Ahmad Khatami Attacks Rafsanjani View on US

Does not mention Rafsanjani by name, but criticizes his recent comments

eurasiareview.com: Former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani has criticised the country’s current foreign policy, in particular the absence of formal diplomatic ties between Iran and the United States. In an interview with the International Studies Journal, a three-monthly Iranian publication, Rafsanjani stressed the importance of direct talks with the US, which he said was “a leading world power.” >>>


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Amoo likes comments

by عموجان on

I know it is hard to except truth about Islam, but as one who was born in a Muslim family it never helped me to improve my life except how to keep hate alive, for example Ashura or lets not talk about all the killing of Muslim by other Muslims around the world these days.    

Soosan Khanoom

de-evolvement ?

by Soosan Khanoom on

How did we get from Taleghani  ( First ever Tenran's Emam Jomeh) to this caveman? 

I guess they are telling the truth when they say  that the "less evolved" peoples of the earth are just remnants of once great civilizations.




Autonomouse Iran

by Sialashgar on

One day we ll be an Independent country.Then we do as we wish .We ivade othe rcountries as we wish and we sanction the enemy...........


Kar : Ahmad Khatami Attacks Gave Rafsanjani

by jmyt17 on

Good they start attacking each other.

Ahkoond there is no place in this plant for all of you.

Will be good to make a friend with a rat, so later on all of you can hide and get Rat help.


امام فرمودند ما چه می توانیم به امریکا بدهیم؟


شکسته نفسی می فرمایید جناب امام.


If the situation in Iran was no so depressing, this would be

by aynak on


hillarious.   He tells the regular slogan individuals to shut the hell up, as he is trying to get the point of Rahbari out:  Negotiation should only be done with Rahbary.   This dude is Rahbari's personal spokesman, so there you go, he quotes from him and at the end he says what we all know:

Rahbary is the king :)






Speaks with an Arabic accent

by Liberated on

If you listen to this Arab want to be you hear that he speaks farsi with emphesis on Arabic words.  Are these animals anything but new Arab invators.

Soosan Khanoom

And I am sure if instead of muslims the word was Jews

by Soosan Khanoom on

Then we would see an Army of good old IC commentators here attacking Amoo .

But I, however,will be happy if they just let my comment to Amoo stays and not get flagged !!!! 


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I hate to spend one second of my attention on your blah blahs but have to say this once beofre I quit commenting to you.  

Would you stop your crusade on muslims in general as like these mulla morons are the sprit of Islam?  Why do you keep repeating the same shit over and over?    


“Death to America” is the definition of Islamic Republic

by عموجان on

Without it they don’t have anything else to sale to people, this is the only thing keep them alive for past 33 years.


Well that’s the Muslim’s way of life, find something or someone to hate.


Rafsanjani is only thinking of himself and his pistachios trees


He is talking to NIAC!

by Faramarz on

Regime's Foreign Minister, Salehi is sitting in the front row. He is the one who is spearheading the negotiations in Istanbul next Friday.

Lately, and because the sanctions are cutting into everyone's piece of the action, Rafsanjani has been saying how Khomeini was talking about the relationship with the US before his demise.

Keep on rolling the dice Akbar!

The best place for the Iranian oil is underground where it can age and be well-preserved for the future generations, or as Paul Mason used to say, "We will sell no wine before its time!"