Fakhteh Zamani: Azari Activist

Amnesty Internaional's interview on Lake Orumiyeh

Fakhteh Zamani is president of the Association for the Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners (ADAPP), which works on the human rights situation facing Iran’s minorities, and in particular, the Azerbaijani Turkic community >>>


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why does Savalan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


always bring up the Aryan thing? No one else did so why do Turk parasts always bring up Aryan. More to the point:

Q: If Turks hate Aryans to much then why do they go to Germany? Filled to the brim with Aryans! Real blue eyed; blond haired kind

A: To get jobs! 

Q: Why does Turkey work so hard to pretend to be a part of Europe?

A: I don't know. But at least we Iranians know who we are!


Zamani 100% Anti-Iranian

by Shomali on

Fakhteh Luna Zamani is:

* anti-Iranian

* a separatist

* slanders and lies against Iranian people

... These are facts.

About 2 months ago a couple of the people that work for ADAPP (her group) were caught saying the vilest, most despicable things about Iranians from other provinces (if I repeated those things here, you would be shocked).

I\'ll add another article about her:


".... interview on Lake Orumiyeh"

by Rea on

So, the title is misleading. Little to do with the lake. 



by iamfine on

Azari people should speak their language which I think is beautiful to listen and should have their school if choose to do that. However, I am strongly (as well as majority of Iranians) against separating Azerbaijan from Iran just because the IRI is not managing the country properly.


She is a well known separatist

by spatima on

Below is fakhmeh zamani's letter to former UN general sec. Kofi Anan. The letter is filled with separatist rhetoric and anti-iranic (she bashes kurds and rest of iranians) comments. its really a shame to dismiss her as a separatist PRIOR TO EVEN READING HER OWN WORK. 

This is what she wrote:



To: UN
The Honorable Secretary General of UN Kofi Annan

We are writing to urge you to condemn the violent demonstrations held by Kurdish terrorist groups in the South Azerbaijani city of Maku. Left unchecked, these dangerous actions threaten stability in the region.

On February 16, 2006, several Azerbaijani Turks lost their lives in an attack by a terrorist organization, known as the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), in South Azerbaijan, an area located in the North West of the so-called country of Iran.

PJAK, a related Iranian faction of the PKK, had organized a protest to mark the 7th anniversary of the capture of PKK’s founder, Abdullah Ocalan, in the South Azerbaijani city of Maku. Kurds who were brought from Kurdish regions to Maku spouted anti-Turkish slogans and attacked civilians. In this demonstration, Azerbaijani Turks were targeted and several Azeris lost their lives."

In hope of a Free,Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


@@ JJ : She is a well known pan turanist, google her up

by spatima on

@ dear JJ:
i strongly advise you to research her up prior to making a judgment over her. She is one of those sketchy characters. This being said, even by watching this interview,  the whole concept of "Azerbaijani people" or "Azerbaijani activists in prisons" that she brings up is just PLAIN RACIST. Dont we have other people jailed in Iran that  deserve her attention? what kind of RACIST attitude is that? Also, Ahmadinezhad says a bunch of nice things in some of his interviews as well, that doesnt make him a good person!!!

There is no such thing az AZERBAIJANI people in iran

there are however (PERSIANS/Iranians or whatever you want to call them) who speak azeri. Dr.Farokh along with many other scholars (ranging from geneticists to historians) are  a great source on this subject.

 we live in an age where people in bulgaria, albania and croatia are re-discovering their ancient iranian past and are proud to proclaim themselves as Iranians, but in our own Iran, the identity of an iranian ethnic group (albeit a very ancient one)is being hijacked by a bunch of israeli paid, baku supported douche bags.

Unlike our forefathers during the revolution, the new generation of youth in iran will not be fooled by these people.

We want a free iran for all, where azeris kurds and etc... are allowed to practice their language rights and form their own local (state) governments and run for political office anywhere in the country. What we dont want, is bunch of racist pan-turanist creating fake identities  so to divide and conquere the persians. 

In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran

Jeesh Daram

Maryam :)

by Jeesh Daram on

Cheers :)

Maryam Hojjat

Jeesh Daram, Hillarious

by Maryam Hojjat on

So Funny but it is real.


