Shah in Cairo: 1939

Arriving for wedding with Princess Fauzieh



If his Majesty were alive today, there are some people he would

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be proud of.

I read in his letter to a friend, that the greatest issue that bothered him was injustice and the inability of people to defend themselves when wronged.

Today I also read a copy of the letter of Nasrin Soutoudeh, imprisoned for defending clients she believed were unjustly sentenced to years in jail.

The Shah would be so proud, that in what is the Dark days of Iran, Iranian ladies are fighting with such consistency and perseverence.  It is an accomplishment to defend people who's honor, dignity and character is wrongly attacked, whether by a state or any social/political group.

God Bless Nasrin, God Bless the Shah. God Bless Iranians who give us a reason to have confidence in our own goodness and power.




Iranians and Egyptians share a partnership as old as History.

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Sadat really was very Noble and Moral, when he chose to give the betrayed Shah, a home with peace and security.

After his so called Allies, the British/American/French/German leaders all denied him a safe home.

At least the West benefitted from the Islamic Revolution which the backed even today, which is more than can be said for the majority of traitors within Iran. 

If only Iran had enough patriotic Iranians before the 1979 revolution, then surely the Shah would have not been betrayed and Iranians would not be getting tortured in large numbers every single day. 


There was no

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chemistry between these two. You could tell from the video that Mohamad Reza shah didn't like Fouzieh. He didn't seem very happy.

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If it does not work

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At least with marriage arrangement, if it does not work, then you can blame someone else.