingering his team mate on national TV:


Dr. Mohandes

Babak K.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Of course you forgot to add that YOU witnessed these sadistic and atrocious behaviors where you were growing up, and perhaps such filthy behavior was absolutely okay in within the close circle of YOUR own friends and maybe relatives?

Just wanted to make sure that gets covered.

Yeah no problem. You're welcome.

Oon Yaroo

A nation of abusers! IRR, that is!

by Oon Yaroo on

Killing, pedophiling, wife-beating, torturing, imprisoning, hanging, stoning, shalaghing, burning, and on and on are the daily staple of this sick nation!

Babak K.

I disagree with everybody

by Babak K. on

I disagree with everybody here.

This man's behavior is a true Aryo-Iranian behavior.  In Iranian culture pentration is not wrong as long as you or a member of your close family circle penetrates somebody's loved ones.            No Iranian father or mother will lose sleep over the fact that their  son just molested a neighbour's little girl or boy.  Be-Vojdani and be-Sharafi, Be-Namoussi and Jakeshi recognize no limits in our culture.  We should start doing some soul searching as a nation otherwise we are doomed.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

what are you smoking? or may I ask what is up your ass?

Creator ????  Ariel Sharon??? Zionist ??

 You are really brain washed!!  



Darius Kadivar

Serves You Brazilians Right

by Darius Kadivar on

for Trusting and cutting deals with the IRI:


Brazil's Iran Diplomacy Worries U.S. Officials - NYTimes.com


BBC News - Brazil rebuffs US pressure for Iran sanctions



irrelevant of the HR violations in our country:


Iran prisoners were 'savagely raped' after protests - Telegraph



Won't spill crocodile tears for your "victims" (i.e: the Complaining parents and not the poor innocent Kids who naturally don't deserve what happened to them ... if such is the case pending investigation that is )  ...


The Same Brazil that Abhors Pedophilia Embraces Pedophobia




Also if you  genuinely wish to protect your children and discourage pedophilia then start by demanding from your leaders to start cleaning your Front doors first ... 


Sex Abuse - Brazil (Journeyman report,Sep 21, 2007):



Brazil has become the new paedophile capital of the world. The country's own politicians have been caught colluding in the sex industry. 






Child molestation accusation

by jmyt17 on


This is what this dirty Islamic Goverment doing around the world.



اموزش اسلامی برای خارجی ها،


اموزش اسلامی برای خارجی ها، بله ایشان هیچ کار غیر اسلامی نکرده و فقط می خواسته فرهنگ ناب محمدی را برای کافرها عملأ معرفی بکند. بله ما ایرانیها افتخار میکنیم که فرهنگ تازیان را گسترش میدهیم. بله چرا این همه کش میدهید؟


Demo this is what IRI produces, get over it &

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

accept it, child moletors are fine in Islamic republic, this is not iranian culture but the islamic one.  The Light of the truth is what will serve Iranian Freedom from Oppression, you can do what ever you want with it, use it or abuse it, but not even god can change it.