Hossein Khezri

Tells his story before execution in Orumiyeh

Hossein Khezri (Persian حسین خضری) was an Iranian Kurdish activist who was sentenced to death by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Court in 2009. The charge was "waging war against God" through membership in the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK). He was arrested in Kermanshah in 2008 and was held at the prison of Urmia. He was executed on 15th of January 2011 in Oroumieh, West Azarbaijan, Iran. His family as well as his lawyer were not informed of his execution until after the sentence was carried out >>> Wikipedia



Its a sad sad story, brave young man

by Kashk on

مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی


On Patriotism.

by Paykar on

Patriotism, is projection of conscious or unconscious feelings and desires for connectedness and belonging. It provides identity and safety. Political and liberation movements have used this deep need in the psyche of all to successfully mobilize the population for their respective agenda.

The fulfillment of this ubiquitous need parallels the role family plays visa vis the children. This very positive aspect on occasions has lead to  formation of irrational collective behavior ( e.g., Fascism, Ethnic cleansing...)

The more secure an individual is the more likely that he/she will have a constructive approach to patriotism; it has been described as having a critical loyalty to nation. Those who feel less secure exhibit an inflexible attachment to country (blind patriotism). The later clearly includes those who support the Islamic Republic(or Pahlavi regime) in its suppression of all ethnic movements for self determination- I am not your kind of patriot



by alaaf on

Your logic or lack of it is very amusing but thanks for letting everybody know where your position is on terrorist organisations like Jundulah, PJAK, MKO etc. All three including PJAK are classified as a terrorist organisation by NATO and U.S government.                                                                                                                                                                                      Kurdish, Arab, Baluch and Turkish Nationalism has existed in Iran way before the IRI took power, and they're definitely not going away if IRI disappeared tomorrow. It's always puzzling to see self described "vatan parast" cheer militant separatist organisations. 


Reminds of you

by MRX1 on

stalinist courts of former soviet union where everything was just a show trial and  convict was already convicted before the trail even started. Apparently you islamists have learned some thing from the infidle russians.

What these islamists psycho morons are doing by accident, design or on purpose is creating an atmospher of ethnic hate.  This will make unity and cohision a tough task post IRR.  you have to feel sorry for the regime or a person that takes over after IRR. The new regime  will have their hand full of crisis............


Aalaf: Reading your comments here and else where

by Bavafa on

It strikes me as one that makes a concentrated effort in making logic statement/comments. However, for those of us who have been here long enough (including yourself) knows that there is only one tab on the main page here called "Iranian of the day" which can include anybody and often times are pictures of people of other nationalities, yet everybody understand and accept that.

So, trying to make a case, to the point of insisting and repeating it, using such argument only goes to magnify your ingeniousness in making a logical statement.

To the topic (IMHO)

Capital punishment is only a State sponsored murder, pure and simple. This is irregardless of political or criminal cases as often times one can be carried out interchangeably (i.e accusing a political activist as a criminal)

At the rate IRI has been murdering people whether in prison, on the streets or in covert operations has been alarming for quit some time and any true human being, irregardless of his/her political affiliation ought to be appalled by it.



@ The Joker

by Paykar on

Stop your nonsense. I do support the right of any people under siege by the IR for autonomy and even independence. How much clearer can I be? To me territorial integrity of Iran under the Fascist regime is a sham. You see them as terrorists because you support the regime; I call them freedom fighters because I want the demise of Islamic Republic. We are enemies.


"the only " mohareb ba khoda " is IRI"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You make a lot of sense, a lot of time Soosan khanoom.

But let me say this, and I know you'd disagree and I'll get scolded by MG: the punishment for  people who committed and continue to commit  these crimes against Iranian Kurds, Turks, Balooch, Gilak, Fars...., is what Bin Laden got. Except no such kind acts as "sea burial" for them. 

 When the regime is overthrown which I have no doubt it will in not too distant future, we will see revolutionary justice being dished out against the islamist regime leadership and their supporters in such grand sacle that it'd deter any little wanabe tin pot fascist of any persuation from repeating their crimes for generations to come.

