Army Day parade

Show of strength amidst growing military threat


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by hirre on

"rahe ma, rahe hossein ast" ?? Death and mutilation? In that case the IR will be an easy match :D



by عموجان on

Aren't they anit Islam? I remember they weren’t allowed to be wearing because they were western ideas. Arabs are shitting their pants, West are counting their incomes.


Socio-political progress

by maghshoosh on

When they show images of various marching military men in the above video, you can often hear the goose stepping soldiers chanting "jaanam fadaye rahbar" ("I'll sacrifice my life for the Leader").  This is clear progress in socio-political terms, since before the revolution they would have been chanting "jaavid shah" ("Long Live the Shah").  The highest goal of the military men has evolved from preserving the Shah to dying for the Leader.


Why does

by MRX1 on

the admiral rish says "rah ma rah hossein hast" Hoessein was a looser that could barely put together a group fo fighting men. In the end he got his ass kicked and got killed.

Problem with all this mumbo jumbo is, in order to have strong army, you need a supperior air force which clearly these guys do not have. So this whole parade is aim to do what exactly? scare tiny city/state of Dubai?



No joke

by choghok on

IRI spends a lot of money and revolutionary guard is owning much of Iranian economy so they afford to buy weapons from black market. IRI is not Asstupid as Ahmaghinejad looks like, they are tricky. They have just now come to realize that they cannot survive the embargo.


Not taking an opponent serious in strategic terms mean not ready

by Thought on

So the one who is not being taken seriously is stronger in tactical terms.

Arash Kamangir

Noone takes iranian Army serious!!

by Arash Kamangir on

All military experts are saying that iranian Army is a thing of the past with most hardwares from 70's decade and cannot put up a fight that can last. I personally believe that in case of a any war iranian forces collapse within 72 hours.


scared in strategic terms means prepared

by Thought on

War is not a joke.


They are scared as Mice!

by Azarbanoo on

That is the reason for this parade midst of all these sanctions.