Ahmadinejad "shortest midget"

Radical Hassan Abbasi attacks president's team



Abbassi is the only one

by masoudA on

I can think of who is a bigger idiot than AN.

BTW - AN's run is about to expire - and IR trying to make him the goat responsible for all problems of the last 8 years is certainly not a surprise. 


double post

by vildemose on

double post


mamadali: You sound a lot

by vildemose on

mamadali: You sound a lot like Mark Pyrouz??


"foreign inspired 'patriots'"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Yes, I can spot three of you, nameless, faceless cowardly islamist regime's cyber agents with most ridiculous user ID's  right beneath me, huddled together, exchanging the ususal BS ! Enjoy each others company while there is still time!

Long Live Iran

Death to Fascist islamist regime and it's entire leadership from "moderate" to "conservative" and anything in between! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


For stalkers' sake

by پندارنیک on

TB stands for "Tehran Bureau".

No Fear


by No Fear on

I post on TB now.

Read this " rejale siyasi " ( son of Ayatollah Khazali ) interview carefully;


No Fear

A win win situation

by No Fear on

There have been several attempts by IR ver. 1.0 groups to oust Ahmadinejad from presidential powers. Whether it was in form of a revolution ( the only way leftists know how to be activists by creating a similar scenario when they ousted Bani sadr ) or whether they use their legislative powers to strip him of presidential power or by constantly calling his ministers to the parliament for questioning ( the highest number in our history by a large margin ) all points to a united front ( from reformists to traditional conservatives ) against an elected president who didn't belong among the elite ruling class.( even Abbasi claims Ahmadinejad and his ministers are not " rejal e siyasi " , translation = never belonged among us ).

Dissecting the recent developements takes more than a reply here and its beyond my patience with the IC crowd who are mostly news junkies ( No pun intended, really ... lol )

1- Ahmadinejad losing this power struggle ( Is it about power? )

This will seriously damage the so called reformist camp, if it has not done so already. This is a much stronger statement than anything the reformists have done and will increase Ahmadinejad's popularity as a legit and ONLY opposition who stood up to the big boys and lost while being the most nationalistic president in the last decades. ( No one cares what you guys in la la land thinks btw, this is about Iran's domestic public opinion , so bark at another tree ). The advantage here is the emergence of a strong opposition to the conservatives and reformists alliances.

2- Ahmadinejad continues his push forward ( as always )

Ofcourse, the goal was always clear. I had several exchanges with a few members here in the past on how to change the IR system and i always argued the key is a strong government with a strong majority in the parliament to change the laws. Obviously, the parliament is the next battle ground and that is where things will get very interesting soon. Either the current parliament will strip Ahmadinejad from power or by the next election, the modern rightwings will push back the traditional conservatives by a large margin. Ahmadinejad is doing exactly what he is suppose to do now. Giving the " osoolgarayan e pishro " the best chance for public support in the next election, whether he loses this battle or not.

A true leader, indeed.




Public debate=Stability

by mamadali on

I love the internal debate that is transpiring.  And judging from the negative posts from the foreign inspired 'patriots', they don't like it and and weakly try to paint it as a weakness.  Far from it--rejoice Iranian hamvatans--we are growing stronger as each day passes.  This is very good!

 Javedan Iran!


had not heard so much

by opinionpost on

BS in a small amount of time... in a while....


Rabid dogs at each others' throats !!!!

by jasonrobardas on

   for more power

        more wealth

       more controle

  While the sheep (the masses) are  watched , unfed , unsheltered , kept under close watch within  tight enclosures .

Imam-e Zaman

Abbasi is not with Ahmadinejad? What a surprise!

by Imam-e Zaman on

I’m puzzled. Up to now everybody was saying that Hassan Abbasi is a theoretician for Ahmadinejad’s camp. Now we find out that this is not the case.  Or is it the old saying that politicians in Iran belong to the party of wind; they constantly change sides, invariably siding with the more powerful. There is no question that Abbasi is a rabble rouser and a first-rate demagogue as is Ahmadinejad himself.  I hope it becomes more interesting in the next few weeks or months.  The Velyate Faghih keeps losing its base, which is definitely good news. Ze har tarf ke koshte shavad be sood-e eslam ast.


So if I hear this guy right, No one matters in IRI, except God.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And God is Khameneii, because he has a divine connectiion.  Nothing else matters.

So listen up you intelletuals.

Are you not yet ashamed of the fruits of your thoughts and actions?  Or are you still blaming everything on the Shah?

Today we have a Despotic Tyranny in Iran.  A True dictatorship.

may have been an autocrat, But here the lesson of your mistakes begins
here, since autocracy and tyranny are not the  same.  An  autocrat may
preside,  as the  Shah sought to preside, over  a representative 
parliament, over  an independent judiciary, even over  a free press  and
an autonomous university.  Yes, these institutions are what he sought
to build and protect from the memory of any one who knew him or worked
with him personally.