This fate would not exclude the islamist criminals  who'll scape or have already scaped to the west. I think the way Nazi war criminals were hunted by the jewish state is a good example, except Iranains would not be as kind towards islmist regime supporters as Jews were towards Nazi collaboraters. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Soosan Khanoom

Guilty or not guilty why do

by Soosan Khanoom on

Guilty or not guilty why do they keep killing people in Iran?  

Life is precious and they have no respect for it ..... hell with them all 

the only " mohareb ba khoda " is IRI  !! 



by alaaf on

It's even more amazing that after living in America for so long you still fail at reading and understanding basic English. Hossein Khezri was an active member of the terrorist separatist organisation PJAK. Which part of that do you not understand? Read their manifesto from Wikipedia. Is that so hard to do? That's how they describe themselves. Apparently calling a spade a spade is a crime around here. 



by hirre on

I think people should differentiate between "moderate kurds" that fight for the same freedom as people on the streets in Teheran with "separatist kurds" that fight for the "country" kurdistan. The latter will ultimately result in a civil war, which is not good for the nation... It is important to understand that when the regime falls there is a risk that some parts of the nation might be lost due to years of alienation. We can not have this situation if Iran is to survive.


why islamist regime & it's cyber agents hate Iranian kurds?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Because Kurds rejected these tin pot weakling shiat fascists from day dot. The Kurdish people saw right through this sham, they saw the ugly face of an anti Iranian fascist dictatorship behind the facad of a revolutionary regime. The kurds have been paying the highest price ever since for their insight, intelligence and patriotism. I know personaly of Kurdish people who witnessed mass murder of their unarmed fellow villagers, young, old, men women by the islamist regime mercenaries during early 1980s as young kids. Islamist regime carried a policy of ethnic cleansing and mass genocide  as a revenge against kurds in 1980s. To this date Kurdistan is under a virtual military occupation by the regime. yet last year we saw the first and only mass strike against the islamist regime in Kurdistan, when the Green proteters were "walking peacefully and in silence...."

The fact that despite all these shameful , racist crimes by the islamist regime, the vast majority of Kurds remain loyal  citizenjs of Iran , not asking for ouright separation, is only a testement to patriotism of our Kurdish Brothers and sisters.

Long Live Iran

Long Live Kurdistan

Down with fascist, racist, anti Iranian islamist regime.    

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Paykar on

It's amazing how low one can get in supporting inhumanity and outright Fascism, when one benefits from it. For historical reasons Kurds of the region have the right for autonomy, even independence.

Kurds deseve our support. They will have equal Rights in every respect in a democratic Iran. Separatist or not, I am proud of my Kurdish brothers and sisters.


No fear: you are a supporter of the regime of rape and torture. Who is the real scumbag?


...و چنین است


...و چنین است حکومت فاشیستی

چنین است حکوکت مهرورز

چنین است اسلام ناب محمدی

شرم و لعنت بر همشان



Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

دو سال پیش که بعد از بیش از سی و دو سال مسافرتی به ایران کردم  به شهرهای بسیاری مسافرت نمودم که اولین آنها سنندج بود.  با هواپیما از تهران کمتر از یک ساعت است.  از همان بدو ورود از راننده تاکسی فرودگاه گرفته تا متصدیان هتل، تا هر فرد دیگری که در سنندج،  دریاچه زریوار و پالنگان و نقاط مختلف ملاقات کردم، بجز از مهربانی، ادب، فروتنی و شوخ طبعی هیچ ندیدم و در کوچه و بازار رفتار مردم در سطح بالای انسانی است که در متمدن ترین شهرهای دنیا میبینید.   ولی ابر سیاه خوف و هراس از دولت در همه جا بچشم میخورد.  هر چه بیشتر با دو برادر که مارا با ماشینشان تا کرمانشاه بردند آشنا شدم بیشتر از  واقعیتهای جاری و محرومیتهایی که دولت برای کردها قائل میشود آگاه شدم.  در هتلی یک کرد بمن چنین گفت:  "ما کردها از روزی که بدنیا میائیم دو  گناه بزرگ مرتکب شده ایم،  اول آنکه کرد هستیم،  و دوم آنکه سنی هستیم"  این گفته آن مرد حقیقت تلخی است که کم و بیش واقعیت دارد.   یک کارخانه دولت در آنجا تاسیس نکرده است و اکثر جوانها بیکار هستند و یکی از آنها حالا یا جدی و یا شوخی میگفت در سی سال گذشته دولت فقط یک کارخانه ساختن "پفک نمکی" در سنندج احداث نموده است.  کردستان و تمام استانهای ایران باید خود مختاری در قالب ایران بزرگ را بدست بیاورند.  به امید روزی که کردها در آزادی کامل در کشور خودشان زندگی کنند 



