Masoud Rajavi: 1980

Speech at the home of Nasser Sadegh, April 1980



Hell is too good of a place for some garbage, scumb back like MR

by Bavafa on



Go to hell!

by ariane on

That's were hypocrite like you belong. For destroying the lives of many promissing Iranians. For kissing Saddam's hand. For all lies and hypocracy you represent...


Dont write in BOLD, write in Green, the colour of Dollars!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Only then, the shameless paid agent of the islamist regime and all it's user ID's  would for sure start listening to you!

Fool me twice, you must understand who is behind these user ID's to understand the reason for his hysteric attacks on the MKO. The islamist regime  sees MKO as a major threat to it's mere existance, as an organisation which could undercut it's ideological base. Hence the hysterical , hateful remarks through it's paid agent here.

On NIAC. I know little about this  "organisation" (or should I call them a "money cult"?) and care less. I started receiving emails from this organisation upon joining this site. But since learning about the organisation's co operation with the islmsit regime, all these emails end in my junk mail box. As a person who visists Iran regularly (Note, Note mr/mrs "pendal"!!), I have a little concern with my email and IIP being shared with an organisation in collaboration with Islamist regime, but nothing to stop me going back to Iran for my visits.

We Iranians in US have a duty to bypass niac and such, talk to american people and legislators directly and tell them what we think of the terrorsit regime of Iran, the imprisoned trade unionists, human rights activists, murders, rapes, tortures, terrorsitic attacks, dangerous nuclear arms policy, MKO, etc from our Irania perspective . This is where I spend most of my spare time these days (not much sadly due to family and work and ever present ambitions of completing the iron man race before the end of this year!). This way, we can influence not only the US policy, but more importantly the grass root, american attitude about our country.

Long Live Iran

Down with the islamist fascism    

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


no chrisma whatsoever

by deev on

what do MKO people see in him?
two minutes into it he put me to sleep with boredom!

he looks like the singer Shahrokh, was waiting for him to bust into "paayizeh, paayizeh geryoon"

Fool Me twice...


by Fool Me twice... on

No real Iranain Wants Nor would Ask for military option against Iran. dont attack the mollahs, But for god sakes at least dont help them either.

Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to shed some light on a few misconceptions created by our lovely friends (wouldnt want to offend anyone, you know who you are) it's a beautiful system they've got, the regime commits any and all sort of atrocities and crimes againest the people, and their damage control army outside of the country makes them look legitimate. As soon as they feel the pressure they start screeming about military attak, which I must add the regime desires military conflict. By creating a war they can repeat what they did with the Iraq war, make their foot-holds stronger. If the regime and their cronies cared anything about our people they wouldn't be killing, torturing and making the life pure hell for them for the past 32 years. what should be put to a real Referendum is that what kind of government people of Iran want. Instead the regime sends out it's army of cyber basijis whom live in Europe or USA to create a FAKE opposition. it would be as if the Wolf is the chairman of the "save the sheep" foundation. These are some of the dirty tricks used by the regime to create this mirage.

People of Iran are sick and tired of the religious rule. for the past 32 years a small group (comparing w/poplulation) have been enjoying all the benefits. Oil revenue which must be spent for the people of Iran, has made a few very rich. most of the country doesnt have drinking water, people are hungary! Enough is enough! how much longer should people (sistan, gilan-o-mazandaran, ahvaz-o-abadan, kordestan-o-khorasan,...) suffer? how much longer should these salesmen of religion dictate our lives? A SECULAR DEMOCRATIC GOVt. means that no religion could DICTATE everyone's lives. it means that, at the same time that RELIGION is RESPECTED, it is not allowed to force its laws on society. SECULAR is not against RELIGION, Secular means :religion in its own place and government separated from any and all Idealogies. in a secular Iran, I will protect the right of your religious believe even with my own life. this is what the current regime doesnt want discussed by people, and they would stop at nothing to destroy this message. In a free country,who cares what religion you practice or not. Eslaahaat in this regime is an oxymoran. last but certainly not least, I do not now nor ever ,have been involved or been a member of any group, party, etc. I do not get paid like some (winkwink) to spread propaganda, anything I write is from heart and only beacuse I do care for the future of our country. YaaHagh.

P.S. No Idealogical govt. in IRAN ( that should answer your question regarding my position on MKO)


another molla keravati

by rain bow movment on

I'm not attacking MKO,I just wants to asked them ,isn't it  a aperson called him or herself political activist should know thier own people and political history and political geogrophy of their country and the world . the past 32 years they prooved they know nothing about the politics.

the future government of Iran must be free of all B.S Ideology like Islam,and communism.

only free secular government wich can be held accountable to the Iranian people for a bad performance is acceptable for me.


where is the real beef?

by پندارنیک on

Typing in bold letters never helps the substance, especially where there is a visible shortage of which.

There is no legal, moral, or ethical law dictating that (a) site owner(s), must be void of any political tendencies and/or organizational affiliations. And I can go forever praising or criticizing this site's unprecedented diversity. 

Now that we know where JJ stands on the subject of a military attack against his homeland, let hear your opinion about the Rajavis' cult and its plans for our country.

Kudos to JJ for moving this clip from "Latest corner" to the top.

Fool Me twice...

where's the Beef?

by Fool Me twice... on

You have hit the nail right on the head (Roozbeh-Gilani)unfortunately the HOLE is much deeper thanweimagine,i'tsnot just individuals whom are paid to surf the web and make comments,etc. SOME NEWLY RELEASED COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW THE COMMUNICATIONS BACK AND FORTH BETEWEEN THE IRANAIN REGIME'S LOBY THAT GOES BY THE NAME NAAIAAK (intentional misspelling) AND SOME POPULAR WEBSITES, SUCH AS THIS VERY WEBSITE AND balatarin WEBSITE. HERE IS THE LINK I COPIED FROM parsdailynews. I DID ASK FOR EXPLAINATION HERE FROM THE OWENERS, BUT I WAS ACCUSED OF BEING ahmadinejad SUPPORTER. YOU READ THIS DOCUMENTS AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. however, i have a feeling that instead of an answer they will just remove these comments. you gotta love free speech, ESPECIALL WHEN YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SHUT ALL THE true oppositionUP. such as the do here. YaaHagh.



something must be cooking at IRI's ministry of etelaat...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The cyber attacks on MKO are up drastically by islamist regime's cyber agents. But for paid cyber  agents of the islamist regime to criticize MKO for their "religious undertones", is quite something!

 Not that it matters to the rest of us. Vast majority of Iranian people, even the religious, wish for a secular democratic government. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


"him and his ilk"

by پندارنیک on

I am not sure if you can have a society without any ideology. Democracy is an ideology too.When you say that they are not better than Khomeini and his ilk, you have so correctly identified the religious undertone of this dangerous cult. you are totally right in that regard.



by yolanda on

The dude smirked too much! I wonder why!


him and his ilk

by mahmoudg on

are no better than Khomeini and his ilk.  Full democracy without any single ideology.  anythng else is unacceptable.