افکار نژاد پرستانه و چماق های سرکوب


دیگر این اتهام های نمی دانم ضد ایرانی، پان ترکیست و .... خیلی وقتهاست که رنگ باخته است. چرا که این بر همگان معلوم هست که حکومت های فاشیستی و گروههای ناسیونالیست آریا پرست و غیر دموکراتیک وقتی چشم دیدن ایرانی چند فرهنگه و زبانه را ندارند و همه را می خواهند یک دست کنند آنهم آسیمیله کردن در فرهنگ و زبان فارسی و فارسی را با ایرانیت معنی می کنند معلوم هست که چه عکس العملی در مقابل کنش گران و دگراندیشان مسذله حقوق بشر و حقوق ائتنیکی خواهند داشت. اتهام های پان ترکیست و تبلیغ علیه امنیت ملی خیلی برایمان عجیب نیست چرا که این همان اتهامی هست که به آن نوجوان شانزده ساله تبریزی هم که خواهان تحصیل به زبان مادری اش هست در دادگاههای انقلاب زده می شود. فعالین مدنی آذربایجان سالهاست به این اتهام شکنجه و سرکوب می شوند. اصلا" این که دیگر ساده است کسانی که سیستم و سیاست نژاد پرستانه کنونی را برای  بیش از هشتاد سال دنبال می کنند معلوم هستش که با چه حربه های میخواهند به این سیستم غیر انسانی ادامه دهند. کسانی که همچون جمهوری اسلامی میخواهند انسانها را حذف کنند.

 از آقای جهانشاه در این خصوص خیلی سپاس گذارم، چرا که سرپوش گذاشتن و بایکوت مسئله حقوق بشری بیش از نصفی از جمعیت ایران نه به آینده دموکراتیک آن کمک  خواهد کرد نه مفید است. بلکه در فضای باز هست که مشکلات و صداها شنیده خواهد شد. صداهایی که سالها سرکوب شده اند و اجازه نیافتند گفته شود. حالا هم در قرن بیست و یکم در خصوص این لینک ببینید تمامیت خواهها چطور نمی توانند یک مصاحبه حقوق بشری سازمان عفو بین الملل را تحمل کنند. کسانی که ادعای دموکرات و لیبرال بودند را دارند. خیلی متاسف لم...

Maryam Hojjat

Kaveh Farrokh Knows Well

by Maryam Hojjat on

That is good enough for me to believe this lady Zamani is anti Iranian separatist.

DK, Thanks for the KF references .

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

آخه چه کسی را پیدا میکنید که شخصیتش ترور نشده.....این یکی هم روش،  حالا مگر طرف کی هست....چند تا شلاق که بخوره اون هم براه راست هدایت میشه....وای مادر... برو دم کنی را بذار رو دیگ تا پلو دم بکشه...دیگه ظهر شد



by BaronAvak on

Are you really that stupid?  What do you want her to say before you accept that she's a separatist, "Hi, I am a pan-Turkist separatist, I want to totally divide Iran based on ethnic lines, I deny the Iranian identity of Tabriz, I want the Persian language out of Ardabil, I want to destroy the territorial integrity of Iran forever, I am backed by foreign anti-Iranian elements."  Of course no one is ever going to openly admit that - on television too, no doubt!  

No wonder you fell for Khomeini. And no wonder you've allowed your site to become a utensil for an organized anti-Iranian disinformation campaign by mulitple fake profiles with a neo-con provacateur agenda of agitating for war on Iran and seperatism within Iran.

I've been a reader of this site since it's inception in the mid-90's and am truly heart-broken that the comments and blogging features have been hijacked by an organized group with an anti-Iranian agenda, posing as Iranians.  And nothing is being done about it.   JJ, I implore you to, assuming you are not a party to this disinformation campaign, to put a stop to these inflammatory anti-Iranian fake profiles like "Simorgh5555", "Roozbeh_Gilani", and "Fred."


ترور شخصیت خانم زمانی


کسانی که پروژه بایکوت آذربایجان را شکست خورده یافتند و در این رهگذر ضررهای جدی دیدند شروع به انگ زنی و تهمت گویی به انجمن حقوق بشری آداپ و علی الخصوص خانم فاخته زمانی نمودند. آنان با ادبیاتی که بی شباهت به ادبیات دروغ و فحش کیهان نبوده و با ترور شخصیت این بانوی فعال حقوق بشر سعی می کنند تا وی را از ادامه راه خویش بازدارند غافل از اینکه در دنیای کنونی تهمت زنی و توسل به گروه فشار بدون سند و تکیه بر واقعیات تنها به رسوایی هرچه بیشتر اتهام زنندگان می انجامد چه در غیراینصورت باید کیهان و وزارت اطلاعات جمهوری اسلامی ایران را باید موفقترین گروه این قبیل گروهها دانست که شاید هیچ ارگان و سازمان دیگری به گرد آنان نیز نرسند.