by alaaf on

I still don't think you understand dear. I'm not judging him. It's not about how the Iranian government viewed Khezri. It's about how Khezri viewed himself. He viewed himself as part of the greater Kurdish Nation. Hence the reason he was a member of the Kurdish Nationalist group PJAK. That's why I think it was ironic to have him as 'Iranian of the day'. I did not mean to judge or insult him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                @ahosseini                                                                                        Typical braindead knee-jerk Iranian response. So quoting the PJAK manifesto from Wikipedia is "thuggish behaviour"?  The only thug here is you with your baseless name calling and childish personal attacks.                                                                                                                                               

Mash Ghasem

NF: Why do you always have to be so colorful in you 'vocab?'

by Mash Ghasem on

It's very refreshing to see persian google as the latest Authority for matters Iranian. Me though it was Iranica?

Yes, PJAK is a violent group, and many Iranian Kurdish individuals, groups and parties have told them that terrorism plays into IR's hand, they never listen, like you.

As long as IR has Kurdistan under vritual and real military occupation, PJAK and such, will have room to grow, what is so hard to understand about that?

No Fear

Hossein Khezri was a terrorist scumbag.

by No Fear on

Do a search on persian google before elevating him as a martyr who died for human rights!!!



I understand what PJAK are.

by Layli on

I understand what PJAK are. I am Kurdish and I know what is going on in my region. am not a  political person but I have a question for you, if Hossien is not an Iranian, then why Iranian government executed him as an iranian citizen?



by ahosseini on

Where did Khezri mention anything about separation of Kurdistan from Iran. The right of nations for self determination is part of international charter for human rights. However, there is no mention of separation in here. can you find a single statement in this young man's statement calling for separation of Kurdistan from Iran. Just like your IRR masters, yo just have to accuse Kurds, Baloochis and Azari's as separatists, wemen as  ... Bahais as ..., Armanians as ....

Really shame on you



by alaaf on

Seems like you also don't understand what PJAK are or what they stand for. Here's a short description of PJAK according to Wikipedia:                                                                                                         "PJAK is a militant Kurdish nationalist group with bases in the mountainous regions of northern Iraq, has been carrying out numerous attacks in western Iran, southern Turkey and the northeastern parts of Syria where the Kurdish populations live."                                                                                                                               Making Hossein Khezri an Iranian Of the Day is like making Bobby Sands 'British Person of the Day'. 


Alaaf,You talk like Islamic

by Layli on


You talk like Islamic regime about Kurds.

We, Kurds are one of the oldest Iranian/Aryan races.
I am so proud to be an  Iranian Kurdish woman and I am so proud of  Hossin khezeri. I hate  Iranian dictatorship regime.

مرگ بر حکومت بو گندوی اسلامی 



Babak K, It seems you

by alaaf on

don't understand what irony is. oh well 

Babak K.

Alaaf, It seems you have

by Babak K. on


It seems you have problem with hopes and aspirations of Iranian youth who want to bring democracy to Iran. 



A Kurdish separatist as 'Iranian of the day'

by alaaf on

Oh the irony

Maryam Hojjat

Down with IRR/IRI & Its Thugs

by Maryam Hojjat on

They are bloodiest criminals in the world.  They have caused so much pain & agnoy for Iranian families by killing their innocent children.  Shame on the people who support these barbaric regime.  They are not IRANIANs but Anti iraninans.