Ahmad Khatami: There Should be No Sexual Attraction

Friday prayer leader says women must wear long headscarves to prevent sexual tension


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You forgot to mention: Sheep; Camels and Donkeys.


 All this potato sack over

by alx1711 on

All this potato sack stuff over womens head is for bunch of tazies that hads no culture and respect for women. Bunch of desert living uncivilised savages who used to steal women, bury women and rape 9 yrs olds (not to mention Goats).

Thats why they make their women to cover up. Lack of morality, humanity, self inteclect and culture!

Iam sure every one agrees that these sort of uncivilised morality must be eradicated from our Land.



by Guilan on

They are interested and occupied only by bottom part of body and never by the upper part of body including mind.


What is it with this regime and our people?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

There should be No sexual attraction???????

So I guess pleasure is out of the question in Iran.

Its all about force and power with these Rapist creators.

Nothing beautiful, clean, pure in this version of controlling Islam 

Darius Kadivar

Just Heard DSK's converting to Islam but has just One concern;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


You can't find

by statira on

a shit like him in any toilet. Mesle een an hata toyeh tovaletaye masjeed jomeh ham peyda nemisheh.He stinks.


Holy s/hit

by Rea on

He knows nothing about it. Should consult catholique priests to tell him all about temptation in summer. When we all descend upon them in our pareos and bathing suits. ;o)

Btw, he is not one of the former Green leaders, is he ? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Well if I

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I looked like him I would say the same thing.

Soosan Khanoom

good point Yolanda

by Soosan Khanoom on

I do not think so even Iranian inside Iran listen to his bull shits as much as we do on IC....  




by yolanda on

This guy takes 2 spots from "Iranian of the Day"......Does he derserve the prime spot coverage?


من که با حجاب بسیار موافقم


بشرطیکه آقایون سرشون کنند...مخصوصا اون بی ریخت ها

که در قران سوره خریت آیه ۳۸ آمده است

الحجاب بر فرق سر رجال البیریخت 



Such hypocrisy.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Some of these guys live in palaces,

have multiple wives,

subscribe to the playboy channel by satellite,

have their wives watch playboy, so they can tell them what they like.

And then this, for the people.

So do we want more Islam for Iran, or more Iranian culture, based on pursuit of freedom, truth and justice for all?????????




Sex in Karbala

by jasonrobardas on

Az  sex ham mozayeghe  kardand  koofian  

Khosh dashtand hormate mehmane karbala


به جون تمام بچه‌های لمپن پرلتریا...


این‌ها همش مسائل تخمی (به بخشید هستهی) است


خوب حالا این


خوب حالا این آخوند ها هستند که فکر میکنن مردم خر تشریف دارند با این اراجیف - مردم چرا وقتشان را با یک مشت چرت و پرت هدر میدهند؟ آخه بابا مردم این چه کاری بود کردید که حالا مانند چی بگم تو گل گیر کردید؟





Haji has four wives and several sighah

by ahosseini on

He wants the entire harim to himself. most of these people do not let any of these wives out of the house at all and have some kind of surveillance watching them at all times. Such is justice in Islam. Please see the blog I created today. Some interesting points from known philosophers and writers about  religion. 


I guess booty chat online is still ok

by ramintork on

Is there a sourah for flirting online? 

Does it makes a difference if the chat room has a moderator so you are not actually alone in the same room with the lady in question?

Does it make a differnce if your dirty chat goes through a filter or not?

What if you are using a proxy? Is that Haram? 

Is there an online Seegheh service so that all the above become Halal, where registered users register an online seegheh for the duration of the flirt? 

How many flirt sessions can u have at the same time? Are u still limited to 4? 

I wonder if Mullahs have thought about that? 


Boy, Muslim men are weak.

by عموجان on

Is that all it takes to make them cum? Woman hair.

Then men shouldn’t be running the government and leave it to women. You know how easy that would be to influence a male governmental official with single strand of female hair. 

Mash Ghasem

"خط و جریان سفت امام"

Mash Ghasem

اون "خط و جریان سفت امام" که هر روز در مشت میفشاری،اونم چند تا نقطه اس  یا چند  تا  "دسته "؟
حالا بگیم "پاکش" میگن لومپن شده، ولی پس از ۳۲ سال "پاکشی" برادارن ،این سطح عالی ترقی، حال خودتو به هم نمیزنه؟

این هم چند نقطه ... تقدیم به تو و تمامی خواهران و برادارن خط امام

ضحاک تریاکی:
" شما احساس تنهایی نکنید، شما جریان امام را در مشت دارید" 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خاک بر سرِ این جماعتِ الدنگ کنند که دائم الشق تشریف دارند و مملکت را به افتضاح کشانیدند.


میگی‌ نه؟ یه خورده صبر کن!




حاجی پس خبر نداری که توی این ایرونیا دات کام بعضی‌ از مرداش هم
عشوه میان. هر چی‌ میخوای  بهشون بفهمونی که چن تا نقطه ولی انگار نه انگار
چن تا نقطه...