Fathi Brothers

Mother mourns their execution "with joy" outside prison gates

iranhumanrights.org: Two brothers, Mohammad Fathi, 28, and Abdollah Fathi, 27, were hanged Tuesday morning inside Isfahan’s Dastjerd Prison. On Monday, the family of the two executed prisoners told the Campaign that the case lacked due process and that the authorities had not paid attention to the irregularities of the case in reaching a verdict and issuing the sentence. The Iranian police claim that the two men were involved in an armed robbery incident in the northern province of Mazandaran >>>

Outside prison gates after execution of Fathi brothers, their mother tells people to "celebrate":


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Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

I did not think you were such a rude and obsessive person who would follow me from blog to blog. If someone should grow up, it is actually you.

I have no respect for you anymore. You are a child who insults others, yet cannot handle the consequence of his rude behaviour.

This is my last exchange with you, unless you behave like a decent, grown man and apologize to me.





by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You are hijacking and diverting a blog about the cold blooded, illegal murder of two Iranian brothers by the islamsit regime, over your obsessive objection to sonmeone saying something in a moment of justified anger, which we all agreed could had been put differently, better. Do you even read what you write?  You are  turning this blog into a forum for personal attacks. Do you think the poor mother of these brothers would give a damn about the language siamak has used here?

 please, grow up and  stop this childish behaviour... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Siamak Baniameri is not only vulgar man, but also sexist. And *you* are too ignorant of sexism to understand the issue. In other words, you are a sexist man who ignores his sexism. Plus, you are not Siamak's lawyer. Let him defend his very stupid comment.  

Some of your wordings don't make sense.





by yolanda on

It is hard to lose one child.....this lady lost 2 children on the same day.....I saw the photo of the 2 brothers....they looked like twins!


sean NY

by Simorgh5555 on

Well said, Sean. Whilst there is almost universal condemnation of the Iranian Mojahedeen Khalq for having received logistical support from Saddam Hussein it does not compare to the treachery of the NIAC and CASMI. Sepahpour Ulrich, Parsi and Aslan will be held to accoumt for their betrayal. Death to the IR.


To Siamak

by Benyamin on

I am sure that you meant no disrespect to women and if any it was all in support of women however the "poor" choice of metephor!

I guess in "some people`s views" when fighting for whaterevr the cause or however justful the only "ligitimate" way would be womanly fight and men should just behave "however" women like or approve of!!!

I wished that "Azade Azad" would have objected to volgarity and obsene words Mr. Siamack used and not the replacement of men and women`s position! I am also offened by your comment it is as if siamack compared you with dogs or pigs that you are so offended by it!

As I said Siamack`c comment is a manly one and this is a free forum although I don`t approve of the volgarity but I approve of what he is trying to say.

We need to be united and "lotfan nerkh vasat e dava ta`een na konid".



Scumbags like Trita Parsi and Reza Aslan supported this regime

by seannewyork on

After seeing this it makes me so mad that scumbags like Trita Parsi and Reza Aslan would say Iran is a democracy and that you should appease this regime and cut a deal with it so it can murder and rape more people and have millions more like this mother.

The complete removal of this regime is the answer and that includes khatami, rafsanjani and friends.



Stop State sponsor murder in Iran and else where

by Bavafa on

Azadeh khanoom;

Although I would suspect Siamack means no offence by his comment, I agree with you that this is very offensive to women.



Time to liberate Iran

by Simorgh5555 on

Scenes like this are too harrowing to watch. How many more mothers and families torn apart by this regime and its industrial killing machine. I am sick d tired of thes appeasement tactics andfrom is day forward I will lend my support to any State and any Iranian organisation who will help eradice this vile regime from the face of the earth. The suffering of the Iranian people can no longer be ignored. To President Netanyahu and Obama to stop the charade and pussyfooting on this issue.and give immediate assistance and material suport to free Iranians and destroy this brutal regime.
To the CASMi and NIAC. To Reza Aslan, Sepahpour-Ulrich and Titra Parsi. Scumbags such a yourselves will be held accountable for your tacit suppor of this regime and its brutal terror apparatus. Every minute which you have helped sustain this regime wibe one year of hard labour on your hefty sentence.
To all Iranians: Strike while the in is hot. PLEASE SUPPORT MILITARY ACTION.

