Killer Hanged in Public

Execution at scene of the crime



He's a killer. Hangings

by karanh on

He's a killer. Hangings discourage others who would otherwise choose to do the same things as him. It makes our country safer and that's the only thing I care about. Would you rather have it the American way - criminals being released left and right, public sex criminal databases show how many perverts live next door to you and the only things that make you safe are a gun and security systems? I grieve for the innocent ones who get caught in the fire but for the rest of these animals I feel absolutely no remorse.


How can you watch hanging and stay normal ?

by Rea on

Unless there is something profoundly wrong with the audience already.


The question is not capital punishment

by Cost-of-Progress on

but punishment for those who openly resist and disagree with the regime.

How many of these "criminals" are innocent political dissidents?

BTW, public display of executions reflects the psyche of those in power and thsoe who go watch this horror show.

Congrats - ke hichvaght adam nemisheen.






We need a "like" button on

by Parham on

I would click it for Amoo Jan's comment.


Re Details

by Arj on

Here is an interresting part:

خودروی گشت پلیس در صحنه حادثه بود اما به سرعت آنجا را ترک کرد
در ادامه جلسه محاکمه، یکی از شاهدان حادثه که بعد از تعقیب و گریز توانسته بود کوشا را دستگیر کند،‌ درباره حضور خودروی گشت پلیس در صحنه حادثه گفت: همه شاهدان و حاضران در صحنه دیدند که یک خودروی گشت پلیس در محل بود اما به سرعت از آنجا رفت.

شاهد دیگری که مردی میانسال بود، در این باره گفت: یک خودروی پلیس در صحنه حضور داشت اما با دیدن صحنه به سرعت آنجا را ترک کرد؛ آنها حادثه را دیدند و رفتند. همه شاهدان برگه‌ای را مبنی بر اینکه خودروی گشت پلیس صحنه را ترک کرده است امضا کردند اما گویا این برگه در پرونده موجود نیست.


Tokhme, Pepsi, Sandwich any one....

by عموجان on

Why not, lets make it a family night out. kids can play around while adutles watch how a life been taken away, as if you are watching a 3D horror movie, right. Fear and Death that's what Islam is base on. I can't belive I use to call my self a Mulism. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


My point is that it is not specific to ME. Public hanging was practiced all over the world. It just happens that other places for most part don't do it. Historically ME is off by say 100 years but that is all. 

What bugs me is that you make it sound like it is an "Iranian thing". No it is not an Iranian thing.  This is the same stuff I keep hearing from Euro centric people. No ME people are no more savage than any others. Public hangings are savage but they are a part of all human history. Not just ME. In time ME will come around and ban it like the rest of the world did. I oppose this self loathing that "we are somehow inferior". Just read history of the American West to see what they used to do.


Death Penalty

by Abarmard on

What makes death penalty worse in Iran is public display.

The concept is to publically display punishment so it would provide a lesson for general public as not to commit those crimes. The other side of the coin is that the population becomes accustomed to seeing death and value of human life decreases.



by hirre on

I'm talking about the middle-east, there is a lot more critics against America, but that's another topic.... Also it's not the method that is savage, its the killing itself and especially if it's conducted in public...


Ban Capital Punishment

by mrlayl on

Putiing aside the chance of hanging an innocent man, death penalty makes the society a murderer same as the criminal. Through them in jail for the rest of their miserable life.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Hangings are not just a Middle East thing. Hirre: you are being unfair as America practiced public hangings until 1936. Hardly a long time ago! The mentality is based on religion and tradition. But East; West and the rest.

In recent times most Western nations stopped executions. America practices it in many states. Including Iranian's favorite state California. But it has never been shown to reduce crime. States without exceution have better crime record.

It then boils down to revenge. A very normal human desire. Someone kills your loved ones; you want revenge.  There is also the desire to instill terror. It is used to keep minorities in line. Such as blacks in America. If a black man kills a white woman in the South their will be executed. If a white woman kills a black man in the South I bet you no death penalty. In Iran they just want to keep people afraid hence the public hangings.




Esfand Aashena

This is not about his punishment but the "public" execution.

by Esfand Aashena on

Hang the murderer in jail where it should be done not in public where children will view it and be "de-sensitized" to human life or others who will suffer in other ways.   

