Asghar Farhadi: BBC Award

"A Separation" Winner of 2011 BBC Four World Cinema Awards

BBC: A movie about the break-up of an Iranian marriage has been named the winner of this year's BBC Four World Cinema Awards. Director Asghar Farhadi Of A Separation was unable to attend the ceremony, which took place in London. Collecting the prize, executive producer Negar Eskandarfar said he was pleased the movie had been "welcomed internationally". A Separation was chosen from a shortlist of five by a panel of judges comprising of film director David Hare, documentary filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, Oscar-winning documentary producer John Battsek and Booker Prize winning author Kazuo Ishiguro >>>




by Shemirani on

Asghar Farhadi tabdil kardam be Farhad Ashghari , poozesh mikham az ishoon!!! dyslexia gereftam enghar ....but he is a great Director anyway :)


Un petit bijoux

by Shemirani on

LOVED IT ! a very deep movie. i love Asghari's work, he describes our people in such a great way, and it's not just about iranians the movie is very Universal that's why foreigners liked so much !

i heard a french commentator saying Ashghari is a director of "La nouvelle vague" .... i totally agree with him ! he is very goooddddd !besides that the actors are great too !!!

can't wait to buy the dvd !!




Go see the film

by MashtAli on

Its a great film.  Entertaining and moving.  Some comments here remind me of what we tell the kids: "taste it before saying akhhe".

Orang Gholikhani

Excellent Movie

by Orang Gholikhani on

This is an excellent movie and Asghar Frahadi is a major director at same level as Almodovar or Felini. He is not only another "Iranian" director explaining Iranian issues. This story could be happend every where else , in US or in Europ.e

Of course people used to Holywood movies could avoid watching it.



The film isn't as great as

by Fesenjoon2 on

The film isn't as great as they say it is. It has all the usual IRI ershadi stereotypes all over it:

The bad girl is the one who is rich, is hip (colors her hair) and is running away to khaarej because she is weak in morals and character. (ham tarsoo hast ham talaagh daareh migireh).

The good girl is chadori, is poor (mostazaf), works hard, is mazloom, and is god fearing.

I would give it 3.5/5. Not bad, but not so stellar either. 

Maybe I should write a blog about this. 


This film will win Oscar

by kazem0574 on

Its a fantastic film and has been receiving awards from all over the world.

Highly recommended to watch.

Everyone is talking about it in film circles and ordinary people who have seen it are very touched by it. 

The story and how its enacted took me by surprise, never expected Iranian actors to be able to produce such intricate emotions in the way they do in this film.




Like to know

by MRX1 on

who goes and sees these movies beside some euro trash who have nothing else to do than presenting awards to these kind of movies.