Why did no  one among the Western political 
scientists trouble  to point  this out,  or to rehearse  the  theory 
which  tells us  to  esteem  not  just the democratic  process,  but
also  the  representative  and limiting
institutions which may still flourish in its absence?  Why did no
one enjoin us to  compare the political system  of Iran with that
of Iraq or Syria?

brings us to the silence of those who called the shah a dictator,
regarding the  embarrassing topic  of  Iran, believing  that the
collapse of Iranian institutions,  the establishment of religious
terror had nothing to do with the Iranian Revolution that their lies and support helped create.

years years and counting, still we do not hear any sign of remorse from
these fools who spend their time blaming the Shah for it.  Those who
lent their support to this tragedy simply turned their back  on it, by
not highlighting the truth about the shah and where the real faults lie.

as anyone can tell you, unlike in the past, it   is    difficult  
now    for   a  Western correspondent to enter Iran, and if he did so it
would not be for fun.  He  could not,  like the thugs who  send their
from Beirut, adopt  a public posture of  the front-line hero.  He
would have to witness, quietly and  in terror of his life, things
which  beggar  description:  the  spontaneous  'justice'  of  the
revolutionary guards,  the appalling scenes  of violence, torture, rape
and demonic  frenzy, the public  humiliation of  women, the daily
sacrifice of lives too  young to be conscious  of the meaning for
which they are condemned to destruction.

Western Journalist or Iranian Intellectual  would  also have  to 
confront  the truth  which  has been staring  him in  the face  for 32 
years, and  which he  could still recognise had the habit of  confessing
his errors been preserved: the truth that  limited monarchy is the 
right form of government for  Iran, which  can be  saved  only by  the
restoration  of the
Shah's legitimate successor.

That would
serve the Iranian people in their quest to restore their Freedom and
give them a foundation on which to build a future.



The Islamic Republic no

by Khebedin on

The Islamic Republic no longer can be trusted. They support incapable people, force peoplke to support them  and then they force people to get rid of them


Can I cordially invite our friend...

by پندارنیک on

....No Fear to comment, please?


Shoghale Bisheh Mazanderan

by Khebedin on

Shoghale Bisheh Mazanderan ra nagirad joz Sag Mazanderani.

The only one who can destroy the Mollas, are only themselves.


everyone is wrong but Hasan Abbasi!!!

by Benyamin on

Most people that worked for Rafsanjani are in jail of copurse they are nobdies! most people that work with Khatami are in Jail, of course they are nobodeis. Only people that have the greater ratious of bowing angle to "Agha" then they are somenody minus no intagrity and dignity!

Hasan Abbasi is one of those with the greates degree of bowing angle to "Agha". The joke is on you Mr. Abbasi!


It is becoming more and more clear what the fight was all about

by ramintork on

Ahmadinejad was trying to pull a Putin stunt ready for the next election. Another words he wants his own mafia to control the next election and set the next President, with the Rahbar becoming symbolic.

When he came out of no where he came with the backing of the Sepah. but his crazy policies are destoying the private investor mafia consisting of the power core of looters, those who control all wealth in Iran. For them Business as usual is very important and watching the arab nations crumble they've become nervous about their future and their looted wealth.

This is effetively a red light on a path that the regime was taking in becoming more like North Korea. The new red light could push back the regime to go back to the Chinese model i.e. unpleasant and undemocratic but tolarable to the West and Saudi's.

Jahanshah Javid

ahmadinejad tamoomeh

by Jahanshah Javid on

Abbasi, the IRI's most rabid thinker, is clearly telling us that Ahmadinejad is no longer in the circle of power. He is now entirely without a power base -- or at least the kind of power base that would keep him in power. Let me put it this way: Ahmadinejad's few supporters on the ground will be slapped, kicked and clubbed by pro-Khamenei thugs in the streets, mosques, Friday prayer gatherings... it's a battle between who has more muscle and the official and unofficial militias are not on Ahmadinejad's side.


The billions they have stolen

by mahmoudg on

will not help leeches like him hide anywhere in the world.  Their only alternative is to kill as many Iranians as they can to cling to power, because their beloved worhlesss Islam and their love for Arab cause is on its deathbed in Iran.  They know they have no where to hide and no ground to stand on with the Iranian people anytmore. So, they have to unleash sick psychopaths like this Abbasi character to bring fear into people.  The Goebelz of the Islamic Rapist Republic.


And this cowardly, big mouth islamo_fascist himself....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Is the second smallest little midget, followed very closely by the opium head khamenei.

BTW, it is rather amusing for the rest of us  watching these islamist thieves attacking each other over who grabs more of Iran's petro dollars 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."