Ghassemlou Against Monarchy

Assassinated Kurdish leader speaking on future form of government

Wikipedia: Abdol Rahman Ghassemlou (December 22, 1930 – July 13, 1989) was a Kurdish political leader. Ghassemlou was the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran from 1973 to 1989, when he was assassinated by perpetrators thought to be agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran >>>


Mash Ghasem

DK jaan; knowing your priorities: tis a virtue.

by Mash Ghasem on

Live long and prosper.

Or as my teacher used to say: live long, make a lot of money and write well. Cheers

Mash Ghasem

DK : At least Dr. Ghasemlo spoke more languages than you

by Mash Ghasem on

So with all due respect in comparison (you and him), you might turn out to be the 'peasant' in case.

The order of democracy and autonomy is irrelevant. It's a dialectical relationship.

MRX!: Yes you don't get it. It simply means that people who are governors, mayors and "officials" runnning Kurdestan are not from outside with zero understandign of the region's history, needs and culture. It means treating all like human beings and not some as second class citizens, They have regional autonomy in Iraqi Kurdestan and not only it hasn't led to disintegration of Iraq, on the contrary Iraqi Kurdestan is the most stable (with some corruption) part of that country.

Persian chauvinsim has no limits! At some point it might not be a bad idea to discuss that.




by Abarmard on

If autonomy means self-govern as a room out of many in a house, meaning following the constitution of the land and have no independent military, then it's an acceptable demand.

All provinces in Iran should be self-govern in a sense of State under federal government. All cultures and ethnic groups should be free to talk, run, and govern their own states while keeping their Iranian nationality/identity. Belonging to different ethnicities doesn't oppose being Iranian. We all agree that being Iranian represents diversity and this idea fits well for Iran. Also the issue of accepting a national language such as Persian should be promoted by all state representatives for unification and efficiency purposes.


My be I don't get it

by MRX1 on

First of all the KDP has changed it's slogan few times already, but let's take the old one: what does democracy for Iran and Autonomy for Kurdistan really mean? If it's a democracy (allegedly we all are equal in deomcracy correct?) so why should some people need to be treated differently and have an autonomy? What does this autonomey include? does it include respect for the constituion or not? does it mean majority or monority will be discriminated against or not? Any country that will start having this kind of thing will sooner or later disintegerate, period.The only thing that glues Iran together is Iranian culture and unfortuantely thirty some years of attack by IRI on a 7/24 basis is destroying that glue.

Again I have no issue with seperatism. It's an ideology, we may like it or dislike it. I just don't like people lyeing about it and think that they can fool us by comming out with buzz words like federalism, autonomy, self determination, you name it. 

Darius Kadivar

In which Order ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Mash Ghasem

Democracy for Iran, Autonomy for Kurdestan

by Mash Ghasem on

This has been one of the central demands and slogans of KDP for years.

Exactly what part of this calls for a separation from Iran.

Why some people are so hell bent on distorting the record of National Minorities in Iran. When Kurdish Peshmerges were fighting Pasdar thugs where were all these 'braveheart' "nationalists?"

Anahid Hojjati

Ghassemlou was not a separatist

by Anahid Hojjati on

I read about Ghassemlou and his positions during late 1970s and early 1980s. The way I remember it, He was no separatist.



by MRX1 on

While I don't agree with his brutal assisination by IRI goons, fact of the matter is he was a bonified seperatist. (Not that anything is wrong with seperatism if you are honest about it). However having any kind of federal government based on ethnicity which is what  folks like him adovacting will sooner or later cause disintegeration of Iran after a blody civil war.

Darius Kadivar

Of course they are ... ;0) That's why I never trusted them

by Darius Kadivar on

Otherwise why would they use a different flag ? ...

Flag of Kurdistan

That's Why I will never Trust them entirely ...

SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...

Which does not mean that Federalism ( depending on the understanding of the word) is not something to consider in future debates onthe future form of the Iranian democratic regime:

Statement Of Secretariat of Reza Pahlavi of Iran On Meeting with the Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC-NA)

Something which personally I believe is Unfit for Iran precisely because of the hidden agendas of such groups which actually demand Independence on the long run and not necessarily Federalism.

Now if within a democratic regime ( which the IRI is Not) be it a Secular Republic or Constitutional Monarchy ( which Mr.Gassemlou fails to mention while referring to European Governments as a Model -Notice Sound was blurred ) various ethnic groups decide to have an independent state and campaign for that demand peacefully without recourse to armed Struggle, they should have the right to do so.

Take Spain's Monarchy for instance and their relation with Basque and Catalan Movements which only recently have definitively given up on Armed Struggle:

Spain and Basque terrorism:Ceasefire ahead? | The Economist

Basque separatists call on Eta to end terror campaign

But In my opinion No Separatist Demands can be delivered nor accepted as long as Iran is not a stable democracy.

That is why personally I opposed the very idea of Federalism in Iran and so did Daryoush Homayoun by the way as he mentions it in his very last interview:

Daryoush Homayoun’s Last Interview on Andisheh TV (2011)

for the simple reason that the long term agenda of these groups are clear as demonstrated by the choice of their flag.

Same thing with other groupes with similar demands, baloutch, Azeris etc ...

But regardless of his separatist aspirations Gassemlou did not desserve to be assassinated by the IRI in Vienna.


His people were definitively better off with the Monarchy than without.

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