Computer attack on Iran oil industry

Kharg Island terminal 'offline' after 'malware attack'

BBC: Iran has been forced to disconnect key oil facilities after suffering a malware attack on Sunday, say reports. The computer virus is believed to have hit the internal computer systems at Iran's oil ministry and its national oil company. Equipment on the Kharg island and at other Iranian oil plants has been disconnected from the net as a precaution. Oil production had not been affected by the attack, said the Mehr news agency. However, the attack is believed to have been responsible for knocking offline the websites of the Iranian oil ministry and national oil company.

The Ministry website was back in action on Monday but the oil company site has remained unreachable. An Iranian oil ministry spokesperson was quoted as saying that data about users of the sites had been stolen as a result of the attack. Core data about Iran's oil industry remained safe because it was on computer systems that remain separate from the net, they added. The terminal on Kharg Island handles about 90% of Iran's oil exports.

Iran is reported to have mobilised a "cyber crisis committee" to handle the aftermath of the attack and bolster defences. This committee was set up following attacks in 2010 by a virus known as Stuxnet that was aimed at the nation's nuclear programme.



Chinese software are always faulty :)

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"Everyone will give more when they feel appreciated."                        No Safe Place, Deborah Ellis



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faulty chinese software.

by mousa67 on

nothing to do with us.


Not necessary a good idea

by Farfromheaven2002 on

Hacking computers encourages technical advancement to encounter with hackers.  This is what the national internet isolation project might need.  It could be a good idea to stabilize IRI.  Poor Iranians.


Petroleum formula was stolen!

by Faramarz on


After hacking the computers, the Regime no longer knows how to make petroleum!

Good Job.

Next target, the computer network of Iranian rug manufacturers.



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What an excellent way to cut off funding for this terrorist regime.  The shiite fanatics ruling iran are worthless scum, incapable of producing anything except death, torture and rape.  Even after 50 years, they can't build one refinery!  These leeches have ruined the entire country.  

Arash Kamangir

Break the back of IR!!

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Break the back of mullahs regime anyhow it is possible. The sooner it goes the better for Iranzamin.


A suicidal country.

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We should better ask what wrong is to become friend with any other country. Iran is a lonely country, which might become suicidal soon.


Not another computer attack again?

by عموجان on

Idiots,they benn digging in the sands waiting and buying all that Russian and Chinese air defenses hardware but they been attacked by computer virus over and over. 

What is worng with becoming friend of the West.