Darius Kadivar

advocating pan-Turkism: the case of Madame Zamani by K Farrokh

by Darius Kadivar on

The futility of advocating pan-Turkism: the case of Madame Zamani by Kaveh Farrokh

Amongst the points made by Kaveh Farrokh in his article I will simply quote the following :

Kaveh Farrokh Writes:

"Madame Zamani has worked hard to present pan-Turkism as a “Human Rights” movement. In that endeavour She has written a number of petitions and directed these to UN bodies in an endeavour to promote a pan-Turkist agenda: In one of these petitions entitled ““PetitionAgainst PKK and PJAK Terrorism”
(September 23, 2006), she refers to Iran as “a so-called country“. Below is a copy of that text with her use of that term (so-called country)"

Petition Against PKK and PJAK Terrorism Petition

The Honorable Secretary General of UN Kofi Annan ... Terrorism Petition to UN was created by and written by Luna Zamani (southazerbaijan@hotmail.com)

The Signatuaries have since disappeared ...

Kaveh Farrokh Continues:

While much of what is stated in Madame Zamani’s petition is historically false, one sentence in particular written by Madame Zamani is of interest:

in South Azerbaijan, an area located in the North West of the so-called country of Iran

Iran is not a “so called country“. Even Seyyed Jaafar Pishevari, who was the head of the separatist Soviet-puppet government of Iranian Azarbaijan in 1946 admitted in the bi-lingual (Turkish-Persian) newspaper the Hurriyat (Liberty) in Baku in 1919 that:

It is a known fact that the Iranians are a historical nation which, despite having suffering numerous ups and downs in the past and adopted many religions and beliefs, has nevertheless been able to preserve its 6000 year old culture and tradition

(Hurriyat, no.72, May 21 1920).

About Kaveh Farrokh:

Kaveh teaches ancient Persian history at the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Studies Division, and is affiliated with a number of world-renowned organizations, including the Hellenic-Iranian Studies Society, The Iran Linguistics Society and Stanford University’s WAIS (World Association of International Studies) program.

Kaveh has been noted for a number of citations including the following:


These seperatists are using

by BaronAvak on

These seperatists are using generic buzzwords like "human rights" and "equality" as a cover for their real agenda of seperatism.  This is just like Khomeini did in 1978, suckering Iranians with lovely buzzwords like "freedom" and "democracy" as a cover for his real agenda of using fake British Islam to destroy Iran and Iranian heritage.   

Iranians have learned that when it comes to politics, especially foreign-orchestrated projects for Iran, what these shady front organizations *say* they want is totally different from the obviously more nefarious agenda of seperatism and the elimination of the Persian language and Persian/Iranian identity from certain quarters of Iran itself.


I like speaking in Gilaki and I am not a "separatist"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Labeling our Balooch, Kurd, Arab, Azari compatriots' just dmands for their human rights and social justice as "separatism", is Islamist regime's favourite lie. Dont fall for it. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


We need to grow up...

by comments on

Discrimination against Kurds has always been there, but come on...Azaris?!

Iranian culture by its own generates discriminatory attitudes, which less depends on Iran's govenment.  For example, Iranians who do not speak with Tehrani accent are considered dumb.  Isn't it true?  We could experience it with sending a kid with a different accent to a school and count how long he could stay there?  A few hours in south of Tehran I guess.  We have enough jokes to provde the cultural disciminatory minds of Iranians. 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

So far I have not heard Fakhteh Zamani say a word about the separation of Azarbaijani provinces from Iran. If someone has FACTS, let's see it.

The central government in Tehran cannot stop Azaris, or any other ethnic group, from promoting their culture and language. The more the government suppresses the natural rights of minorities, the more alienated and radical they will become. It's not unimaginable that one day separatist movements may gain strength. If it happens, blame Tehran -- not Tabriz, Sanandaj, Ahvaz or Zahedan.


Equal opportunity discriminators

by Fred on

What is she talking about?

Both the Head Islamist Rapist Khamenei & his cousin, Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khamene, during whose Prime Ministership thousands of Iranians were massacred, are from Azerbaijan. 

When it comes to the Iranians, Islamist Rapists are equal opportunity discriminators; the ethnicity of their Iranian victims does not enter into their calculations.


Darius Kadivar

She's a Well Known Separatist ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Fakhteh Zamani Founder of the Association for the Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners:


VOA Report on Speech of Fakhteh Zamani in U.S Congress In defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners which was criticized by some Iranian Diaspora compatriots :


THE SAME LADY REFUSES TO SPEAK IN PERSIAN: Her interview on VOA Persian is done in English as if she did not speak Persian ( Sorry for Poor Quality of Video):


Recommended Reading:

The futility of advocating pan-Turkism: the case of Madame Zamani by Kaveh Farrokh

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SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ... by DK