Azadeh Azad

Siamack Baniameri

by Azadeh Azad on

"While men were busy shaving their pussies, Iranian women grew balls and took over. Go home and puff your opium, you dushbags. The women will clean up your mess."

Do you have any idea how offensive to women your ignorant comment is? You are putting down men by calling them women (=busy shaving their pussies) and raising women's status up - in your chauvinistic and sexist mind - by calling them men!

How could you justify such a horrible statement? Shame on you!


Anonymous Observer

why didn't they just dissolve them in acid?

by Anonymous Observer on

seems to be the preferred method of punishment by the IR.


Quite disturbing

by RostamZ on

       I can't understand what goes on in the mind of IRI animals. They have destroyed the beautiful nation of Iran. I just wished this whole thing was a dream.



they are from Isfahan and

by alx1711 on

they are from Isfahan and they commit arm robbery in Mazandaran! Sounds like another Parasitic Islamics peopoganda to cover up theyr hazbollah, basiji brothers...

What people realize is Parasitic Islamic Tazie worshipers (hezbollah, basij, mullahs) are the theives not the people of Iran.


No Fear

by Rastgoo on

I don't believe in a word from the so called courts of justice in Iran.  You can get anyone to confess to anything when you rape them with glass soda bottles and threaten to kill whoever is dear to them if they don't "confess".  How can you execute people for armed robbery when no ne else was killed?  And these scum bags call themselves men of god and gullible simpletons like you believe them!  Shame on you.


Difficult to watch

by divaneh on

This is certainly a political case as enemy of God is only reserved for them. The punishment for stealing is not death and they have not killed anyone either. Purely political. I wish the family patience until the day that they see the justice done.  


Only a far second to Siamck's comment

by Mehrban on

They say when they killed Mansour e Hallaj, his mother took to the street with no hejaab, she said there are no men here why wear hejaab.  

Siamack Baniameri

Go home....

by Siamack Baniameri on

While men were busy shaving their pussies, Iranian women grew balls and took over. Go home and puff your opium, you dushbags. The women will clean up your mess.


no fear

by rtayebi1 on

where  do U think I am from? Am I not from Iran? Who R u trying to fool? what is UR agenda? What R u trying to say? why am I against IRI?  I really don't get it You think I hate Iran? please tell me


That's all? they are robbers lets hang them.

by عموجان on

So when are we going to hang Ahamdi, khami, Rafi and rest of them, they been robbing people of Iran for past 32 years.

What happened to public hanging, this time they didn't have the balls, or they knew people wouldn't let them.

Islam is dark,very dark and sick religion.  

No Fear

LoL ..

by No Fear on

Sure, go ahead and adopt every armed robber, rapist, drug dealer, terrorist and all other low life scumbags as " freedom fighters" who have died by a brutal regime.

I really don't give a damn, honestly. You are doing yourselves a great disservice.

Remember the case of Sakineh Ashtiyani who was condemned to death for killing her husband?  Idiots all over the world were signing letters and mail campaigns, some were arguing she is a political prisoner, some got the European parliament involved , the media all around the world was involved and arguing the barbaric regime in IR and its atrocities, then something amazing happened ....

Sakineh Ashtiyani went on television and confessed to her crime while explaining how she killed her husband on the crime scene in front of live television cameras both from Iran and other foreign countries. Her son was there too.....   nicely played, really.

Even a jackass won't fall in the same hole twice. LoL ..


brave brave mom

by rtayebi1 on

what a woman what a woman.


Very painful to watch.

by Benyamin on



"armed robbers"?!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

surely, even a simple minded born gullible sporting ahmaghinezhad's picture as her avatar would not believe in that story!

Remember if these two brothers were simple criminals as they instructed you the simpleton to say here, they could have  simply bought their freedom with a few million Euros! simple enough logic for you I hope! 


I agree absolutely with the first comment on this blog. The time will come in not too distant future,  when the real armed robbers, the islamist regime leadership and their cronies will be lined up against the wall and shot with a single bullet at the back of their heads.

I'll be more than happy to be there to perform my national duty as an Iranian citizen....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

No Fear

Armed robbers

by No Fear on

you'll be remembering the names of two armed robbers who went on a spree of robbing many jewelries in Irans cities.


Now this is bravery

by rtayebi1 on

Brave brave mom.I will remember these two brave men as I will remembers their killer. I just hope she sees her justice soon.