Doomsday Machine: Iran-Iraq War

Documentary on mentally disabled war veterans


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May fires of Ahura Mazda &

by alx1711 on

May fires of Ahura Mazda & Justice of Cyrus the great burn those Tazies & the ones who have raped Iran in the past and today.

I cant never forget those days, each time i think about it or see somthing about it, myhairs stand and my hate towards those sawages grow stonger.

In hope of a free Iran.


Thank you for reminding us

by Fair on

of the human cost this terrible war had, and of those wonderful and sincere people who sacrificed everything for the rest of us.  A war which destroyed so many of my good friends and my generation.  A war which was initiated and continued by the enemies of Iran - led by Saddam and Khomeini, financed, fueled and supplied by regional tyrants, and corrupt vultures in the USSR, Europe, China, and the USA.  The people of Iran did not ask for this war, but we paid the price and continue to do so.  And we shall not and will not ever forget. I join Bavafa and all others in remembering and honoring these dear people every day.


Forgotten people

by Guilan on

It is islamic key for promised heaven.


I agree Bavafa

by MM on

Mehrdadm - Thanks for posting this video on this Memorial Day Weekend.


Shustari and Bavafa jaan

by Reality-Bites on

I totally agree with you both.

Iranian forces had managed to force Saddam's invaders out of all Iranian territory by 1984 and the war could have ended there and then, saving hundreds of thousands more lives and more destruction.

But no, Imam wanted to spread his revolution and did not want to stop until his brand of fanatical Islam also got a grip on Baghdad. And why not? It wasn't his life that was on the line, was it?

It was the young men, so many of whom fell in the battle (inc my own uncle) and the brainwashed and uneducated young bassijis who walked on Iraqi minefields with the key to the door of heaven hanging from their necks who gave their lives, while Imam was safely tucked away in Jamran.

And the Islamic Republic kept telling people to empathise with Imam for drinking the poison chalice of peace and end the war six more needless years later in 1988. What a farce.


yet another

by shushtari on

GIFT from that idiot khomeini....

we would have NEVER, EVER been attacked by a lowlife like sadam had the ahoonds not taken over our vatan

that B%%%%rd murdered some of the best commanders in the world who were heads of the imperial army

and on top of that, we could have had a cease fire in 82 but that savage looney kept the war going, and god knows how many wonderful youth of our country lost their lives for khomeini's personal grudge




Iranians owe their

by Bavafa on

Iranians owe their gratitude to all those young Iranians who risked their lives, many gave their lives to save Iran.

Many regimes & officials around the world, specifically in Iran have much to answer not only for the start of but for support and deliberately prolonging this criminal war. Many profited from this war which ought to be investigated and brought to justice.