Zoorkhaneh in Los Angeles

Founded by "Pahlevan" Manouchehr Yousefi


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Oon Yaroo

Pahlavan Razaz with one of his students Haj Bagher Miveh-chian

by Oon Yaroo on

Zoorkhane is archaic and sexist, in my opinion!

Why are the women sitting around the Gode and not participating in the exercise?  Are they shy? Are they afraid? Are they forbidden by their men? Imagine Tiger Lily in there and doing the shenna exercise!

This sport, despite its ancient tradition, rituals, and glories has not kept up with time.

Furthermore, its equipments most likely cause all kinds of long term body damage and deformity such as arthritis and joint malfunctions if exercised regularly!

I bet no body applied hendese'h, mosallasat, or any hessab to optimally design the equipments for performance and safe aerobically! Or did they?

For your information, here is a site describing the history of the sport.


  • Meel: A pair of wooden Clubs that evolved from ancient mace
  • Kabadeh: The Bow
  • Sang: The Shield
  • Takhteh Shena: The Bar


زیادی زور نزنین!


تخمتون باد میکنه!


The mother of all aerobics, gyms and pilates exercises. Great music too



Time of change........

by پندارنیک on

Nothing beats seeing a "pahlavoon" in a BMW.........

Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

خیلی جالب و تحسین بر انگیز است

 ورزشی زیبا و پهلوان پرور که سال‌هاست به دست فراموشی سپرده شده.

شاگردانی بی‌شمار و پیشرفت روز افزون رو براشون آرزو میکنم.




by Fesenjoon2 on

Awesome. It's about time.


Lots of happy chiropractors

by Milan on

Lots of happy chiropractors watching this in L A



by yolanda on

This is super cool! Where is this? Santa Monica?

Tiger Lily

عموجان LOL!

Tiger Lily

That lot have tashrif in Londonistan!


Only thing we haven't imported to USA, is Akhoond

by عموجان on

Just joking, I wish him the best, this is great idea what ever it takes to keep Iranian culutre alive any where in the world I am for it. Since IR are doing any thing they can to kill Iran.  

Tiger Lily

Sweet Tehrangeles, but

by Tiger Lily on

vAt abot de vimons varzesh?