Relatives of the victims should also not be the ones who should kick the chair in the gallows.  Have the victim's family not suffered enough?  Now they have to take with them the rest of their life that they too have killed somebody?  albeit a murderer. 

Everything is sacred


All the "Jesus wanna be's" here....


Like to know how "Human" and "Un-animal", and "civilized/western" you all will be, when they knock on your door to tell you your sister/daughter was stabbed 12 times in public, and that they have the murderer caught.

Don't lose your fake temper, I am not pro or against death penalty.  I am against "biroone goud neshastano begoo lengesh kon".


On barbaric practice of publicly hanging the criminals......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

at the location of their crime, I just wonder, when the time comes, which location and which particular crime will be selected for public hangings of  "Dr" ahmadinezhad, and the vali faghih, seyed ali Khamenei..... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


You have never been a victim like me to know the vicious devils


out there. I got a second chance, but this girl didn't. It is like the guy who threw acid in the girl's face. Merci? AZ KISEHYEH KHALIFEH NABAKHSH!

 There are criminal who don't deserve any merci. They would become braver if they get off the hook and become GARDAN KOLOFTEH MAHALEH and many other criminals are created when they see they got off the hook. There are bad people out there that there are danger to innocent people. Otherwise ther is no security. 

Ari Siletz

Not a single dissent?

by Ari Siletz on

Maybe spectators to executions self-select for being pro death penalty.


Killing is wrong perioed

by Vattan on

God give life and he only can take life. Killing is wrong. If someone make a mistake and commit the crime other people also need to repeat his mistake? Killing is wrong. Just think about it. If a dog bite someone would that becomes right for that person to bite the dog back??? We have differentiated good and evil by not repeating the evil. Lesson must be learned from this. I also noticed a lot of people gathering there to see someone getting killed. How could they do that? It is just look like before civilization. That is sad.


They hang A murderer, but

by Manam_Babak on

let the mas murderers like Khanenehie, Rafsanjani, Ahmaghinejad live.


Don't do the crime if you don't want to do the time!


Another words don't kill other people's kids if you don't want to get killed you SOB! What kind of man would do that to anyone especially to a woman! Mofzedol fel arz fits him. Bifore he kills others. Next IRI! 

YEH MIKH BEKHODET - YEH JAVAL DOOZ BE DIGARAAN. Some have no respect for other's lives while their own lives is very special. Good ridden!


If the cranes have been replaced

by Parham on

it's because the crane-makers have begun boycotting the IR for making improper use of their cranes.


Hang the Public!

by Tavana on

On the left side of this pulibc hanging 'tales of the dark side' by the coward 'masked' executioners!, there is news of 3 billions (yes billions with a 'b') dollars 'unprecendent!' bank fraud of the 'public' money by a member of the regime's elite. Like many of his own types in the past 32 yrs, nothing (yes nothing!) will happen to him & the fire squad is not coming! Should not then the 'public' instead hang itself in masses for allowing to be 'victimized' like that?

Only & only 'GOD' knows what is awaiting for such a fake 'republic' and/or for its duped 'public!'  

Nader Vanaki

هفتاد و چهار روز دیر بهش رسیدگی کردن

Nader Vanaki

این یارو رو مردم دستگیرش کردن و نیروی انتظامی به گفتۀ مردم وقتی صحنه رو دیدن دَر رفتن.  مطمئن باشید خیلی ها که اومدن به دار کشیدن این قاتل رو نگاه کنن و باهاشون مصاحبه می شه، همونایی هستن که به گفتۀ خود قاتل در مصاحبه، اینقدر کتکش زدن تا بیهوش شد و لاشۀ گندیده اش رو تحویل پلیس دادن.  لیاقتش همین بود.


only 75 days - a record in the history of any judiciary system

by Fatollah on

WoW! listen to the crowds ...

خلایق هر چه لایق

Poosteh Pesteh


by Poosteh Pesteh on

A bunch of animals.



by hirre on

It shows the mentality of the middle-east, "eye for an eye"...

Esfand Aashena

Here are the pictures.

by Esfand Aashena on


While the whole public hangings are horrendus and should be banned, it seems this time the hanging method is more humane.  It appears he is falling quickly about a meter or so and thus the death is quicker, whereas in the past they used cranes which would just lift the person until s/he suffocates which takes more time to die.

Stoning and public executions should be stopped and banned.

Everything is sacred