Mohammad Keshtgar: Pioneering surgical oncologist

Forefront of patient care in breast cancer There's an elaborate jewel-encrusted “Thank you” card on the noticeboard of consultant surgical oncologist Mohammad Keshtgar. A large blue stone represents the sentinel node, with surrounding smaller red nodes—it's the most charming illustration of lymph nodes I've come across and a tribute to his work. “In breast cancer, the whole family is affected, and it is the need for a holistic approach to patient care that drives me”, he says. Keshtgar adds that he first wanted to become a surgeon when, as a young man in Iran, his cousin was injured in a traffic accident. “She sustained an injury to her leg but as there was no vascular surgeon available in our town, her leg had to be amputated.” This, he says, “made me want to make a difference, quickly” >>>


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Well done

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Achievements of Iranians in the field of medicine makes everyone very proud.

Mr. Fozolie


Indeed Iran's pride

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Thanks for sharing.


Parsis Victor

Maryam Hojjat

Another Iran's Pride

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Thanks for posting.